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After living for 6 years with a terribly botched...

After living for 6 years with a terribly botched nose from a primary rhinoplasty, and after months and months of research, I finally selected Dr. Davis for my revision surgery. At my first consultation in February of 2013, he spent over 4 hours with me answering all of my questions and detailing what his plan would be for nose. In the months following, I met with two other highly qualified revision specialists. However, I never felt as comfortable with them as I did with Dr. Davis. Dr. Davis would even quickly respond to all of my emails whenever I had more questions. The best part to me was that he nor his staff EVER pressured me into the surgery. With the other two specialists, I was receiving calls at least once a month between March and August with them asking if I want to schedule my surgery. Having revision rhinoplasty is a huge and very difficult decision to make and the last thing I (or anyone else) want(s) is to be hassled by a plastic surgeon into rushing the surgery date.

Anyway, I have posted some photos and will add more to this review later :)


When my splint came off four weeks ago, I was taken aback by how HUGE my nose looked. Even though my nose looked noticeably straighter and more symmetrical, I was terrified that I now had a giant nose to live with. Luckily, as a lot of you know, it was mostly swelling. But I was still panicky and frantically looking around online to see if other people experienced something similar. So I thought to help other people out, that I would post photos that showed the differences in swelling. Obviously my nose still has a lot of swelling, especially in the tip, but at least I can walk outside without feeling like my nose is taking over my face.

I did notice in the photos that it looks like the swelling around the outer sides of my nose is going down much faster than the swelling in the middle (including my columella). I'm figuring that's because Dr. Davis had to do so much work straightening out my septum and reinforcing it that my columella is probably the most swollen part of my nose right now. He said he used septal cartilage fastened to thin bone grafts in order to straighten out and strengthen the columella. I met with him for a follow-up last week and he said that over the next couple months it will start to flatten out more as the swelling subsides.

Either way, my nose looks natural now and I couldn't be happier. Considering the mess (both inside and out) that Dr. Davis had to deal with, I'm absolutely amazed that he was able to construct something that actually looks like a nose and not some twisted blob on my face. My friend jokes that he basically "playdoughed" a new nose on my face.

I really do hope this results hold up! Dr. Davis told me last week that I will have to do a sort of "physical therapy" for my nose, including stretching my nostrils downward to prevent them from retracting back to their original positions. The idea of pulling down on my nostrils sounds terrifying when I'm almost too scared to even touch my nose at all, but I guess he has a point and I'll just have to suck it up!

Working out

So today has been a little over 5 weeks since my revision and I FINALLY worked out for the first time since I had it done. I'm usually pretty active so the last 6 weeks of not exercising at all have been rough. But I've been so paranoid and terrified of swelling that I just couldn't bring myself to exercise. And I've never been so excited to get on an elliptical in my life haha. Usually, I run. But right now I'm still too scared of the impact of running to do that. That might just be unnecessary paranoia, but I keep imagining me sprinting and then jostling my nose loose from my face or something hahaha.

I'm also still getting used to my new reflection. I went shopping with a friend the other day and walked past a mirror and was a bit startled. Not in a bad way. It's just that now my nose reflects light in a different way and it's so strange to see myself looking completely different. Even though I hated my nose after my primary rhinoplasty, I did kind of get used to it and assimilate it into my self-image. But I'm loving it more and more each day and can't wait for it to heal up!

6 weeks post-op

So today has been 6 weeks and 1 day since my surgery. I'm actually surprised to see that the swelling has reduced a lot from even a week ago. I did have an issue with an irritated/mildly infected stitch in my columella and had to make an unscheduled visit to see Dr. Davis today to get it removed and have him write me a prescription for an antibiotic ointment.

He did say it looks like my nostrils are trying to shrink back up to their pre-revision width so he stressed to me the importance of periodically stretching out my nostrils and wearing these round, plastic nose form things at night. I'll do what I need to do to get the best results possible, but it is a bit annoying that I can't just sit back and let my nose heal on its own. But still, the surgery was definitely worth it!

4 months!

Now that it's been almost 4 months since my surgery, I'm starting to feel like I have an actual human nose again. It FINALLY looks like something someone could have been born with instead of some strange appendage in the middle of my face. Except for an excessive paranoia of getting hit in the face, I don't even really notice anymore that I had a rhinoplasty.

I will see Dr. Davis next week so I'm curious to see what he has to say. I still can't breathe too well out of my right nostril, but that was the side that the previous surgeon had left a complete mess. I haven't really noticed much change in the general appearance of my nose over the last couple months either. It's mostly just been the return of normal facial movements (like wiggling my nose) that are making it look more and more natural.

My nose certainly isn't perfect by any means, but I'm incredibly happy with it. It looks natural and much prettier than before. And Dr. Davis has had me in several times since my surgery to check on my progress which I really appreciate. He's even had me talk to a few prospective patients in his office because he's so proud of his work and knows how happy I am as well.

Except for figuring out some unexpected financial issues related to the surgery, I am VERY happy and excited about my results. Dr. Davis really made a great impact on my life.

New photos

I haven't added new photos in awhile, so I thought now that I'm past the 6 month mark, that I would add a few. Not much else to report on otherwise :) My nose has healed well I guess since a dog jumped up and hit me in the face yesterday but no damage! Thank goodness!

Profile photos

Here are the 6 month before/after profile views. Not much has changed in the last couple months, possibly just a slight reduction in residual swelling.

More photos

Forgot to add the 3/4 view photos as well!

Still very happy!

I'll be meeting with Dr. Davis again next week for him to continue tracking my progress. I'm still very happy with my nose! One thing I have noticed about cosmetic surgery experiences though, is that when we pay for these things, we often expect absolute perfection. I have had friends who have had other procedures and I see them complaining about things that are completely normal (such as slightly uneven breasts from implants). I even find myself every now and then picking apart the details of my nose and finding very minor flaws. However, I do realize that our bodies are not perfect and I should never expect any type of surgical procedure to give absolute perfection either. It's just ridiculous. I am truly thankful to Dr. Davis for giving me a nose that no longer looks like a botched nose job. Even in the slight asymmetries that my nose still has, I find it to be natural and beautiful :) Yes, I understand the pain of a bad nose job, and yes, I think people should do what they need to in order to feel normal again (just as I felt that I needed to). Nobody wants to feel like everyone is staring at their ruined nose. However, I also think that we should all cut ourselves some slack and stop trying to be completely perfect, but accept our imperfections for their uniqueness and beauty :)


I received a message to post an updated photo of the underside of my nose, so here it is!

Hope this lasts!

So I'm almost 10 months post-op now. My nose appears to be in it's mostly final form and I hope this is a result that lasts forever! After the experience with my primary, I am hesitant to make any definitive statements about my results until after a few years have passed. However, I do know that even 9 months after my primary, I noticed some major problems that hinted at the disaster to come. So I'm happy to not see any of that this time around. My nose is very stiff and solid, though. Dr. Davis warned me that good results would come with a trade-off in the flexibility of my nose. So I might not be able to smush my nose into my pillow, but at least it gives me hope that my nose is strong, stable, and going to stay in place and not warp. The only real problem is my boyfriend needing to be aware to not smash his face into mine when giving me a kiss. All in all, though, I feel like this whole ordeal is finally over. I think this time, I have a nose that looks human (which the last one most certainly did not!) and will last a lifetime :)


It's been a while since I've been on this site, but this past weekend, I was in a wedding and when that professional photographer showed up, the only thought running through my mind was, "THANK GOD I GOT MY NOSE FIXED LAST YEAR." Seriously. I might have even said it out loud to the rest of the bridesmaids. I couldn't stop thinking about how happy I was to not worry about the photographer catching my nose at a certain angle and revealing all of its flaws, because that was how I spent my life before Dr. Davis. Anyway, all is well with me and I wish the best to everyone else still on their journey.
Pembroke Pines Facial Plastic Surgeon

A wonderfully skilled surgeon, and an incredibly nice person on top of all of that! I could tell he actually cared about how I was feeling and how my primary results had affected my happiness and life in general. He seemed to genuinely want to help me and felt bad that I had to experience such terrible results, unlike a good number of plastic surgeons who only see a person as a paycheck.

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