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After wanting it since puberty, I have finally...

After wanting it since puberty, I have finally decided to pursue getting a breast reduction. I'm ready to end the years of emotional and physical pain. Although I measure 32G or bigger, I wear 36dd/ddd bras which fit comfortably enough but cannot make up for that my chest is far too big for my frame. I have my consultation scheduled and will update as my journey continues.

Consultation to surgery too quick?

Hi! So, time for an update! I had my consultation with Dr. Kayan on Tuesday. We made the decision to bypass insurance based on my time constraints, and it's going to end up being about 5800. I might have chosen to go through insurance instead, BUT, there was actually an opening for BR on Monday, May 2nd, which is only a few weeks away. The timing couldn't be more perfect. I'm super excited but having a few doubts, which I think is normal. I've wanting this for so long that it just seems super unreal that it's actually happening.

Current boob pic.

JUST KIDDING about having a surgery date...

So during my last update I explained that I'd decided to bypass insurance, meaning I could have surgery on May 2nd. WELL, that's changed. I'm on my parents insurance and we decided that going through insurance is ultimately a better choice because we're closer to our crazy high deductible than we thought. It's a little frustrating because I'm looking to start a new job in June and wanted to be well enough to not have to take any time off, but we'll see. I'm also flying to Chicago for a concert at the end of May. Ideally I'd like to have the surgery right after I get back from Chicago, but of course now it all depends on insurance....

So now it's a waiting game, I guess! To pass the time I'm going to make a post of what my chest looks like in bras of different sizes.

Insurance APPROVED and DATE SET!!! :)

GREAT NEWS, everyone! While I was driving my mother and I down to visit her parents for mother's day, I got a call from my PS's office saying that insurance approved my BR! They denied it once because the pictures didn't fax correctly, but once they received a second copy in the mail, they approved it! I'm so excited. We were able to schedule the surgery for May 24th, which is only in a few weeks, so I'm very excited! I have my pre-op visit this Thursday.

I'm trying to amp up my healthy-habits because the surgery is only a few weeks away, so I've decided to cut out alcohol after tonight (so it'll be none for 2 weeks before the surgery) and stop drinking coffee a week before. I generally eat pretty well, but I'm going to cut out my occasional binges on chips, my weakness.

I'm also putting together a shopping list for things to by before the surgery. Any suggestions/advice? :)

Pre-op appointment and bra buying!

Hey, everyone!

I had my pre-op appointment earlier this week. Got a physical, and pictures taken. I'm glad that in college my friends and I were so pro-nudity, I was involved with some nude modeling, etc. Really makes taking my shirt off for doctors so often a lot more comfortable, haha. In any case, I'm excited to soon be showing off much smaller breasts!

My doctor was very kind and informative. AND she said that my surgery is unlikely to affect my tattoo (a few words on my ribs) which is great! Not only that, but she said it would be ok to go to the tattoo appt I have scheduled for 20 days after my surgery.

My mother came along for the appt because she's going to be doing aftercare, which was very nice for both of us. We and my doctor decided it would be make sense to stay over in a hotel next to the surgery site the night after surgery to get my drains taken out. This was decided because I live about 1.5 hours away from my surgeon (country livin, whoo!).

Right now I'm just really excited! I ordered a bunch of bras this morning for recovery (genie bras, a surgery bra, etc) which made it seem very real. Can't believe my surgery is in 9 days!!! In the meantime I'm going to be busy gardening, and then I'm going to Chicago for the weekend to see some friends. Flying back to Mpls Sunday, one day to take care of errands, then surgery Tuesday! I can't wait!

Out of surgery!!

Hi everyone!! I got up around four this morning to get to the hospital in time. Things are a bit of a blur, but I wanted to post a quick update before a longer one once I'm home. We (mom and I) decided to stay in a hotel so I can get my drains out tomm without having to drive the 1.5 hrs home and back. Oh country livnng!! Anyway, I was pretty groggy after waking up, buttt no nausea!! After napping on and off and eating a sandwich and chips, I feel much better. I've been taking one oxy every few hours as needed. I'm surprised that I'm not in more pain!

I stole a glance under th3 ace. Surprisingly small bruising at lipo areas. Areolas a littl smaller than I wanted, but doc says they'll stretch out. Oh, and I posted on fb that I got this done and it turns out an old classmate of mine had a BR a week ago! Small world!

That's about all for now. I wish you all the best!! Sorry for any typos, not up for proof reading just yet. :)

Post-op, feeling good!

Hello, everyone! I got home yesterday after getting my drains out, and have been relaxing constantly save for a few really short walks around the yard to get some fresh air. I want to write a detailed description of the day of surgery, but I honestly don't remember it as well as I thought I would. I will say this, the staff at the hospital was AMAZING. I felt completely safe and comfortable, not nervous at all!

I got my drains taken out the next day, and to my surprise it didn't hurt at all! I was then wrapped up in a new ace wrap. Then today, I decided to change into a surgical bra, which turned out to be a great call. The ace wrap was too tight, this is much more comfortable.

When I changed, I got a good look at my chest for the first time, and I'm pleased! I wish that they were a little smaller, but hopefully they'll get smaller as the swelling goes down. One of my biggest concerns was that my areolas would turn out too small, and I do wish they were a little bigger, but beggars can't be choosers AND my doctor said they would naturally stretch out over time.

Tomorrow I'm going to try to shower, so we'll see how that goes.

Lots of bruising, first shower, and first bowel movement!

Warning: this update contains poop talk.

So, today was a big day! Although I'd taken milk of magnesia twice and been drinking loads of water, I had not yet had a bowel movement. Today after drinking 3 cups of coffee and taking a walk didn't work, I took a suppository. Not my proudest moment, but twenty minutes later the flood gates opened. It was quite a shock to my gastric system, and I had an upset stomach for most of the afternoon.

I also showered today, which went pretty well. It was very disconcerting having my breasts out for that long, especially because they're still rather numb. I noticed that a TON of bruising has shown up overnight, but that's normal so I'm not too worried. There's also a small dark spot on one of my nipples, but I don't think it's anything to worry about. If it gets much worse I'll ask my doctor, but I showed my mother (a nurse) pictures and she wasn't concerned, so neither am I.

More updates to come!

One week appointment, a few days late!

Hi, everyone! So I'm now about a week and a half post op, and feeling pretty good. I had my one week appointment on Wednesday, and it went really well. My doctor was surprised when I said I was already stir-crazy. I guess it takes most people a couple of weeks, but I'm a country girl and it's hard to stay put during such a busy time of year, haha. Everything looks good, according to her! The dark patch on my right areola is nothing to worry about, whoo hoo!

I still don't have any feeling in either areola/nipple, but they can both harden, so my doctor isn't worried. I didn't have much feeling in them before, and got anxious when they were stimulated, so I don't really care either way as long as they're alive and healthy.

I got ok'd to switch from tylenol to ibuprofen, which was a GAME CHANGER. At least half of the painful swelling on my ribcage from lipo went away overnight. Thankfully, I'm actually able to get through the day with barely any pain. I almost feel back to normal, and it's difficult to remember that I have to hold back.

I still have a lot of bruising, but everything is getting easier, from showering to getting things done around the house. Let me know if you have any questions!

One Month Pics (belated)

Hey all! Sorry for not updating, life has been nuts! Here are some pics from one month ps. Will post more recent ones soon. At one month I still had a lot of swelling and some signs of dog earring. Much better now. :)
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