35, 4 Kids, 115 Pounds 5'2" Going from 32B to 345cc HP Cohesive Gel - Mississauga, ON

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So far I've had 2 consults with the surgeon I've...

So far I've had 2 consults with the surgeon I've selected, put down my deposit and booked my surgery for May 17th! I think I've selected my size at 345ccs. My surgeon feels that with my current situation (a very deflated 32B from breast feeding 4 babies) that I am best to go with round cohesive gel implants, under the muscle. He will use the armpit approach which I am a little nervous about for the scars over the summer while they are fresh and new. I'm also nervous in general about the recovery and returning to work :s but I guess I'm just going to have to be a trooper about that! My surgeon gave me a range of ccs (200-365) based on my chest measurements to achieve a natural look (which is what I'm going for). I will admit I am slightly terrified of going too big- I've never had boobs, so while obviously I want them (!), I don't want to over do it either. I'm pretty comfortable with the 335cc sizes on, so my coordinator recommends going up a size since we are going under muscle. It's such a guessing game putting those things in a sports bra and standing in front of the mirror trying to guess what they will look like naked.... How do you really know what the outcome is going to be?! You don't. So we hope for the best... And throw 10 grand at the surgeon and hope they're perfect. Sounds good.... I go for my pre-op blood work, etc next week. I just realized last night how close it is to the big day!! I'm starting to get really excited- and anxious. This waiting part is the worst!

Under the breast or through the armpit....

So I'm feeling pretty good about my size choice but now I'm really second guessing my choice to use the armpit approach. I'm worried about scaring. I feel like it would be easier to hide the scar under the breast, but my surgeon (and a few of my friends who have gone with this approach) are all about the armpit approach. How long does it take for the scar to fade, and I mean really is it ever going to fade to the point of disappearing? What do you ladies think? I don't think I heal particularly well so I'm expecting it will take a few years for my scar to turn "white". I'm so conflicted... thoughts?

my sad little before shots

I finally took some before pictures. Not actually that easy to take a boob side profile selfie... did my best here. Two weeks today I'm already stressing about the emotional roller coaster the post op process is going to be. Hoping the recovery will be quicker than I'm preparing myself for and I can bounce back and keep myself busy while I go through the ups and downs...


Here are some pics from my last consult... I keep going back and forth between 345cc and 365cc like a yo-yo even tho it's only 20ccs and I don't know why! I keep telling myself to go with my gut (and stick with 345) but then this nagging voice says "what's another 20ccs really?"...
The range my PS gave me to stay between was 200-365. I guess it freaks me out if I pick the biggest bc it was never my plan to get "big" boobs. Just nice boobs. I know we all go through this part, deciding on the size, but honestly it sucks! I only get to do this once so the pressure is on for it to be perfect!

One more sleep

Tomorrow is the big day... I've been so busy trying to get everything else ready and trying to get ahead of schedule for work, that I haven't had a minute to think about tomorrow. I can't believe tomorrow is the day. Truth be told, I am more focused on the recovery and getting back to my routine afterward- I have SO much on my plate. There was never going to be a great time to take time off, but I haven't even really taken time off, just scheduled around a couple week gap in my schedule. I hope tomorrow the excitement hits. Right now I am just anxious, and stressed and feeling guilty about the money I'm spending on myself and trying to remind myself why I decided to do this in the first place. I know in my heart of hearts on the other side I will be over the moon, but right now I just feel overwhelmed about EVERYTHING. My sister asked me today what I am telling the kids. I told her I'm not telling them! They're children. She hasn't been the most supportive, so I'm glad she bit her tongue a bit- but I'm sure she was really thinking "you might want to come up with something to tell your 10 year old daughter...". Ugh. I probably should actually. What did you ladies tell your tween children? She's too young to need to know, but she is obviously going to recognize something is going on. Maybe I should have thought about this one sooner....

1 day post op

I'm on the other side! Hurts a bit, everything is just really tight- really my nipples hurt more than anything! Last night it hurt in between my breasts so bad! I had to sleep sitting up, the skin is just so stretched out there when I laid down the gravity of the implants pulling to either side was unbearable! Luckily I have 2 huge body pillows, hubby propped me up and I slept great! My hubby is taking good care of me! Just got my drains and pain pump out, now I'm going to chill and watch hours and hours of TV. Thank God for netflicks! Heres a pic from yesterday when I got home from surgery. I went with the 345cc high profile inspira cohesive gel implants.

two days post op

Just had my first shower since before my shower. I feel like a new human! When I took off the strap I have to wear for the next 4 weeks it became clear that my nipples feel like they are going to explode bc of that asshole thing! It was nice to have a little break from it while I showered and washed it. I feel so much more comfortable now. I have a heating pad for my back which has been a God send! Hubby is taking good care of me; I think he's had a real eye opener in the last couple days how much I do around this house that he doesn't see (since he's been on full duty!) I think I'll have to send him on a golfing trip with his buddies once I'm on the mend to thank him for stepping up while I recover! Here are some pics from this morning, swelling has gone down a bit

4th day post op

Feeling pretty good today- I know I'm not really supposed to do anything so I'm trying really hard not to. Today would be the day I would overdue it if my husband wasn't watching me like a hawk to make sure I don't do anything! My arms are pretty numb today. It's really annoying. I have full range of motion- I was able to wash and blow dry my hair, but it's a weird sensation and I don't like it. Feeling a lot of pressure on my chest and my armpits are sore... and bruised, are they ever bruised! Posting more pics so you all can see!

6th day post op

I think today was the day I fell in love with the girls. I know we still have a long way to go here but I am starting to see the shape change to look more like the full proportionate breasts I had dreamed of (and less like torpedoes!) tomorrow is my one week follow up and back then back to work. Glad to be over the worst of it, now to just make sure I don't overdo it in the coming weeks!

dropping unevenly, super frustrated

My right implant just isn't dropping, but the left has. I know it only been 10 days, but for all the extra massaging I've been doing and this band that is practically cutting off my arm circulation it's so tight- why is it not dropping? Did this happen to anyone else!? How long did it take for them to even out? Hoping not too long...

Another fun side effect...

Breast milk shot out of my boob during massage yesterday. Apparently this can be normal. I don't even have words... my right breast is still being stubborn and not dropping and my left just seems so much bigger... hope this is temporary and they even out. It feels like I tore a ligament or something on the left side too- I can palpate weird string like (I don't know) running from the side of the breast toward the arm pit. It's bizarre. And painful. I'm a hot mess today....

3 Weeks Post

My right breast is still being stubborn but it definitely has dropped a bit. The left breast is quite pink still, and still has the fibrous bands (I'll attach a pic) going across the top and down the side when I push on the implant). My PS doesn't seem concerned so I'm trying to be chill about the whole thing. I've never come across anyone else having posted they experienced this so I'm wondering how long it will take to go away. My left breast is still bigger than the right which makes me wonder if it is swollen and will shrink or if the right needs to drop and fluff... I'm hoping the latter! I'm still patiently waiting for these girls to settle in, but I have to say they aren't as big as I was thinking they would be. For all the worrying I did about going too big, it definitely was for nothing! Not that they're small or anything, I'm just sayin!

8 weeks post op

The fibrous band in my left breast have finally disappeared after much uncomfortable massage. Both breasts are soft and I can lay on my stomach comfortably again. The scar in my left arm pit has been raised and thick up until recently, but with LOTS of aggressive massage, bio oil and scar fade it is finally starting to flatten out. My right breast is still sitting higher than the left and appears smaller (but has more projection than the left). When I flex my chest muscles, my right breast lifts SIGNIFICANTLY higher than the left. It looks awful. I'm really hoping the muscle on the right side (being my dominant side) is just stronger and needs more time to relax to let the implant settle in. Anyone else have this happen? I've found a few high impact sports bras which was quite the adventure since we don't have a VS or a lulu in the city I live. I was not prepared for how hard it would be to find a good sports bra! I've started training again, and running with the girls hasn't been an issue at all which was a major concern prior to surgery. Overall I'm happy with the process and my results. Wish I had done it sooner!
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