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Well I'd like to start off by saying I'm so...

Well I'd like to start off by saying I'm so thankful I finally did this! The reason I went through with this procedure is because I had severely asymmetrical breast, one being a D/ DD depending on weight gain or loss and the smaller breast was a C cup. I noticed the uneven development when I was 13 so that was super rough but thankfully no one ever noticed unless I chose to point it out. I tried to look about correcting it a few years ago but the surgeon didn't bother measuring me.. he just guessed sent it to OHIP and I got denied because he put a 1 cup size difference rather than my actual 2 cup size difference. So anyway this summer I decided to look about fixing this problem again and ended up finding Dr. Michael Weinberg from Mississauga Cosmetic Surgery & Laser Clinic. Went in for a free consult, actually got measured this time and Dr. Weinberg told me all the options I could choose from to help correct my problem. I was giving a folder with info on the procedures, price write up for complete surgery which was valid for a few months, and a financing pamphlet. So a month or two later I got the money and booked an appointment to make the 10 percent booking fee, went in and set up a pre op date and also went over the surgery again with Dr. Weinberg. Then went to my pre op about a month or so later (I chose a surgery date 2 months after my booking fee) and paid the remaining balance. I also tried on sizers and profile, implant type etc.

October 26th, 2016
Surgery day;

So I had an early morning surgery, Arrived at 8:30am (Wednesday) got dressed, talked to the recovery nurse, anesthesiologist and got marked up by Dr. Weinberg.. I was kind of freaking out at this point seeing how I've only ever had my wisdom teeth removed, but anyhow I was walked into the surgery room which looked just like the movies... freaked out even more and the anesthesiologist reassured me that I'll be fine. So got the IV in felt the BURN not sting go in my hand and half way through my lower arm and lights out. Woke up around 12:45 I believe, nurse told me I cried and asked for pain medicine which I don't really remember then I dropped in and out of sleep for maybe an hour, woke up fully and she helped me get dressed and helped me (as well as my mom) walk outside to the car.

I bought a bra because they're bras honestly couldn't fit me seeing how I gained a lot of weight again and most people who get augs. usually are small or average build and I'm a 40 band size *42 since surgery sighh* I got Steri strips, a thank you letter, 2 gift certificates, etc. which I thought was super nice.

Pain wise it wasn't really pain actually just super discomfort, did't feel the whole elephant on my chest thing but it felt really odd and uncomfortable. I bought a 42 DD front opening Playtex bra from Walmart which holds my boobs up so good. Anyway day one was easy because the Percocets knocked me out *they make you super drowsy for the first few days then I started getting the nausea and light headed-ness and stopped taking them*

So I'm now 10 days post op.. 3 days after surgery I saw my surgeon also had my staples removed.. I think I also saw him a day after my surgery but I honestly can't even remember now.. I guess the drugs do blur your mind. The staple removal from the nurse didn't really hurt except for like three under the breast that was bigger. But basically my first week was good, no pain just discomfort in the breast and weird random tingling which I still get sometimes. The worst part is my back, laying on it sucks and my shoulders and back kill *I strained my back like 3 years ago at work so its no good period* also getting up and pulling clothes etc is so hard because its just still weird having implants and I'm just super stiff with everything. My right breast *smaller boob* is still really tight and swollen and I have a small open wound still on the incision but no pain. Right arm is super stiff again on day 10 after putting on a sports bra and feeling the actual weight of my new boobs. Left boob which had way more work done to it is dropping a little but its still pretty hard too, arm is completely movable. I also saw my surgeon again today and he was pleased with them and told me to put gauze on the breast with the opening. So far I love my breast, do wish I went with the 650cc I wanted but super excited with the shape, SMALLER NIPPLES, and symmetry... Oh my boobs are starting to look less torpedo like now as well.

Sidenote- the staff is so nice at the Clinic, super warming. I also really like Dr. Weinberg, something about his personality that I appreciate.


15 day post op picture

How my breast are looking 2 weeks post op. The left is a little bigger than the right but it is tighter and higher so hopefully the even out. I still feel uncomfortable, my right arm is really stiff which makes my whole back stiff so hopefully that goes away by the end of week 3. My incisions are healing up nicely.. also my breast are super heavy and full at the bottom, driving in a car is super uncomfortable because I feel every bump in my boobs.
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