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I've always wanted rhinoplasty. I don't remember...

I've always wanted rhinoplasty. I don't remember the first time someone told me my nose was "large", but it's happened throughout my life. In jr high....even as recently as my sister in law telling me she hopes her kids don't get my nose. Not sure why people are so insensitive? I would never think to say such a thing to anyone about a physical attribute. My brother always teased me too....that my nose was large (not that his isn't as well). Some people think I'm crazy for getting a nose job...that they think my nose is fine, but it's something I really want at this stage in my life and honestly I'm doing this for ME! It's something I've always wanted and I can't wait!

I'll post pre-surgery pictures soon, but basically I just want a small hump removed and the length shortened to make it more feminine.

I only had two consults before booking my appointment. The first one went well, but in addition to removing the hump and shortening the length, the doctor wanted to operate on the tip. I really didn't understand this as I actually don't mind a straight on look at my nose. So why should I modify the tip? The second doctor told me what he thought should be done to my nose and before I could even ask his thoughts on the tip he said, "I think we should leave the tip alone...proportionally it's fine....". I really liked his more conservative nature in regards to the surgery and I liked that he was most concerned with keeping it natural!! So I cancelled what was to be my third consult and booked my surgery. I also really liked the office staff and the fact that my friend's mom had rhinoplasty there and highly recommended it.

So I'm very excited for next Friday!! I took that day off (obviously), as well as the entire following week. I hope that's enough time for most of the bruising to be gone! I'm a bruiser!! :) but I bought Arnica and Bromelain to help (per all the great posts on this site!)

I am feeling a little under the weather and a few people came into work with a cold so I'm hoping I didn't catch anything!! My pre op physical is next Wednesday and font want to be sick!! Drinking lots of water, getting extra sleep and convincing myself I am not getting sick.... :)

Less than a week....

So I've been fighting a cold since Wednesday....achy, sneezing, stuffy/runny nose....my worst fear has been that I'd develop a cough because that would probably mean a postponed surgery date (my coughs can be brutal and they last for weeks). Well, after trying every "natural" cure I could find on the internet (because there's a lot of stuff I can't take so close to surgery - ie anything with pseudophedrine, ibuprofen, aspirin), I think I'll be ok!! No cough has developed and I'm feeling so much better than yesterday and the day before!!! I swear that the horrible concoction of apple cider vinegar, lemon, cayenne pepper and honey did the trick....! :)

I did start taking arnica tablets and developed a rash on my arms?? I read that rash is a side effect of arnica for some people. I'm going to stop taking it until a couple days before surgery. Did anyone else have this reaction??

Bought a memory foam neck pillow on Amazon...love it!

I'll try to post some before pics here in the next couple days.

All done!

Yesterday was surgery day! It went well! Went into the OR at about 9:45am and surgery was finished at about 11:15. I was not really nervous at all....more excited than anything.

I was surprised I could breath through my nose when I woke up! I had a splint on and a drip pad underneath. I wasn't bleeding a lot and I had no pain at all yesterday! I felt much worse last week when I was fighting a head cold!! The doctor came in post surgery and said everything when great and that I could come back Wednesday to have the splint removed. I was originally told I'd have to wait until Friday (a full week), so this was good news!! He said I might have to wear tape over my nose for a couple days afterwards, but he wouldn't know until the splint is off.

I was given a prescription for antibiotics and Vicodin and sent home.

Today I still don't have any pain, although I have been taking the lowest dose of Vicodin just in case (will stop tomorrow). I am just very tired and have been sleeping a lot. (I bought this great memory foam neck pillow on Amazon.com....wouldn't be able to sleep without it, as it's hard for me to sleep upright.). My nose sometimes itches under the splint...which can be bothersome, and my nose is very stuffy today, so it's true you need a good lip balm or Vaseline, as my lips are constantly dry from mouth breathing. I've also been very thirsty....so drinking a lot of fluids.

My eyes are bruised and swollen...mostly inside by the bridge of my nose. Also, the area surrounding my nose is swollen....I imagine my entire nose is swollen under the splint though. Interestingly, the bruising has gone down a lot since yesterday? Might be the arnica and Bromelain. Taking both orally and also have an arnica cream I'm dabbing on gently.

I will post another update tomorrow. I also have been taking photos, but I'm really trying to stay anonymous so struggling with this a bit.
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