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After turning 30, my body has changed and seems...

After turning 30, my body has changed and seems like gravity is taking over. I've always been thick which I love but now it's turned to chubby. I'm obsessed with looking at b4 and after pics of bbl's which made me do a lot of research. I love the results from Doctors in DR however there are many risks associated with it and also some of the results in my opinion are a little excessive (to each its own). Upon my research I found Dr Cesar Velilla. I love his work, price is reasonable and since he studied/graduated in Colombia, I feel he understands the Latina body. But what really sold me is that he performs surgery under local anesthesia!! I've never had surgery before so the thought of general anesthesia freaks me out. I sent a email with pics to evolution md out of curiosity of what the Doctor would recommend for me and I received such a prompt response It kind of freaked me out. I didn't think I would get a fast response and didn't think I had the guts to ever do a bbl but here I am now lol. I've been communicating via email with Carmela (virtual consultant) and she's so sweet and patient with me. I've changed the surgery date I believe twice because I found better air flight deals and she has been very understanding and accommodating. This website has been so informative and I appreciate those who keep a journal of their journey to surgery so I want to do the same. I will post before pics later on and try to update my journey as I go along
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