30 Years Old - Gynecomastia - Procedure Date Set

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I am 30 years old and have had gynecomastia for...

I am 30 years old and have had gynecomastia for much of my life. I was a heavy child and through my mid-teens. Over a summer, I lost a significant amount of weight, and saw a reduction in mass almost everywhere on my body, except for my chest.

Like many, I have avoided any activities that involve me taking off my shirt. I never went to the pool or beaches and always found a reason to keep covered. I never wear T-shirts or any clothing that couldn't hide my condition. I slouch my shoulders forward subconsciously to try and hide the condition too. This has started to affect my back and cause some discomfort.

I finally decided to get this procedure because I finally have the financial means to do it. If I was able to, I would have had this done much earlier in my life. I'm really hoping that I can finally be comfortable in my own skin.

I did not think of sharing my experience until I began researching surgeons and was looking for honest opinions of their work. I was surprised and reassured to see that others had the same condition and were looking for a solution. I hope that by sharing my story, before and after the operation, it will help someone else looking to make a decision.

My operation is scheduled for November 4th. I have my pre-op physical tomorrow, which should be the last doctor's visit I have before the surgery. I do not have any before photos of myself, but I will be sure to post them when I do.


Pre-Op Physical Next Day


The pre-op physical went well. No issues and I have been cleared for the operation. Now I'm just counting down the days until the surgery.

Both the pre-op physical and pre-op surgery visit gives lots of information about what to do in preparation for the surgery. They ask you to stop supplements and eat healthy before the operation. Nothing too crazy or out of the ordinary.

Recovery is about 6 weeks. They recommend not working out/hitting the gym or doing anything that causes stress or makes you sweat. Heat causes the body to swell up which may get in the way of healing. So, I'm trying to get all my workouts in now before I am forced to take 2 months off.

I have to call the plastic surgeon's office and finish paying for the operation. Besides that, just living my life, staying healthy and counting down the days!


Procedure Day


Procedure day was pretty exciting and scary. Not sure if you can ever get prepared fully.

My wife and I got to Abbot Northwestern early to find parking and to find the surgery center. We checked in and after a few minutes, they called me back to the room. I put on the gown and packed away all my clothes, and they put the IV in me.

While waiting, the CRNA, Anesthesiologist and Plastic Surgeon all came in and went checked to make sure it was me and the procedure I was having. I had an opportunity to ask the surgeon some last questions before the operation as well.

Just a side note, the staff at Abbot Northwestern are very nice. They were patient, courteous and very professional throughout my entire stay.

The procedure went well. They removed breast tissue and did liposuction as well. Unfortunately, I had drains put in me, so that was a bit of an adjustment. I would describe the pain like a very heavy workout. I feel the stitches occasionally, but that pain goes away. The drains were the most uncomfortable aspect. I was always worried they would catch on something and get pulled on or ripped out.

After 30 minutes of getting my wits about me, they helped me get dressed and headed home. Recovery has been a lot more difficult than expected, but going well.

More posts to come later.

3 Week Recovery Update


I am 3 weeks into recovery and I am already really happy that I underwent the procedure.

I had my drains removed 5 days after the operation. That was a painful experience, at least for me, others have said it wasn't a big issue. The doctor had to cut some stitches and make it easy for them to be removed. That was pretty painful. Then when the drains were pulled out, that was a type of pain that I have never felt before. I had about a 7-8 inch section of the drain in me through my armpit. After they were removed, I just had gauze on the entries for about 3 days.

I wear the compression vest 24/7. I take it off for showers in the morning and that is pretty much it. When I left the hospital, they had these foam pads over my chest, I used those for about two weeks until my second follow up appointment.

Everything is healing well. My left side looks perfect, good contouring with everything and there is little scar tissue and swelling. My right side is more swollen. There is a hard scar tissue mass under the incision. I have been massaging the area and it seems to be going down.

My range of motion is getting better. The only thing that I am still getting used to is when I lift my arms all the way up or use my chest muscles. Doing these things tends to pucker my nipple and I think my body is still healing and getting used to the changes.

More posts to come later.

PreOp Photos


Some PreOp photos of myself.

Recovery Photos


Photos during recovery.

I have my 6 week appointment this week and will have one more "final" recovery photo to post!
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