44 Yr Old Mom of 3 Tummy Tuck/Lipo - Toronto,ON

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I went for a consult in late March, 2015 and have...

I went for a consult in late March, 2015 and have to say that I was really impressed with Dr Weinberg. He was compassionate, easy- going and knowledgeable. Unfortunately I had to wait to hear back about another potential surgery to see when I could do a TT and said I would inform Dr W's office once I had more info. I received a follow up (template) email from his Patient Coordinator/ Office Manager Sandy within a day or two of my visit and then returned an email to her with my results about the other surgery (tumour that would need to be removed within 4 weeks). It is now 3 weeks later and I have heard nothing from Dr W's office despite also having left Sandy a voice mail. Really upset about this as I was pretty set on going with Dr W (although I may need to wait 6 months for my TT). If the follow up is poor in the beginning I would not expect it to be better after I have paid money for the procedure. Not sure why the ball was dropped here but so disappointing that Dr W has his "front line" handled in this way as I got such a great impression of him as a Dr!

Found another PS

So glad I went ahead and had a couple more consults and found a Dr that I am very comfortable with, along with the Patient Coordinator who has been absolutely outstanding, compassionate and consistent!! My advice to others, trust your instinct- have 2,3,4 or more consults until you find the right Dr/ office. Good luck.

44 Yr Old Mom of 3, Tummy Tuck with Lipo

As with many RS members, this has been a decision I have been contemplating for some time for a problem area (my midsection) that has bothered me for almost 20 yrs. I look at my tummy and love the fact that I have been able to carry 3 wonderful children (24, 9 and 3 yrs). At the same time is has caused me so much anguish. I am ready for this!!

After several consults with different docs (highly recommended, it's a big decision and a huge financial commitment) I chose Dr Kasrai in Toronto. From the point of first contact her patient coordinator Eva (can't say enough wonderful things about her!!!), I knew I had found the right place.
I'm 5'8 and about 25-30 lbs over my desired weight but have been at this weight for 15 yrs (give or take 10lbs) and have always managed to lose the baby weight.
In May of this year, I had a discovery of a large benign tumour which was removed surgically and all is well (thank God). It left me with a very red scar from my belly button down about 6". To me, I am very grateful all went well but this scar just highlights the area I dislike most. Now is the time.
Will post before pics soon. Thanks to all the RS members who have shared their experiences and you are so helpful and forthcoming!!

3 Weeks to go!

Hope you all are doing well. To those recovering, may the pain you are experiencing be replaced with pure joy that you did something amazing for you!

I met with Dr Kasrai a couple days ago for my last time before the surgery. I completed the blood work she requested and had my lingering questions answered.
One thing that surprised me was that while I have my drains in (because of the lipo) that I am only to drink minimal amounts of water. This will help keep my output to lower levels.
Another question I had answers was about the length of my surgery and when my husband should be available to pick me up.
The surgery itself (TT, lipo of the abdomen and flanks and a couple of miles removed on my face) should take about 3.5 hrs plus 1 hr in recovery and another 2 in post op. Overall she said that the amount of time after the surgery is around the same as the length of the surgery itself.... And they want to make sure you can pee before sending you home :-).

Am I nervous? Yes but more excited than nervous by far!

10 days and counting!

Sheer excitement, worry, and anxiousness all balled into one! What will my midsection look like? Will I be happy? Will I need a revision? Will I be able to lose more weight after my surgery (would love to part ways with 25-30 lbs)?
So many questions to be answered!! I have waited for this for so long and it is finally happening!!!

Toilet riser- is it necessary?

Does anyhow have any feedback on whether a toilet riser is essential after a full TT? I'm contemplating whether or not I need one. Thanks!

Previous Surgery Scar

This scar was from the removal of the tumour (so grateful it was benign) 9cm in length from May, 2015. For me it just draws my immediate attention to the area I dislike most. My PS said she will be able to get most of it with the TT depending on how low she makes my incision. The lower my incision, the more of the original scar will be seen so this is something we will discuss further when I'm marked up on surgery day!

Tomorrow is the day!

Looking forward to checking in again once on the flat side!! Take care all RS'ers!!

I made it!!

Thanks to everyone for all your well wishes and support. Very drowsy but doing ok. Will post more soon.

Day 1 PO- tried a little sneak peek

Using Advil 800mg every 8 hrs and Tylenol 3 every 4 hrs as needed for the pain. I'm feeling fairly well given the circumstances lol. I attempted a sneak peek and slightly adjusted my binder but we only got half way before I started to get pale and we put it back on. Here are a few pics :-). Thanks to you lovely people on here for your wisdom and support!!

Day 2 PO

Well had my little fainting spell last night as we were emptying my drains- thank goodness my husband was right there. I had an after hours number to contact the patient coordinator who in turn got in touch with the Dr who shortly thereafter also called to check in. I so appreciated that as my poor husband was ready to call 911. I was advised to really increase my protein which I did today (shake and protein bar in addition to a couple other small meals) and had a bit more fluids. I really think it was the site of the drains that set me off (we had done them a few times before strangely). Maybe I was also tired?! Not sure but was given advice from the Dr's office to change my meds for the night to try to sleep longer and it worked. Had a good nap or 2 through the day and haven't needed to take T3's (likely will take them before bed tonight), just Advil. Staying still is very hard especially after the kids came home from school but I did my best! Not feeling too bad at 8pm as I post this.
My pt coordinator called to check in this evening which was excellent. No episodes where I felt faint so I'm optimistic I am getting better. It's a lot to go through as I remind myself that it wasn't just a little procedure :-). Hope all is well
with my fellow RS'ers!

Sorry no more pics until next tues when I'm allowed to take off my binder- not taking any chances.

Day 4 PO

Each day, as many of you in here have said, gets a little easier. My biggest complain is the back and neck pain, but used to being so hunched over and resting so much. I get it though- we must rest and let the body do what it needs to do. My husband has been wonderful- trying so hard to take care of me and the kids. Fortunately I can help a little now, but trying not to overdo it.


Post Op day 4- quick dressing change, pics and back goes on the binder!

Day 7 PO- Can't Sleep, Feeling Down

As I lay here at 2am not sleeping I just read through some RS posts that have been very helpful, thank you ladies. I'm here, teary, uncomfortable, wishing these drains were out to feel more like myself again (day 7 PO). I go see
my Dr on Tuesday and praying that she will agree to remove them but I'm concerned about the output for one. I feel so awkward and not having been able to
shower as well because of the drains has contributed to me feeling this way. Baby wipes, hair washing and washcloths are fine but nothing beats the warmth and cleanliness of a lovely shower.... So looking forward to it!

I find it amazing how people have had such different experiences with their Dr's- some have drains that stay in for 4 weeks (God forbid), some have considerable Lipo and TT and have them removed a couple of days later without issue. I completely understand the concept of seromas- the purpose served by the drains.
I want my 3 yr old to be able to crawl up on my lap to cuddle without me worrying that a drain will be pulled and painful. I want to be able to go outside for just a minute without feeling complete embarrassment if a neighbor saw me. Did I mention that these are not the typical drain most people have on here? They are 4" in diameter and hold up to 400 cc.
Ok, I'm done... Thanks for listening (reading) lol.

8 Days PO- One drain out!

Well good news and bad... I'm healing well (so grateful) and one drain is out!! At the suggestion of my Dr's office I brought in a cotton tank top to wear under the binder which has helped a lot with the itching and irritation. On the down side- still one more drain in but in hopeful this Friday I can have the output low enough to have it removed. So... Can you believe still no showers until the other drain is out? Wow, I'm going to have to get creative- shallow bath perhaps?
Here are a couple of pics- still lots of swelling but liking the progress so far! I asked about the vertical scar today- it will definitely lighten with final results taking up to a year, I'm ok with that- I can see my belly button now- who knew?? Lol
Thanks Dr Kasrai, Eva and Jane for your care and support!!

10 Days PO

My second drain is still not able to come out which would have been tomorrow. The output is still too high (60 yesterday and 50 today), so hoping for the trend to decrease continues! The next opportunity to see my Dr is next Wednesday unfortunately to have it removed and I can not have my family Dr do it at an earlier date (I asked). I'm feeling pretty good though, had my first lymphatic massage today which was awesome- a very gentle touch unlike regular massages. Happy to healing to all the RS ladies!

Every day gets a bit better

On day 16 post op I finally got my second drain out (no discomfort again when she removed it). It was a glorious day!! I had a full shower for the first time and told my husband I may never come out of that shower lol.
The Dr said the incision site is healing well but I still need to wear the binder for the muscle repair (6-8 for it to heal). I finally clarified the vertical incision which I was previously incorrect in my understanding. It is a new incision where my old belly button was but should heal nicely and it ultimately covered by my underwear even now.
I'm really pleased with my choice to do the surgery and my Dr who is very professional, skilled and honest.
The swelling... Oh the dear swelling... I hope it goes away in time as others have reported as I am anxious to really see the final product.
I tried on a few close fitting tops with such excitement!!!
Hope everyone else is doing well :-).

I would absolutely without hesitation recommend Dr Kasrai. My tummy tuck, muscle repair and lipo was performed on Oct 26,2015 in the hospital setting without any surprises as I knew from talking with Dr Kasrai what to expect. She listened to my concerns, was realistic and honest in relaying what she could/could not do, and answering my tons of questions at each step of the way. I admire her professionalism, patience and calmness in the interactions I have had. I can not forget to add my sheer pleasure in meeting and being supported by Eva, patient coordinator as well. She has been a rock, responding to my calls, emails and was there after hours via cell phone after the surgery for support. Overall a wonderful experience!!

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