29 Year Old from Miami; 3kids Later; Ready to Be SNATCHED - Miramar Beach, FL

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Hello all! I'm pretty much new to RS and learned...

Hello all! I'm pretty much new to RS and learned about it through a friend. Boy oh boy was it the best thing ever. So I have 3 young children (5,2 and 8 months) yes I have been pretty busy. I haven't been happy with the way I look for a while now and more so after the last one. I think I didn't allow my body to recover with the last two being back to back. And now unfortunately I suffer from a "booty do". For anyone that doesn't know That's when your belly pokes out more than your booty do. ????????????. However I'm on the hunt to regain some beauty and to feel good about myself again. I am scheduled for surgery on June 24th with Dr. Ceasar Velilla at Evolution MD in Miramar Fl. So far I have had a consultation with the surgical coordinator first visit. 2nd visit was for blood work in which they called me 4days later and advised me to start taking Iron 325mg one tab 3 times daily. 3rd visit this past Saturday was with the actual Doctor. He was extremely warm, sounded very educated, down to earth and most of professional and gave me his honest opinion. He did say that although he will do his best with removing all the fat that he believes I must stay in my garment for 9-12months and that I will need to be heavy in the gym to work on regaining muscle tone. He said that he believes that the frequent pregnancies contributed to the excessive lost of muscle tone. And that I will have to put in some heavy duty work to get the best results. He also said that I don't have excess skin which is great. I'm ok with that especially because ladies this will all be done under local anesthesia some Ativan and versed and Xanax. I chose this route because last year I lost my 35 year old brother who never Smoked from stage 4 Lung Cancer and left a 1 year old daughter behind. And the last image that I have of him was after my sisters and I decided to have him intubated and placed on anesthesia because of how much his lung was compromised and how much the disease had invade his lungs. So unfortunately I can't get rid of this image and prefer to ONLY do local. So with that being said the results that Dr. Velilla has done for many others including my co worker one month ago. I am truly sold. So his office does do a pre op which I will be doing this Wednesday on 6/15/16 but despite of that just as a precautionary measure I will be doing my own pre op this week. I went to see the Cardiologist today in which he said that my EKG looks good but on examination he heard a Murmor????????????. Following that he did a chest X-ray which showed that my heart may be a little larger than usual and is suggestive that I really do have a Murmor and possibly from severe anemia. I was super anemic during my last two pregnancies and had to receive IV iron in order for me not to get a blood transfusion. So now I'm scheduled for a Echocardiogram (ultrasound of the heart) and labs between tomorrow and Wednesday. I am super nervous now guys. I super hyped but now I am scared straight and pray that all goes well. He said that based on echo results he will clear me for surgery without a problem. Please pray for me ladies. Thank you for hearing my story and here are a few pics of this " booty do".......

Surgically cleared from Cardiology Standpoint

Got my clearance!!!

Still trying to build up that Hemoglobin

A little touch of IV iron


Sorry for late Response!!!!

Hiiiiii Ladies!!! So I know it's been an EXTREMELY long time since I last posted and I truly apologize for that. However I would like to you all as to what's been going on......... Ok so back in June of 2016 the day before surgery I found out that I was unable to have it done due some personal issues that I had to resolve prior to. (Womp womp)! Boy was I upset. So the office was very helpful and immediately assisted me in rescheduling Preop visits, labs and new surgical date. Talking about surgical date soooo Dr. V's surgical dates are extremely far out the next available surgical date was for October 15th. I'm thinking whoa that's too far out! So are you telling me that I have to continue walking around looking a HOTT mess with all of this extra weight I had gain for the procedure. I was placed on a waiting list and I was informed sometime in August that Dr. V will be able to perform the surgery for me on September 12th. Soooooooo I did it. Nervous was not the word the Friday before I received a call from the surgical coordinator who gave me pre op instructions how to take antibiotics, NPO status, nail polish removal, no jewelry and time of arrival. I was the first appt for that day which in some ways I was super happy. (For him while he was fresh) lol. V/S taken, pregnancy test, weight Preop pics pre op questionnaire. I was soooo nervous that I had diarrhea. She gave me the pills that he had ordered prior to (Ativan, Vicodin). My HR was super elevated like 115-120 I was just a nervous wreck. The doc came in examined me again I showed him my wish pics, we came to an agreement. That calmed me somewhat and soon after we started. I was sprayed with an antiseptic from head to toe. Got on the operating room table given and anxiolytic via IM injection. Shortly the doc came along with his partner. He was extremely gentle and advised me as to everything that he was doing. Throughout the procedure I was in and out and the lipo of the abdomen I must tell you on a scale of 0-10 I was at 0. Literally NOTHING. Now when it came time to graft the fat to the buttocks I began to feel some pain as the medicine starred to wear off. However I verbalized that to the nurse who communicated that with the doc and he then gave me more local anesthesia to be made comfortable at least twice. Then it was all over and I was brought to the recovery room. I remember waking up to being placed in a garment and putting my maxi dress on and and someone called my husband to pick me up. Wheeled to the car and was gone. Slept for the rest of the afternoon. I think I was too focused on the pain during the procedure because the procedure was under local anesthesia but guys let me tell you........ The pain came after. I was in pain starting after surgery until 3 weeks later. Although now I am 4 going on 5 weeks I'm still in some discomfort/ numbness/ sensitivity it's wwwwwwaaaayyyy better. I got my drained removed after 5 days. Started lymphatic massages the day after surgery. Had 10 massges so far and started last week ultra cavitations and will do 5 treatments of that. Still wearing abdominal board and foams as I started wearing them one week later. Will stop wearing them next week Thursday. Big difference from 2 weeks ago. I'm just happy to be moving forward. Went back to work after 10 days I'm still using the Dr. Miami booty buddy to drive and at work I still haven't sat down yet although it's been 30 days. I literally work 8 hrs straight standing up. I suffer and pay for it later in the day because my legs hurt but oh well. I was told I could sit now by the PA at the the Dr. Office but I will wait another 2weeks just to be safe. Will post pics

All of these were the day of Surgery!

3 days post op

17 days post

30 Days Post Op

Miami Internist

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