27 Years Old, No Kids, 475cc OVER Muscle

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I finally went in for my BA consult in August....

I finally went in for my BA consult in August. I've been interested in this procedure for a long time because I am not happy with the size and shape I naturally have and finally just scheduled for a consult to see what my options were. Right now I am wearing 34C bra but it doesn't fit as well as it used so, so I'm probably closer to a B cup. I had planned on doing 350cc under muscle (just from some research and talking with friends who have had it done). After my pre op consultation last week (2 weeks before surgery), my surgeon recommended 475cc silicone implant over the muscle. I showed him some pictures of what I was looking to get for results and he felt that was the best option for sizing. I was pretty nervous when he suggested over muscle instead of under, only because of what I read online (if it's on the internet it has to be true, right? Lol). Anyway, he explained that some things I had read about over the muscle were myths. I am very active, play volleyball and I workout and lift weights 5-6 days/ week. He explained that if I go under the muscle, the implant can be visible and move around whenever the muscle contracts. He said I have enough tissue to begin with that placing the implant over the muscle, I will not be able to see or feel the implants. Surgery is this Friday and I can't wait! Please excuse my pre-op picture, they look uneven and lopsided but I just was in a hurry when I took it. More updates in a few days!

Surgery complete! Woohoo!!

For some stupid reason, I've always had a fear of IVs. I am licensed to give anesthesia at my work, I have a tattoo and needles don't bother me. I wasn't nervous for the actual surgery, just the IV placement. The first nurse tried to place my IV and I told her how awesome it was because it barely hurt and she calmed my anxiety. Then I realized, it wasn't all the way in the vein like it was supposed to be. She couldn't get it to move and had to take it out. I ended up being stupid and looking at it, thinking I'd be fine since it didn't hurt. Wrong. Ended up getting super sweaty and lightheaded and everything went black. They finally got my iv placed by someone else and wheeled me back into surgery where I got the best nap of my life (that anesthesia is for real awesome). Most reviews I have seen the implants look really high, swollen and rectangular, but mine didn't come out like that (maybe because we went over muscle instead of under?). I looked at mine and I'm shocked with how much I love them already! I've had no nausea, no side effects and not much pain, just some pressure and soreness like I lifted too heavy weights on chest day. I'm sure the swelling and pain is coming but for now I'm on cloud 9. I'll add in pictures soon. Thank you everyone for the support and for those who shared their experience which helped give me courage to do something I never thought I'd do!

Post op day 1

Definitely feeling more sore today but nothing unbearable. I'll probably end up staying in bed keeping up with the pain meds ;) ice packs are currently my best friend. the worst part is our dog not understanding why I can't play fetch and tug of war with him! Haha I do think my surgeon nailed the size I was going for! Hard to judge them until they drop though.

5 days post op

Finally starting to feel a little better. Not much pain and I can go through the day without taking any kind of pain medication unless I don't follow directions and over do it ???? they are still tight and uncomfortable but I'm sure they will be for a bit. They are high and tight but I think it looks like they are starting to drop a tiny bit. Cheers to boobie progress, hope everyone has a great thanksgiving!

2+ weeks post op

Right about at the 2 week mark, the tightness and heaviness really went away and they started to feel like a part of my own body. The suture glue is off and I can start using the scar strips my surgeon gave me. He said they are healing nicely and probably have another 2 weeks of no exercise and after that he expects to release me to go back to my normal lifestyle and will be able to bra shop. He told me don't buy any bras yet because they aren't fully settled in and could be swollen still..I didn't tell him that I already bought 11 bras because Victoria's Secret had a 50% off sale and that literally never happens lol anyway, right now the 34DD is fitting nicely. I'm happy with them and they are feeling so much better, just a little muscle soreness still but even that's almost gone. My surgeon scheduled me for a "bust treatment" this past Friday...it was basically a boob massage. I'm still numb on the lower half of both breasts so it was kind of weird but supposedly it can help them settle quicker. We will see!

3 weeks post op

Tried on a new swimsuit today..the swelling is gone and now I'm sad that they shrank because I loved how they looked when they were swollen lol but it's definitely an improvement from before! I do wish I went with a little bit bigger implant though (boob greed?). Still have some settling to do I'm sure but I'm slowly getting there! No tightness but still some numbness and sensitivity and definitely muscle soreness but it's getting better. I have noticed when I bend over it feels like the outer edge (by my armpit) on my right implant pops out a little bit...sort of like when a joint pops out of socket but goes back in. I can't think of how else to explain it. I also feel like it's crushing my ribs on the right side. Has anyone else had these problems?

Yaaaay 1 month!

I went in for my month post op appointment this morning. My surgeon said everything looks great and I'm healing perfectly. He said the feeling of one implant popping out of socket/pocket feeling was completely normal since I'm still healing and the capsule around it is still forming so not to worry. He released me to start weight lifting again (thank God), tanning, and I finally am allowed to trash the awful compression bra and wear normal ones! What a great way to start a weekend! Have a good one everyone!
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