14 months post-op....LOVING THEM!!

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Hello, I am 37 years old and really thinking about...

Hello, I am 37 years old and really thinking about getting breast augmentation I am not going to lie I am very nervous about the procedure and choosing between saline and silicone implants. I've done a few reasearch on this and saline does sound to be more safe, hoewever saline looks and feels more like real breast (according to what I've read). Also, saline ones are cheaper than silicone. I was wondering if any body can give me any feedback on Saline implants (good or bad), how they look, feel etc. Also, I am looking into Dr. Frank Lista anybody has any positive or negative feedback on him? also, how much does he charge for saline implants? Thank you.

Got my consultation date!!!!!

Ok, so finally I had the courage to email the clicnic and schedule my consultation. I am booked for Oct 8th at 8:20 pm. If I am going to do this I might as well get it over with right? I guess it was taking me so long to take that step since my husband does not support me in any way :( he says I do not need it etc, etc but I do need them!! I am not happy with myself and hopefully this will bring back my self esteem.....I'll keep you posted on what we decide but I do think I am going with Saline for some reason I feel more safe.


one more question ladies, I am thinking of financung them should I wait to apply after my consultation or apply now with an estimate? thank you

This is me now

Got pre-approved!!!

Got a call from medicard today that I got approval now I just have to decide on what PS I want (thinking of Dr. Lista) and the type of implants (most likely saline) . I am so nervous and excited at the same time, can't believe I'm going through this!!! I really hope I am making the right decision :-( I really hope so.

Need advice on sizes

Had my first consult today, everything went great. Nurse was surprised to see I am symmetrical (she said the majority of women are not). I am looking into getting a full B so she gave me two sizes 300cc and 270cc. I originally opted for the 270cc (liked the way they looked under my clothes) but she told me that if I like the look of a 270cc I should go for 300cc and they will eventually look 270cc once they are in (I am not arguing with her she knows what she's talking about). I am just afraid that I will go too big and regret it. I've read from women that wish they went bigger to women that want to down size. I am 5'4, 110 lbs and I want to look as natural as possible....any advice?

Dilema, dilema

Hi ladies, went for my second consult yesterday with Dr. Frank Lista, really liked him however I did feel like he did rush me thru the consult unlike Dr. Jugenburg's nurse Kim took her time with me and asked me more about myself, family history etc, etc. I know they are both great doctors and I've read that Dr. Lista does rush people thru consults however his final results are amazing and the same with Dr. Jugenburg. Now, the dilema is Dr. Lista charges me around $1000 more than Dr. Jugenburg but the reason I am debating who to go with is cause Lista is in Mississauga (I am from there) and Jugenburg is in Toronto (I work there) so the follow ups with Jugenburg would be easier for me since I am right here. My other dilema is the sizes now I am debating whether 300cc or 325cc to be a small C (might as wll since I am paying all that money right?) I don't know what to do and I have to get back to Medicard ASAP!!


I opened the subject again with my husband and he said to me that if this makes me happy than he's happy too!!!! I feel so good knowing that he's with me on this!


Hi ladies, got some sizers from walmart and I think they look like the 325cc that I tried on my second consult. I think I will go for this sizes.

Counting the days!!!

Hey girls! So I am scheduled for Jan 8th (what a great way to start the year). I am sooo excited last time I was this happy was when my kids were born. I have my next visit with my PS on Dec 12 so I have until them to get all my blood work, history and physical completed. Now the dilema starts :-\ at first I wanted to be a full B but now I am thinking of going for a C. The last thing I want to do is regret not going a bit bigger.

I did it!!

sorry I'm jus updating norw but I was a bit groggy from the anesthesia . I had 235cc on right and 345cc on left and so far I love them. I had my incision transax so can't lift anything heavier than 5 lbs for 2 week, what am I going to do with my 2 year old? shes 28 lbs!

revision from last update

LOL sorry I just noticed I said 235cc on my right and 345cc on my left I actually had 325cc on right and 345cc n left......sorry girls I was so groggy when writing this. so far so good but morning boob is so bad :-( this is normal right??

getting better

Hi ladies, is day 5 of my procedure (well it will be day 5 by 4pm today) and for most part I'm feeling ok, mornings are rough and I usually have to take a pain killer in the mornings. Sleeping on your back is also a killer and very uncomfortable also massaging my breast is getting better as it was very uncomfortable and kind of painful, but it is getting better. My right breast is dropping nicely however, my left one is still Kim of high but we'll see what Dr. J says about it. I'm very happy with them and to me they look so natural obviously they have to drop more. I have my first post-op on Wednesday so I'll let you guys know how everything goes. Here are a few pics of this morning.

one week post op

Hi, well finally it has been a week and I'm feeling better and better everyday. Yesterday I had my first post op appt but unfortunately I didn't get to see Dr. J as he was in surgery but I saw Kim (head nurse). Apparently I had my strap on wrong (too low) so once she fixed it I felt better. Left one is still a bit high but overall they are both dropping nicely. Massaging them is also getting better and they feel a bit softer although I have over sensitivity on my nipples especially the right one (rather have over than none). I haven't taken pain meds since Sunday, dont need them anymore now all I feel is some tightness but it's all good. I see Dr. J on Tuesday again to remove my stitches. Here are a few pics of today, please let me know if you can tell any difference.

Two Weeks

Today is my two weeks and so far so good, very happy with them. Had an appointment with my PS yesterday to get the stitches removed and was told that I don't have to wear the band on top however I have to wear it at the bottom now for the next two weeks. He was also very happy with my results and I only have to massage the top of the left breast (since is the higher one). I still can't sleep on my side tho :-( but I guess I have to follow instructions. I don't see him until a month from now.I am having a lot of nipple sensitivity and my boobs itch like crazy!! They still feel quiet hard (kindalike barbieboobs LOL however not hard as rock like they used to two weeks ago. Here are a few pics of my two week progress.

Two week pics

sorry it didn't upload before

6 weeks postop

Had my 6 weeks appt today and doctor is very happy with my result and I am loving them!!

14 Months Post-Op.....Love them!!

Hi everyone, haven't posted here in a while. I'm 14 months and 3 days post-op and is like I've had them for ever. Just wanted to share some pics of the wonderful work Dr. Jugenburg has done!!
Toronto Plastic Surgeon

Well all I have to say is that Dr. J is absolutely awesome and a true artist and also Kim is wonderful. She was actually the real reason that I decided on him, she was so caring and took her time with me.

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