27 Years Old, 34A, 5'6", 125lb, No Kids (Yet), 375 cc Moderate Plus gel implants - Mishawaka, IN

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I've wanted a BA ever since I was about 16 and...

I've wanted a BA ever since I was about 16 and figured out I had no chance of getting boobs (thanks, mom). I finally decided to take the plunge and convinced my husband that the cost was worth it! I had a friend just recently have hers done and had rave reviews, so I decided to just get it over with! I have multiple weddings and parties and 5k's this summer so I wanted to be ready for that. Luckily they were able to fit me in for surgery quickly! My surgery is Monday and my initial consultation was just 1 week ago!
Their office has Vectra imaging so I feel that it gave me a very clear idea of what my breasts will look like post op (at least I hope)! It was so surreal to see MYSELF with boobs! It really looks like me, it almost took my breath away.
My PS showed me 2 options, 425cc high profile silicone or 350cc moderate plus profile silicone, both under the muscle. I wanted silicone anyway, so I wasn't upset when he mentioned he has a preference for them over saline. He does only infra-mammary incisions, which after doing some research of my own sounds like the best option for silicone. Like many others I am looking for a natural look and don't want to go too big. I'm a nurse in an emergency room and I like to run so I need something that won't get in the way when I'm doing CPR and won't make running painful! Dr. Viscardi picked these sizes out without me even telling him that and it was like he read my mind. He's not very chatty or overly friendly but as a nurse I have found that the best surgeon's tend to have personalities like that, and in this case I want someone who is an expert at their job and not charm. Anyway, I spent last weekend agonizing over which type of implant I wanted and ended up choosing the moderate plus profile. I felt that it has a little more natural look on me, even though the sizes appeared almost identical.
At my pre-op appointment, he said we could probably fit a 375cc moderate plus in that might fill in the space between my breasts a little bit more, so I agreed to that. In their pre-op take home sack they give you a prescription for percocet, ice packs, a few pamphlets on mentors, silicone gel strips for scarring, Bromelain, and Arnica. They faxed over my prescription for Keflex (antibiotic) to the pharmacy of my choice. I was instructed to start the Bromelain 2 days pre op, taking it 3x/day with meals. This is supposed to help with inflammation. Post op I will start the Arnica, 3 tabs 3x/day to help with bruising. The silicone gel scar strips I have for when they tell me it's okay to use at some point post op. I felt like the pre-op appointment was very informative, mostly thanks to Renee! She is so great and has a such a calming personality, she really puts you at ease.
I'm crazy excited for my surgery!! I have decided to not really tell too many people. I have told several friends because I've been talking about it with them for years. I told my sister the other night and it went quite poorly...leading me to not want to tell any other family members. It really is a deeply personal choice for me and I don't feel that it's necessary for them to know. I love my sister and we've always been very close which is why I chose to tell her, however after a 2 hour conversation/guilt trip including all the children in Africa I could be feeding with the money, I wish I hadn't told her at all. My husband and close friends are supportive and I feel confident that this is the right choice for me!
It is obviously expensive, however I'm receiving a "spring fling" discount of 15% off (original price $5800). I felt like I couldn't pass this up. BA was always in my future and I will never be able to get a better price without giving up quality, so the time is now!
1 week after surgery they schedule you for a lymphatic massage at their spa. I'm really excited for this because the nurse masseuse teaches you different techniques to use at home and the lymphatic massage apparently helps with the stiffness dramatically!
I'm really hopeful that I will have a pretty natural and mostly healed look achieved by the end of April since that's when all of the summer events/traveling begins! I'm also a little concerned about going back to work. I'm taking a week off but will have a lift restriction of 10 lbs for the first 4 weeks. There are certain areas of the ER that I can work where I would likely be doing no lifting at all, but there is never a guarantee. I absolutely can't afford to be off work for a whole month (financially or mentally)! I'm not really sure how I'll approach that, but I guess I'll figure it out.
Before pics coming soon!
Would love comments with advice or your experiences!!

Before pics

Here are some before pics. Surgery is 3 days away!! Getting super nervous. I dreamed about boobs all night last night, haha. Luckily I work this weekend so I'll have something to keep my mind busy until Monday!

Tomorrow is the day!

Thank God I worked this weekend!! I just got home from work and I'm feeling so anxious. I know I'm being irrational but I just have all these fears that something is going to go wrong...I'm going to wake up with ginormous or grossly misshapen boobs or I'm going to become constipated post-op and develop a bowel obstruction or I'm just simply going to die. I don't actually believe any of this is going to happen but I can't get myself to call the F down!! Just ordered a big ol' steak dinner for hubby and I so hopefully a full belly will calm me down.
Send some prayers/positive vibes my direction! Surgery scheduled for 11:15AM. Have to be NPO at midnight...I'm going to be very hungry!

Just a couple more hours...

Slept decent last night...a good 6 hours maybe. Woke up 2 hours before my alarm and just started cleaning to keep myself busy. This site really does seem to calm my nerves! It's so helpful to see other positive results, definitely puts me at ease.

I am definitely starting to get hungry...I tried to eat as much as humanly possible last night so that I could last longer without sustenance, lol. Hardest part is not drinking water. I usually keep a glass of water by my bed and drink whenever I wake up in the night. I definitely missed it when I woke up with a dry scratchy throat!

I just keep telling myself...I'm going to go take a nap and wake up with boobs. And then I get to spend some QT with my husband for a couple days. Hopefully recovery is as painless as possible. I've got my meds set out and ready to go!

Here's one last pic of my little boobies! I hope I won't miss them. I never noticed their asymmetry until I started taking pics at the PS office. Hopefully it won't be noticeable with the implants. My PS kind of laughed at me when I mentioned it in the office! Guess we're always our own worst critic.

All done!

It went beautifully! I got nervous after saying goodbye to my hubby but was then quickly given versed and told my CRNA i loved her haha. Woke up and asked for my husband and started crying for no reason! They said some people have that reaction to anesthesia, lol. I wasn't hysterical or anything just couldn't stop crying. So weird! I'm really not having any pain, just some pressure. My breasts are completely numb. They sent with home with a phenergan suppository just in case I have nausea! ????

I took a Percocet when I got home to try to stay ahead of the pain. Feel pretty sleepy now so I'm going to snooze for a bit. So far I'm happy with what I can see but not going to take my bra off until my post op apt tomorrow. Definitely icing religiously on 20 off 40. Would love to avoid square bewbs if possible haha.

Still doing well...

Still feeling pretty good!

Had a slight bout of nausea around 9PM. Ate some honey toast, saltines, and gingerale. About the same time the pain was started to get worse (more sore with movement, maybe 4/10). Took a percocet and slept for 3.5 hours, woke up not nauseated.

Just before the nausea I starting to feel the pain a bit more...I texted one of my friends who's a doc and asked if I could start ibuprofen instead of more percocet, he said there are mixed reviews so probably best to wait a couple more days before ibuprofen. I took some Tylenol instead, I'll just have to be careful to not to exceed 3G. in 24 hours with the tylenol that's in the percocet. Anyway, the tylenol didn't seem to touch it so a couple hours later I ended up taking a percocet anyway. They do seem to make me super sleepy...tomorrow depending on how I feel I'll probably take 0.5 tabs. When the pain is well controlled (now), it's still just a pressure. Worse with deep inspiration, but certainly not intolerable.

I'm battling between feeling STARVING and wanting to eat everything in my apartment to feeling nauseated and just wanting crackers. Luckily my husband remembered that post op my nurse told me to advance my diet slowly, otherwise I definitely would have eaten my leftover steak and mashed potatoes from last night lol (although I would NOT have been able to cut it myself).

So far my favorite thing is ICE! Even if it doesn't actually help with the swelling it sure does feel good. My friends have all been incredibly supportive and texting to see how it went and how I'm feeling. I'm definitely feeling loved!

Getting active (forgot to add)

I thought I had added on the end of the last post but it's going to be warm outside for the next 2 days (FINALLY) and I'm really hoping I feel well enough to get outside and go for a walk. The last thing I want is to over-do it and then feel worse. Anyone have some experience with getting active post op?

Post op day 2

Or is it day 1? Surgery was yesterday. Here are some pics, will post more without pics in a bit.

Post op day 1

Post op appointment today was short & sweet, everything looks fine. PS said I can take ibuprofen starting tomorrow.

Thoughts on today:
-It hurts to bend over. I swear I can feel the implants moving up into my chest. Have to hold on to them when bending over to brush my teeth.
-I have a terrible pain behind my right scapula. My husband has been massaging it and says that I'm so tight. Idk if that's from the actual surgery or from me sleeping upright on the couch. I actually have been using my ice packs as heat packs...it helps just a little.
-Ice packs still my best friend.
-I've realized that half tab percocet is about right for me. Still makes me sleepy but not nearly as bad as a whole tab.
-Appetite is back to normal, no nausea at all today.

Hoping that tomorrow I can feel good enough to go out for a walk. Still not quite up to it today.

Post op day 2 feeling amazing!

Slept so much better last night! I was sleeping with a boyfriend pillow but instead moved to the other end of our couch with some fluffy pillows and was much more comfortable. No back pain today! Took half a percocet before bed, took another half at about 3AM and switched out my ice packs. A little bit of nausea followed I assume due to the percocet & an empty stomach. Slept until 7:45 this morning.

Was not as stiff/sore as I expected, especially since my PS told me today would be my peak day of swelling. Took 800mg ibuprofen when I woke up and 1000mg tylenol a couple hours later. This in addition to ice packs has kept me basically pain free today! I feel almost completely back to my normal self. I feel like the percocets were really slowing me down, even just half tabs! I also had coffee again today for the first time since pre-op so I'm sure my caffiene high plays into my good mood too haha.

Went for a short walk, maybe half a mile. It's the nicest day we've had here in probably 6 months! Sun is shining and it's a balmy 65 degrees...even got to pet someone else's dog haha. I can tell the swelling is definitely there today, but I haven't taken the bra off yet. I was able to put a shirt on over my head today! Lifting my arms up doesn't seem to be too much of a problem for me at this point. Right now I'm very happy with the way I look in my bra with a shirt on. I can tell a difference but I don't think anyone else will, which is exactly what I was going for.

My husband went back to work today so I'm going to wait until he gets home to shower, just in case. I'll post some pics after the shower, hoping to get some of the surgical marker off with that, too.

I'm getting pretty itchy on my incisions. I have surgical glue that I'm not allowed to pick off...GAH! It's driving me crazy. PS said it will come off on it's own in about 2 weeks and then I can start using my silicone scar strips.

I had to make a deal with work so that I could get the time off this week and I have to work Friday 11a-3p. I figured the short shift would be a nice gauge to see how I will do next week. After today I'm feeling more confident that I'll be okay!

Pics to come later this evening!

Day 2 pics

After showering! Wasn't quite able to get all the surgical markings off. Didn't feel lightheaded in the shower but did have my husband help me with washing my hair. It's harder than it sounds!

Day 3 pics

Forgot to upload yesterday, so here is post op day 3.

1 week out

Haven't had a chance to post lately but wanted to post some pics since today is 1 week from surgery. Worked 12 hours today and did well! Not much pain, didn't even have to take ibuprofen or Tylenol at all. Had a ton of nerve pain over the weekend, glad that's seeming to improve. I have 2 more 12 hour days this week and then my lymphatic massage Thursday morning that I'm really looking forward to!

Nipples are super sensitive. The bell of my stethoscope lands right on my nipple and...ouch. I couldn't wear it all day! I can't tell if my right is dropping faster than my left or if it's just some of my own asymmetry. Hopefully it's just dropping faster. My incisions are looking good but are still so itchy. The tiny strings out the end are from the internal stitches and will be removed Thursday. Bruising on left side is getting better!!

I tried on some of my old bikini tops this weekend and really bonded with my new boobs haha. Everything still "fits" but either just looks better or is maybe inappropriate to wear in public. Jumped on the VS bikini sale this weekend and got a couple in my guesstimated size. I know it's too early to tell but I measured myself and I'm currently a 34C and hope to stay there. If the sizes are wrong I'll just exchange! Super excited to see how they look when they get here.

Slept through the night for the first time last night, glorious. Hoping to repeat tonight.

5 weeks post

I can't believe it's been a over a month!
I don't have time for a super long post, but just wanted to say that I am thrilled with my results and my size. I will try to post some pictures here in the near future. I just got back from a getaway with some girlfriends. My some of my friends knew, some didn't. The ones who didn't know had NO IDEA, and the ones who did know made multiple comments about how great and natural they look. I am so happy! I was cleared to where whatever bra I would like, including underwire as long as it's comfortable.
I went to aerie to get measured and was told I'm a 32C. I've worn a 34 band my whole life so I was a little puzzled by this but thought I'd give it a try. Tried that on and the cup was basically giving me quad boob, so thought I'd move up to 34C to see if that helped...it didn't. Aerie didn't have a 34D to try on so I went to Victoria's Secret. Tried on a 34C and 34D there and yep...I'm a 34D. I don't feel like I look like I'm a 34D but it is definitely a more comfortable fit for me. I fill it out completely and it doesn't give me quad boob. I never imagined I'd be happy being a D cup but trust me, it's not obvious. Doc said at this point my size will not change much, which is great because I'm very very happy with my size!
Bikini shopping, bra shopping, and yep, even lingerie shopping is my new favorite thing. Not that I had a bad sex life before, but DAMN is it great now! I love the way I look and my husband loves my new confidence. Also, I look sexy AF in lingerie ;)
Scars are healing well....I have been using the silicone scar strips my PS gave me. I tend to scar easily so I'm not sure I'll have as amazing results as far as that goes, but we will see. I can use the scar strips for 2 months and then I've also heard that retinol cream is supposed to be great for scars, so I will probably try that next month.
I have been doing daily massages, sometimes multiple times per day. It takes like 1 minute or less so it's not like it interferes with my day. They are getting softer but still not as soft as normal breast tissue. They definitely bounce though! Need to get a good sports bra.
I will try to post pics soon! I just started grad school and I'm already feeling overwhelmed...school first!

5 weeks pictures

I swear they don't photograph well! But here they are :) please excuse my messy home. Haven't unpacked yet.

6 month update...WHAT?!

It's been 6 months as of next week, hard to believe! I feel like I've gotten used to it, they pretty much feel like a part of me (my favorite part of me)! I've included some pics, including some in my favorite new bras and 1 of my favorite lingerie piece...sorry it's a bit wrinkled. My scars seem to be improving. They are smoother now, not raised anymore. I think they will keep getting better, I'm still using scar strips. I didn't expect my scars to look great from the beginning because I do have a tendency to scar easily and badly, so I'm pretty happy with how they're looking right now.

Had a short summer...only got to wear a bikini a handful of times! I guess that's life as an adult. I have gained some weight since surgery, but I really can't place all the blame there. Lots going on and lots of stress in my life. Trying to get back to where I want to be!
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