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I am three weeks out from my procedure, and I...

I am three weeks out from my procedure, and I apologize that I haven't posted anything but comments on other reviewers' posts. I feel like it's important though, since we are all such "early adopters" of Kybella, to add my experience to the list. The actual injections were not really painful, but I was surprised and alarmed at the amount of swelling, and, for me anyway, how long the swelling has lasted. I really do not feel like I am back to where I was before, and there is still some lingering numbness and tenderness. I am generally a slow healer, so I remain hopeful that I will begin to see some improvement (or at least get back to where I was!), but I do think it's important that people know that they may be in for more swelling than what the doctors lead us to believe. Most of the doctors on this website said the swelling would be gone in a matter of a few days, and that has definitely NOT been the case with me at all. I'll continue to post on my progress and am keeping my fingers crossed that I will have something positive to report soon!

Three week profile shot

Here's a pic from three weeks out. I apologize that I haven't posted any previous pictures, but trust me when I tell you that this is NOT an improvement over where I was before.

One month out

hi there, here's a photo of my profile from four weeks out. I don't really see much of a difference, and what little I can see can frankly be attributed to different lighting. It still feels numb, although not as bad, and also a little lumpy.

Five weeks out

I'm currently about 6 1/2 weeks out from my original set of injections. I feel like I still have a little bit of a waddle there that is a tiny bit numb and lumpy. So far I am not feeling improved over how I was prior to the injections. I have my second treatment next week and I will be very interested to see what the doctor thinks. She has my "before" photos so that will give me a better point of comparison to see if there has actually has been some improvement.

Seven weeks out

Not sure I still notice much of a difference. My second set of injections is next week so preparing myself mentally for the neck bloat. Lovely.

Just had second set of injections

Saw my dr yesterday for my second round; swollen today but it's either not as bad or I've decided I don't care. I wasn't sure there had been much of an improvement and said so to the assistant, but she took pics and then showed me the before and after, and there's definitely been an improvement. I think the progress is slower than any of us would like but I also think that it's harder for us to see on ourselves because we're looking at it every day. The assistant said she had seen lots of people come in after their first set and every one had made progress. I expect that in about 8-10 weeks I'll see where things shake out and decide if I want to go for a third treatment. My dr had a special of $1700 for the first two, so if I get another, I would hope it would be in the $850 range again.

After second treatment

It's been almost two months since I had my second treatment, and the swelling was much less and lasted a much shorter time than after the first round. I wasn't nearly as self-conscious. I am very happy with the results at this point and there's a chance I'll continue to improve even a bit more. The jury's out on whether I'll go for a third treatment-I'm never going to have one of those super defined jawlines and this may be as good as I can get with Kybella. If that's the case, I'm still happy I did it and feel like it was worth the money and the hassle.
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