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Hello I’m a 45 years old and my height is...

Hello I’m a 45 years old and my height is 5’8 and weigh 187 lbs, have three children ranging in 13,12,4 and also a dog and cat…A few years ago, I started to notice that a lot of my dear friends were looking real good and I never thought to ask anyone what they did, seemed that they only thing that that was happening here was That I just wasn’t taking enough car of myself, and starting to look much older and then one day there I was having a girl to girl talk with a stranger almost 13 years younger than me and she let me in on her beauty secret,(liposculture and bbl the works) that everyone was doing it,I knew about breast implants and nose job, but not exactly was I needed that… I was amazed and immediately I wanted in.

I visited this Plastic surgeon that charged me for his consult; in Miami. He quoted me lipo, on abdominal area and fat transfer.. he mentioned that I was a great candidate an all that.. I really liked him, but when I got my quote tears flooded my eyes and I left very sad, just thinking he was way over my budget, and my credit wasn’t all that great care credit…but I didn’t give up, made a plan and just gave me more time to my research. I began to really look through website, some of the hi end offices just made me feel, that none of the final pictures were real, those pictures were too touched up.. So I began doing my on search, I was looking not only for a surgeon but one that had an art for sculpting. I wanted an artist since I had all the time in the world and no money, you know what they say, ask and you shall received ; looking at all my options and of course always checking referrals from everyone of them including out of state as in south America, Colombia, to New York and California.

One day I came across this doctor and it seems straight up my alley, I looked at over 125 pictures of his work and one thing I saw, he was a sculpture, all his customers rave about him, on facebook too.. I could see he had a signature hourglass shape to his female patients, loved his ability to create an amazing contour over and over again, the tye of body I had wanted all of my life. Finally the holidays 2011 came around and I made my consult love the office and the staff..I was really they had a holiday special never done before..(or this is what they told me)lol, whatever it worked and I got it. Gave a deposit, and they held the holiday price for me..for this I am grateful, then I just waited on my tax money and once I got it, I made the appointment…33 days later I had my appointment scheduled for March 27, 2012…OMG and doing this… he countdown began, and I found this site its amazing…learned a lot from all of your posting and I just could go with sharing my story to.

I am scheduled to have slim liposculture to my entire torso including arm, but not the legs, and having fat transfer to my butt..Have to say, one thing: since I found this sight, under BBL read a lot of stories and made me think more of the bbl over shape.

March 27, @7am Today was my surgery it went great I had it done with local anesthetic. Areas are my complete stomach, waist love handles sacral, was done. I must say I loved his bedside manners my doctors and his staff have made me feel very comfortable and gave me confident, the whole time, besides talking of about just anything and joking around it was a pleasant. I was out in recovery about 12pm, and stayed there about 45minutes..Got home felt a little groggy but had no real discomfort, slept for a few. Had lunch…I am very swollen and my butt looks huge, mainly my fault cause I made sure that I got it done big so by the time the swelling goes down, it should be just right for my body. I took some pictures for you to share. Thanks for reading and hope this helps..

Here are the most recent pictures taken today......

here are the most recent pictures taken today... by the way, although the doctors and staff tells you to lay down before removing your garment the first time you MUST REMEMBER to do this and let your body get acclamated... I forgot to lay down and My husband helped me remove my garment to bath me on the next day, before my follow up, and I steped into the bath tub,and fainted.. LUCKY me I had my husband right there to catch me, I even urinated while I was out, he said about ten seconds...but he was freaked out... be careful not to get hurt, I discussed it with my MD he said it does happen only the first time you remove the garment, too much blood circulating all at once to your procedure areas..get light headed, but over all I feel very happy. Last night, my sleep was very light, sore on the stomach and sides of course I cant sleep on my back, my elbows are raw from the sheets and trying to get comfortable,

Good Morning 3rd day post op.. Last night was a...

Good Morning 3rd day post op..
Last night was a little better falling asleep, I must say that its very hard to rest... at 3am I moved to a comfy chair and kneeled on it and over it to try another position it helped..I also started yesterday on water pills, to help my swelling, so today I look and feel better thank God, everyday will get better, I have a drain hooked to my stomach for 7 days, and after I get massaged,,,I start to drain again, and feels so good afterwards. I believe that the lymphatic massages are a very important part of the surgery, I know people that have done surgery and they all swear by them, it helps a speedy recovery, keep in mind the cost associated because you will need at least 10, I am signed up for 15...I hired a professional massuse, since I can't drive she comes to me, with all her stuff... I dont want to ruin my doctors work nor lose my money, time and hard sacrafice to my recovery, the compression garment is ULTRA important as need to wear that thing like a second skin is important, cause if it doesnt fit right it can crease and fold... there is a foam you can get at Joanns Fabric you cut to your size as needed to make sure you cover all the edges of he garment so it wont crease you up the lady that massages you will help you put on your garment and stuff you up also there is a board to put in front of your stomach on the inside all this you get use to and you wont feel it.
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I am into artwork and I love how he works, lately I have heard alot of women going to him, his prices are fair, he has 2 offices I went to the office in Miramar it is imaculate very pleasent ambient.

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