Body Lift!! Yes!

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I'm doing it! Lower body lift and breast lift...

I'm doing it! Lower body lift and breast lift is scheduled for this fall. Doc review when surgeries are completed.

I have been reading up on seroma and how to best...

I have been reading up on seroma and how to best be prepared for this dramatic surgery. I came across this book and just read the free highlights. It is so very informative.

For me personally, I've learned from this great site Real Self and the book listed below (which is actually a medical book), that the lower BMI, the less likely for complications after surgery. That proper protein and nutrients before and after surgery can impact the surgery and recovery and would healing. That a lower BMI prior to surgery can help reduce the occurrence of seroma and the problem with stitches opening up, but doesn't guarantee it.

Elevated BMI has been reported to impact dehiscence (wound dehiscence is a surgical complication in which a wound breaks open along surgical suture). And, gaining or losing weight after surgery will impact the results dramatically. Oh, also, I like that the surgeon I've chosen uses anesthesia that helps with post surgery nausea and vomiting. In fact, this book called the sickness after surgery the 'big "little" problem.' The problem is that with lower body lift or tummy tuck throwing up can cause not only pain, but obviously potential separation of the stitches.

So, I'm ready to rock and I think. Like most, or not all, of us on this site, we want to be informed patients.

I'm 5'2" and 170 pounds down from 240/225/205 and now for the last few months 170. It's time to focus and get to 130. I'd like to get there by the end of August and maintain that weight prior to surgery for a few months. As I told my friend, I know how to stay at 170. Now I need to figure out how to get to and stay at 130.

This is an expensive surgery: financially and emotionally. This could be life-changing and a very positive experience if I am prepared physically and emotionally. I'm preparing to have a lengthy recovery. I'm preparing to have realistic expectations. I'm preparing to say good bye to the shaming body of my past.


I'll keep you posted.

I'm excited about my future lower body lift with...

I'm excited about my future lower body lift with breast lift and augmentation. I'm grateful that I am 6 months away from surgery. There is so much info and preparation. I have found that my weight loss has been like it always has been, put off by this or that. I'm still working out, but need to focus on input. How can I expect to spend all this money on a body that isn't at the ideal weight? I would feel such huge regret going into surgery not at idea weight, and having had maintained it for 2 months. That's the plan.

Fear is a motivator for me actually. I've read about how some people a. didn't lose all the weight prior to a LBL and when they did, after surgery, it almost made the surgery a failure because they developed the same problems...albeit at a new weight, but hanging skin. Or, people gain weight after surgery and they look freaky. I don't want to be in either of those categories.

Today I reassert myself to be ready for surgery: not just the educational variety, but real life...weight loss. Grateful for the opp to make the changes. I really am. Grateful for the time to prepare.
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