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After turning 30, my body has changed and seems...

After turning 30, my body has changed and seems like gravity is taking over. I've always been thick which I love but now it's turned to chubby. I'm obsessed with looking at b4 and after pics of bbl's which made me do a lot of research. I love the results from Doctors in DR however there are many risks associated with it and also some of the results in my opinion are a little excessive (to each its own). Upon my research I found Dr Cesar Velilla. I love his work, price is reasonable and since he studied/graduated in Colombia, I feel he understands the Latina body. But what really sold me is that he performs surgery under local anesthesia!! I've never had surgery before so the thought of general anesthesia freaks me out. I sent a email with pics to evolution md out of curiosity of what the Doctor would recommend for me and I received such a prompt response It kind of freaked me out. I didn't think I would get a fast response and didn't think I had the guts to ever do a bbl but here I am now lol. I've been communicating via email with Carmela (virtual consultant) and she's so sweet and patient with me. I've changed the surgery date I believe twice because I found better air flight deals and she has been very understanding and accommodating. This website has been so informative and I appreciate those who keep a journal of their journey to surgery so I want to do the same. I will post before pics later on and try to update my journey as I go along

Booty Pillow vs Boppy

Can anyone shed light on which is better? I don't want to pay $90 for a booty pillow when a boppy can work just as well

flight purchased and hotel booked

Thank God for google flights!! I was able to purchase 2 round trip tickets (my bff will be my support buddy) from lga to Mia for $270 altogether!! What's killing me is the hotel prices.. so expensive!! Found a 3 star hotel for $900 for 1 week .. not happy at all

Before pics and wish pics

Ugh this is the most embarrassing part but I appreciate those who were honest on here with there journey and candid pics so I must do the same. Starting December I will get on my grind and start dieting. I want to lose 15-20 pounds for better results.

Bummer out....Not Sure about Dr Velilla

I got a call Friday by the Doctors office saying they had to change my surgery date because the Dr will be out the country. Problem is I bought my plane tickets and booked a hotel already!!! They said they inform all Patients not to book any flights until the surgical coordinator confirms however I never got that memo. I even changed the date twice cuz I found better flight deals and there response was "no problem". Now I have to pay extra for the flight difference for a different day. Now I'm having second thoughts :(


Just found a great deal on Groupon for lymphatic massages.. I will definitely purchase!! Dr Velilla's office charges $70 for each massage. I can get 3 for $89

On a plane

Hey everyone it's been awhile since my last update. I'm flying to Miami as I'm posting this. Thank God my lab work was normal and communication with Evolution MD has been smooth and on point. My Coordinator Carmela is awesome. I'm scheduled for the 27th (bbl local anesthesia). My emotions are up and down. One minute I'm calm the next I get extremely anxious. I'll definitely keep you all up to date.. prayers from all are much appreciated.. thanks

Preop Visit

Went this morning for my preop appointment. Staff was very friendly.. Monday is the big day

Surgery- DONE

Let me start off by saying EVERYONE at Evolution MD was AMAZING. I was a little star struck seeing Dr Velilla. A few reviews say he is not personable which in my opinion was COMPLETELY opposite!! Very pleasant, sat down and spoke with me and thoroughly explained local anesthesia. So let's talk about that... if it wasn't cuz I didn't tell my family I was having surgery, I would of definitely did general anesthesia. Dr Velilla did warn me that I would definitely feel discomfort and women who never had children (which is me) can barely tolerate it. I told him I can tolerate pain. They gave me My medications right before the procedure and brought me in. At that point I was basically in and out but I could pretty much feel everything. The pain is tolerable but none the less THERE'S PAIN. There was a nurse there who I wished I remembered her name but again I was in and out. She kept holding my hand and rubbing my arms telling me I'm doing real good. What is not so pleasant is laying on your stomach mostly all day. I'm a VERY independent woman so to have to rely on someone to help me dress, shower and take medications is something I'm not use to buy my bff has been great helping me.

1 Week Post Op

Recovery SUCKS!! I hate having to lay on my stomach all day since I can't sit on my bum. But so far I'm pleased with the results. Will post pics soon

Massages at LaRealSpa

Massages are hell in my opinion but so necessary!! I searched for awhile and found LaRealSpa in Queens. Many asked why would I travel so far if there's a few places in the Bronx? I'm willing to travel as far as I can go if the work is great. Stephanie at LaRealSpa is FANTASTIC. She genuinely cares for your well being and recovery. She is very personable and her hands are really blessed by God. She's not one of those who are counting the minutes until the massage is over and quickly calls the next client in. She takes her time in her craft. Her IG is @larealspa for more info

Before and after

I love my results ..


Another update

2 Months Post Op

Bruises on my thighs are from the wood therapy ... but loving my results so far

4 months post op

I couldn't be happier with my results.. in the beginning phases I was in total regret since recovery wasn't the easiest (which everyone told me I would feel this way) but now I realize it was so worth it!! I'm always recommending someone to Dr Velilla!!
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