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In April 2014 I underwent an augmentation and lift...

In April 2014 I underwent an augmentation and lift performed by Dr. Lista. This was followed by a revision in April 2016, due to severe rippling – out dated implants (that no one even uses anymore) and bottoming out and attributed pain. When I went back several times, he became increasingly more irritated. After admitting he put in the wrong inserts admitting they were older inserts no one uses. He agreed to correcting the surgery which meant replacing the old textured gel with cohesive gel and re doing the lift. But now my skin was significantly stretched so he had two remedies. One was to do lower flank lipo and use the harvested fat to round out the boobs with new cohesive gels around 360cc or to do a larger implant under the muscle. I asked him what he thought was the best with the best outcome for me, he stated option one. On the morning of surgery I arrived at around 8am. I was taken to what looked like a storage area for outdated cosmetic machines. (nothing like my first room with a nice waiting space and a window for natural lighting). I was then greeted by nurse Lori who gave me a cocktail of sedatives and pills. She was reviewing my patient documents and seemed confused and asked me what exact procedure and size of implant I was having put in. I remembered Dr lista stated around a 360cc so that’s what I said. She then said OH your paitent documents haven’t been signed so started reading me some questions and on her screen and I forget if I signed something after that. Shortly after Dr lista and Dr Ahamed came into the room where dr lista looked irritated, I vaguely remember him being rude and asking me if I really wanted to have this procedure because “your breasts look great”. Had I have been in a normal state of mind i probably would have walked out at that point feeling increasingly uncomfortable. They then started to mark my outlines and move me into the “operating room”. This room looked nothing like my first operating room I ws in. It was small.. Like a dr’s office room and not the large surgical OR room I was in the first time. I was so nervous. I woke up in a lot of pain… I threw up several times on my ride home with my mom. I was so sick and in so much pain. I also had only tape on my sutures this time where I remeber having staples and sutures the first time. My back from the lower lipo was in absolute the worst pain of my entire life. NO PAIN PUMP FOR THE REVISION I GUESS TO REDUCE COSTS?! In the course of the past two months since my revision operation, I have seen a number of plastic surgeons since that timed over 15 emerge room visits. Dr. ___________ had me ordered for an aspiration of fluid accumulation under a guided ultrasound at humber river breast health center. The presence of a seroma/hematoma and which recommended a physician.This has taken place in preparation for an aspiration however the hematoma was no longer present. It was thought that the implant had been punctured or damaged in some way. SCARED and in tuns of pain. I found a Dr who is world renowned and sent me for an immediate MRI in buffalo. I am now awaiting an immediate RECONSTRUCTIVE 3RD augmentation to take place in California sept 23rd. I had a right axilla blood clot and was on blood thinners at 300 plus dollars not to mention the stress of knowing that it was there from post op. I also now for the first time ever have to take anti anxiety medicine because i am so scared of whats going on with my body. I now too am on antibiotic for potential infection 4x daily for 10 days..... I have also got my period for the second time this month, last month I had it 3 times... I am guessing do to all the stress... **** Update**** the pain I was experiencing in my right arm and leg are nerve damage >>I forget the medical name( its long) for this but... I am on medicine for that now an physio therapy soon to start along with visits to a neurologist to see different remedies of how to block the nerve pain. my hand from time to time will turn purple and swell... its constantly cold and so is my leg.. the pain can be so painful at times i feel like I'm going crazy...... I am going to be paying over 30,000$ american to have it fixed it the States! my life has been ruined.. what should have been a life changing experience of loosing over 100 pounds and just wanting some confidence back after being in an abusive marriage- turned into my life ruined... i am humiliated, embarrassed, in constant pain, and disformed... MY SCARS ARE TERRIBLE ,,, my aureolas around my nipple look like my 7 year old son cut out a sun... with extra tissue build up... just horrible... i have one nipple that points completely left and one that is straight on... just looks hideous .... I HAVE PICTURES.... ANY questions .... contact me...

Finally reconstructed

3 surgeries later.. tons of emerge visits and pain.. learning I never even had a proper lift done.. having to travel to top specialists in california. . Finally received what I should have gotten the first time I paid dr lista for an augmentation and a lift..

He used excuses of my skin type.. my breasts type.. every excuse.. not to mention the botched job.. but the incessant pain recovery .. blood clots. Seroma and CRPS in my tight side. This dr has only good marketing.. beware. . A lollipop lift is not a proper lift unless he cuts under the breast.. secondly don't tell my my nipples can't be center or need time to heal.. I had on facing left almost under my arm pit.

Not to mention my 20 plus emerge visits.. medicine and everything else. This dr shouldn't be teaching.. his scaring he left me looked as if he sutchured a pig... no what should be regarded feom a plastic surgeon. . Look at the pic.. his work is the bottom.. clearly lots of post operative swelling and brusing... buy why not with my 3rd procedure. Everything looks so good feels so calm.. very nice incisions.

My surgeon had to remove over 3 inche's of skin from each breast and redo everything. Not to mention the scar tissue that had attached to the cost shifting implant that was affecting my nerves.. so he made a capsular sling. Everything was corrected but dr lista has ruined my life... period.. I'm going to continue to suffer from crps foe I don't know how long.. on lyerica now and seeing a nureologiest .. the anxiety and pain .. I have no more words how he ruined my life. What should have beenough a positive experience .. ohh and don't even think of teeing him anything because all he tells you are "they look great or beautiful breasts" question him and he gets upset.
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worst experience of my life.

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