Surgery W/ Dr. Velilla* Excited but SUPER NERVOUSE - Miramar, FL

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Currently 168lbs height 5'7* I wasn't going to...

Currently 168lbs height 5'7*
I wasn't going to post or write a review but I was Like "why not" my experience can help someone the way Everyone here has helped me with my decision making & maybe someone reading this can give me advise or has had surgery with this doctor. I have a ok body "I think" and all my friends and family think I'm crazy because they say if i add mire butt I'm going to be too big. But I want to get rid of some fat and give more projection to my butt and this should also help get it rounder with less dimples LoL!
Plus why let the doctor throw away my fat if I can use it somewhere else jajajaja
But I've had other surgeries like TT & Breast lift and it Didn't hurt at all But I am So Scared to get this procedure ?BBL. OMG!

A few must haves for BBL surgery

I tried positing the website i purchased this and it I couldn't here but if you want more information try replying and I'll see if I'm able to give you website. This is the Mega Plastic Surgery store. Anything you need is here and if you don't see it just email them and you will get a reply within minutes. Customer se try vice and prices are great and QUICK.

The Most comfortable Faja for any surgery !

Here's a picture of the faja i used when i had my TT 2 1/2 yrs ago and it's still going strong. Ive adjusted the size at the same place i bought it for only $20. Faja cost around $140.00 *Trust me its the most comfortable and holds and lifts in all the right spots* I Bought this at my favorite place "Catherines Fashion Fajas" in hialeah, speak to Enrique he's very helpful and knowledgeable.

1 day post op and feeling Great but swollen!

Well let me start from the beginning. I get to Evolutions at 7 am they didnt even wait 5 minutes and they were calling me in to get me ready! they prepped me and I made sure to tell the doctor "I do not want to feel any pain during surgery" And guess what ladies? YES I FELT PAIN.
At first while they are injecting me with anesthesia its ok but after when you are getting lipo and fat transfer you do feel the discomfort and the doctor squeezing your butt to mold it. It was only a bit painfull but nothing you will die from but yes paunfull. If i ever went for a second round i would ONLY do it under general anesthesia.
But now moving on to a more positive note.
My first day after surgurey i Only felt discomfort and some soarnes. Today is my second day and i feel great nothing hurts i move around on my own and the doctor said i can sleep on my side and it's so much more comfortable than laying completely on my stomach. I go to the bathroom perfectly fine I just make sure to adjust the faja opening then put my hands under my thies putting all the pressure on your legs and hands letting your butt kind of float in the air and your good to go! Also you have clean yourself from the front to the back and not visa versa then you can wipe with toilet paper because its hard to clean yourself with the faja on.
Went to my first appointment so far everything is ok my next appt is Saturday to maybe remove the drainage. Oh and the doctor said i behaved bad Because of how much i complained of the pain during surgery but i should of told him he did too LoL.
I will get my first massage this afternoon. I will continue the updates ladies!

first picture with out faja

Taken the day after surgery 3/2
980 cc's in each. I wanted a bigger butt but he said he couldn't add more :0 ( I'm not happy especially if i loose 20-30% it will get smaller. I'm waiting till swelling goes down and atleast 8 weeks to see final results

4 days after Surgery

Still very bruised and swollen especially on my sides since Dr worked intensely on my waist area and sides which I'm glad. Now that drainage is removed here comes the worse part I think! Now for a month you have to wear you're foam boards and lower back foam triangle plus remember your still in some pain from the soarnes; now try sleeping like this!!! It's Horrible because you can't and you cant find a comfortable way to lay down and not put pressure on your butt. My knees and elbows hurt from putting all my weight on them to do anything. OH LORD please fast foward time and let it be April 1st my 1 mth post op, even though I plan staying off my butt for 2 mths. I want to make sure I save as much fat transfer I can * If my butt stays like this or even close to this size then I'll be ok but if much smaller I'll hate it.

few more pics 4days post

A few more pictures taken yesterday 4 days and counting!

Pictures 4 days post opp

My pics didn't save in previous update.

2 wks Post op 3/15* Yipee* New pics....

Glad that today makes 2 wks since my BBL, even though nothing changes with the fact that I'm still NOT going to sit not even on my thighs as my doctor advised because every doctor is different. My cousin couldn't sit for a month and I feel 2 wks is too soon, Ive seen results change on woman even after 2 wks so I'm not going to risk loosing fat. I CAN WAIT 2 more weeks and start sitting on my thighs Only fir another month!
I'll also continue wearing the foams and stomach board till I am 1 mth post. I think I can hold this torture a bit longer LoL . It's only uncomfortable to sleep. But i feel great right now, no pain and minimal soarnes with much less bruising on my body and I LOVE getting my massages with my girl Odalys she's so AwSome even though its a little painfull but afterwords I feel so good and its so worth it* I must confess I am liking my results more now as long as my butt stays like this with the arch the doctor gave in my lower back area I am happy even though I wanted just a little bigger i wanted a bit more popping out in the middle but I plan to do another TT next year to tighten more my stomach muscles I will add a bit more Fat Transfer just to get it exactly how i want it. But again I am happy with results love my waist and sides. I have real bad scoliosis since a child and my spinal cord is literally an S shape so I will always have a bit of a hump on the sides so it's very hard for my back to look real flat but Dr. Vellila did his best and I am content with results. I will start gym next Month and always work on my butt, stomach and maintaining my body hopefully i can get results at the gym and save a few thousands jijiji
I THINK I am obsessed with surgrey tho, I also want to do my lips this summer with "juvederm" also at evelution I've seen nice results too and it's not so expensive.
Of cost my real self ladies will be the first to know because i will document my journey here again.
Thanks you everyone for your feedback & comments it's really helps!!!
I wish we can all do a reunion LoL

1 month Post! feeling great

So glad I'm one month post op feeling much more comfortable, finally no more foam pads or Stomach board YIPEE!!!
Doctor said recovering very well still a bit swollen but I'm happy so far with results. Doctor also said final results are at 3 months once all swelling goes down.

6 weeks and Back to normal life!

Feeling good, im 6 wks post and still sitting with my BBL, it actually feels better when sitting. Still waiting till I'm 8 weeks post to just sit in my but with no boppy or my BBL pillow*

Almost 3mths post op Love results!

In 4 days on June 1st 2016 makes my 3 mths post. And now is when im seeing the final results after the swelling has gone down and im veryhappy with results but if in 2yrs i do lipo again i will add a little more to my butt since i did want it bigger* but for now im happy

New update 6mths post opp

I am so happy with results, and ive been able to maintain myself after my surgury its now been 6mths. I now got to gym 2 or 3 times a week I currently weighing 159lbs im 5'8 so im happy with this weight. After by BBL my measurment around hip/butt area was 42" but as you will see in the pics that i will post now I had another procedure LoL I had this natural gel like injections to enhance my butt a little more and get rid of some of the dents i still had. I was scared because of the horror stories you hear but the lady is a Venezuelan dr whom was recommend by my cousins. They all did it so i took a risk. And I am glad I did it. She just injected the are with anesthesia and injected the gel. Very litlittle pain and i liked my results. Now my measurment around hip/butt is 43" it grew 1 more inch???? Yippeee

7 mths Post Love my Booty

Picture taken 7 mths after Oct.2016! So happy ????
Before surgury weighing 168 lbs currently 155 lbs
Miami Internist

The doctor is not too friendly just straight to the point but his staff is ok especially my surgery consultant Cathy V. and the nurse practitioner Sandra is Awsome! The office is Beautiful and in a great area, living in FL there is no way I wanted to go where almost all Miami plastic surgeons are at in the SW or Coral Gables area because its too far, too much traffic, and in really ugly locations. And God forbid there is a complication you end up in one of the worst hospitals "Kendall Regional" but here in Miramar with Dr. Velilla you would be taken to Memorial Hospital West! I don't need to worry right now about that LoL because everything will be ok but I like to think ahead just incase :0) This doctor Velilla is highly recommended and I've personally seen his work and it's the Bomb!! He is the kind of doctor that does intensive Lipo and sculpturing to give you the results you want, this is why I'm probably so nervous. But like I always say "Beauty is Pain and Pain is Beauty" As long as i come out good and no complications and he takes proper precautions I feel safe* I'm scheduled soon but he's so booked they are trying to squeeze me in because I am also anemic but my hemoglobin is currently at 11 Which is ok especially for me since I'm usually at around 7 or 8 so we wants to hurry up and fit me in before it goes down. I'll keep you all posted..... Update after surgery : I didn't like the fact that after surgery I Never received a single phone call from Anyone at Evolution asking me how I am doing; only from my coordinator a week later but still..... I feel a Staff member meaning a nurse, nurses assistants or even the Dr should of called to follow up with me. I've had plastic surgery before at Vanity in Miami and even though this place is known to be super unprofessional I still got atleast 2 calls from them. Little things like that mean a lot to me and this is why I gave only a few stars for bedside manner, response and follow up. But oh well life goes on, I am happy everything is going well Thank God!

4 out of 5 stars Overall rating
2 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
2 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
4 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
1 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
2 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
4 out of 5 stars Wait times
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