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I had 2 prior rhinos with Dr. Rollin Daniel, who I...

I had 2 prior rhinos with Dr. Rollin Daniel, who I do NOT recommend. He left my nose looking like a clown's and never discussed with me what he was doing to my nose. I was living with this last nose for about 5 years. It was overprojected, way too upturned, with a hanging columnella. I wish I had gone to Dr. Davis instead the first time. Anyways, I had my surgery yesterday. I can't reallyyy tell what my nose looks like yet but I am 99% sure it's going to turn out great. I can't recommend this doctor highly enough.. He remembered everything I told him, is caring, funny, and SKILLED. He managed to find septal cartilage deep in my nose when everyone said I was going to need rib. My nose looks flat on the bottom now. I will be posting pics and updating to maintain sanity as I spend a week in a hotel room with my mother in the suburbs of Florida.......

Some Photos


Nothing to see here yet.. Been icing a lot and taking Arnica, Bromelain, applying Arnica to my face and taking MSM and Tumeric. Eating low sodium soups and kombucha, and various other hippie new age supplements Dr Davis would laugh at but hey, they might work! I need all the help I can get at this point. Nose is swollen as hell and I look like a muppet. Can't wait to get this thing off my face.

Day 5. Bored.

Alright so my nose is looking similar to my last photo from a couple days ago so not posting any new pics until I get my cast off. Still have bruising under one eye, pretty annoying. Went and bought Make Up For Ever full cover concealer in beige which has some yellow tones in it to cover up the purple.

Here is a list of basically what I have been taking/eating as requested by a couple people. I actually went pretty California holistic crazy person on this one (which I am not one normally, I don't even do yoga!) butt I'm pretty sure it's helping.

Taking antibiotics 2x a day with food
*Vitamedica Clinical Surgery Support Program (Includes Morning and evening vitamins). I purchased this on Amazon.com and it also came with a bottle of
*Bromelain which I take a total of 4 a day and I already finished off their measly container of
*Arnica and purchased 2 new bottles from Whole Foods, Hyland's brand, they dissolve under your tongue.
*Omica brand MSM with Tumeric capsules, great for inflammation. 2x a day
*Doctor's Best Serrapeptase capsules, found this and the above on Amazon. This is actually for internal scarring! Read the reviews. 2x a day. Seems pretty impressive.
*Chewable papaya enzymes 2x a day

Drinking a ton of Eternal brand alkaline water, low sodium soups, stuff from the salad bar at Whole Food's and green smoothies with kale and banana, coconut water, Amy's low in sodium frozen meals (just picked out whichever ones seemed to have lowest sodium). I don't have a kitchen in my hotel so this is all stuff I'm able to eat out of the mini fridge. Oh and kombucha with or without chia seeds, Fage Greek yogurt, sliced pineapple and blueberries, grilled chicken strips, raw veggies with organic artichoke dip.

The first couple days were the most uncomfortable (especially when I was in the hospital overnight hooked up to an IV) because my mouth was super dry and irritated from the breathing tube and mouth breathing. Chap stick was a godsend but I should have brought some sort of mouth spray as well. SIMPLY SALINE (this brand is necessary) needed for post surgery cleaning as well as Hydrogen Peroxide, Bacitracin, Arnica oil or cream, AND this stuff I found on Amazon called Penetrex Inflammation Formula cream which contains Arnica Vitamin b6 MSM etc. This stuff seems to be pretty awesome. I also have Dr Nordyck's Wound Honey which I will be applying to my scar after I get the cast off and I use cotton rounds with face toner 2x a day to clean the oil off my face, something with witch hazel and rose water is best.

I took a shower 3 days after the surgery i just made sure not to get my cast wet. I am probably going to shower again shortly. I think it's actually good for swelling and the steam to go in your nose. Lastly I have been using a neti pot, this works but it's a little early for me to be aggressive with it yet, my nose is still really blocked up. I haven't been walking as much as I would like due to not wanting to scare small children in public so just been walking a bit in my room and stretching, and icing!

Okay so pretty sure I just typed a novel. You can find most of that stuff on Amazon. I am gonna get a lymphatic massage tomorrow. I found this place here in FL called Medical Massage Professionals and it's only 2 for $60 which is a steal... Check that out if you're in the area! Alright I'm off to shower. Updates to come

My nose is looking awesome

Cast off and feeling great. I have to admit I was shocked when I first saw it and wasn't sure I looked better with a nose that had been lengthened but I was wrong. I'm happy to share photos with anyone privately. Highly recommend Dr Davis and he is the only doctor I would ever trust with my nose.

Before and After

I have posted a photo of my before and after. Sorry it's unclear with weird censoring but I don't feel comfortable posting photos on plastic surgery websites. Anyways, it looks better than the photos. I also wanted to let everyone know that I specifically asked Dr Davis for an upturned nose, although it has in fact been lengthened. It looks great.

** I am sorry but i won't be able to respond to requests for photos anymore as I am crazy busy with work.. Hence posting these photos here.

I honestly believe my nose actually looks better than these photos. It also looks better than the morph. Dr Davis is the best. End of story. Good luck everyone.

The photos

New Before and After

There is a user on here "Moon Sag" saying my before nose was an improvement.. Just have to LOL at that because I was just looking at some old photos I took of my before nose on my webcam and it literally looked like an animal snout. Here's a new before and after of my before nose by Dr Daniel and After nose by Dr Davis
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