Bikini Time!

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I had gastric bypass in September 2006, and lost...

I had gastric bypass in September 2006, and lost 110 pounds, which I have successfully kept off. I was a fit child and teen, but two c-sections and a back surgery led to weight gain that I never seemed to be able to get off. That weight loss was great, but left me with a bunch of excess skin in my abdomen that just won't go away, and I still get the "pregnant" questions, even though I am 46 and my kids are 29 and 20. I can't wait for the belly to be gone! Luckily my thighs, hips and arms are trim!

One week to go! Yikes!!

Counting down, surgery is next Monday. I spent the weekend grocery shopping, cleaning, etc. to get stuff ready. I am having surgery on my right wrist Friday morning, and that recovery will be 2-3 weeks off work and about 3 months total. I decided to schedule the TT at the same time since I will be off work anyhow, and I can collect disability pay for the wrist surgery. It was basically now or never, as I don't anticipate being able to take another 2-3 weeks off anytime soon. I hope it won't be too much to recover from at once. Luckily my 20 year old son works 2nd shift and does online college (still lives at home) so he will be here much of the time hubby is at work in case I need help.

I will try to get some before photos added sometime this week.

Before and after weight loss photo

I am a roller figure skater. My costume has shape wear built in, so the extra skin is fairly well hidden!

Preop photos

Not such great pix but I'm not so good at taking them myself. The front view is a bit from below looking up. Hoping this all goes away!

One down, one to go!

Wrist surgery went well. More damage than the MD expected but he was happy with the repairs he was able to make. Had some nausea and dry heaves post op but they went away pretty quickly. Percocet is controlling the pain well but makes me a bit itchy. Monday is the TT!!

Post op Day 1

I can get in and out of the recliner myself and get to the bathroom and kitchen. Percocet helps the pain but doesn't eliminate it. Leaving in a bit for wrist surgery postop and will hopefully get the cast off and move to a sling. Can't do the drains myself due to the wrist so hubby and son are doing them. Very swollen and bruised! Feel like I was hit by a truck. Have coughed a few times and even hugging a pillow it really hurts!

Day 5 update

Thankfully days 4 and 5 have been better. Saw PS day 4 and he is very pleased with everything thus far. I am to call in Wednesday morning with drain totals and they will be removed Wednesday or Friday depending on the numbers. Today, day 5 I finally pooped. It took several "sessions" over a few hours and the first two were painful. The third was easier. I guess all the senekot and milk of magnesia was still not enough.

I posted a few pictures. Very bruised and swollen.

Day 12, improving day by day

I had one drain removed yesterday, hopefully the other will come out Wednesday. These darn things are so hard to dress around! I also went out on a dinner date with hubby and bought a bit of new makeup! One more week off work, go back 10/14, thanks to the wrist surgeon. I appreciate the extra recovery time, as I still tire quickly. I take pain pills infrequently, usually a few Advil during the day is enough. MD approved that last week. He is thrilled with the healing, but indicated I am still very swollen and will likely be for at least 2 more months due to the large amount of muscle repair and lipo. However, I feel pretty good about how things are looking already. It is so weird to look down and not see any rolls or bulges. I already fit in my jeans but haven't worn them due to the drains. I actually look like I have a bit of a butt now that the big belly is gone, I always thought I was completely flat back there! Who knows, maybe I am strange but trying to look at the positives. I still feel a bit guilty, but hubby keeps telling me I am worth it and earned this by losing all the weight I did. I'm gonna go with that! I told him yesterday that I am now the trophy wife, but he is the trophy. He liked that too! He really is a keeper, so loving and supportive. I am very blessed!

Drain #2 is GONE!

Saw PS today and he removed my other drain, YAY! He also said I don't need to wear the binder anymore, I can switch to spanx during the day and even nothing at night if I want. Everything is healing great and all stitches are dissolvable. I got some scar treatment gel from his office, and I can start using that also. I go back in a month, which will be 6 1/2 weeks postop. I go back to work Monday (3 weeks postop) so I am glad to be in spanx, as it will be easier to dress. I tried on my jeans the other day, and they buttoned over the binder, so I'm sure my work clothes will fit! He said he removed 7 pounds of skin and 2 pounds or so more via lipo. I knew I had a mess of excess there! Before my weight loss I literally carried all my fat in my belly, so that's where all the excess skin ended up too. I went to Victoria's Secret today and bought a cute pair of leggings and matching top to wear while lounging and exercising, and also for skate practice. I hope to be back skating by the end of the month. My daughter is coming over to color my hair and cut it tonight. I'm very lucky to have a daughter that's a skilled professional stylist! Maybe tomorrow I'll go for a mani/pedi.

Three Weeks, Back To Work

Well, I went back to work today, three weeks post-op. I did okay overall. I was sore and swollen by the end of the day, feeling a bit sausage-like. I came home and did some icing which helped. I took only Advil, but will take a pain pill at bedtime. I will add some pictures sometime this week.

Another milestone!

Today I hit the 120 pounds lost milestone. If I lose 10 more I will be at a normal BMI for the first time since I was a teenager. I'm not sure if I will hit that or not. I am surprised that I have lost weight with as swollen as I still look and feel in certain areas, but my pants are getting big. My appetite is still not back yet, so I make sure to have a high protein shake daily along with the boatload of vitamins I need to take due to the gastric bypass. I don't absorb nutrients quite the same anymore and need to supplement.

6 1/2 weeks postop photos

Here are some new photos. My first bikini in at least 25 years, probably closer to 30. I am much flatter in the morning, but hubby was anxious for me to model my new purchase! :o)
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