27 Yr Old with Hereditary Chin Fat - Milwaukee, WI

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I workout often and have forever had a slight...

I workout often and have forever had a slight double chin. I didnt think I needed a drastic procedure like lipo. Additionally, surgery would be a hassle for me at this point in my life so i took a GIANT leap on a procedure with reviews that look like they are not from actual clients. I just had the procedure today and felt very comfortable. Getting numbed with needles prior to actual acid injections was the worst but definitely not that bad. Procedure did not take long and i had stinging at site of injection. As you can see, my neck fat appears decreased in the before photo. This is because after injections you are most likely to swell up, and yep I sure did. I was told the swelling will be the worst the day right after and from there on will decrease. My next injections are September 29th-2 months from now. $1700 for 2 rounds. I expect questions but may or may not reply to some as I am a private person. Right now I am unsure if this product works. I tried lipo laser (see other review) and can tell you that is a total waste of money. Fingers crossed!

Day 2

Not much to update. I am still swollen and neck is painful to the touch. I think a good time to do this procedure would be in the fall or winter when you can wear a scarf to hide the bruising and swelling. I definitely do not feel as a ttractive as I did before the procedure but will wait for swelling to go down. I have been using an ice pack off and on. My pain level is minimal and more of a discomfort. I may be able to get away with wearing a light scarf in this hot weather.

Day 3

The swelling has not yet gone done. Some of the numbing agent has worn off and occasionally my neck will feel itchy/tingly. Although it is allowed, I havent taken any tylenol or benadryl. So far, the bruising is very subtle and can be covered with makeup. I forgot to add from previous posts I have been able to go to work and carry on with my day as usual. However, I haven't been running outdoors as usual. My neck does feel slightly heavy and not sure how that would affect my breathing while running in the heat. Exercise was given an OK after 24hrs post procedure.

Day 4

Unfortunately i noticed that one other reviewer of kybella on here has an instagram photo of herself injecting another person with Kybella. This is causing me to doubt the tx especially since her before pic looks a lot like how my neck looks now AFTER the injections...so kinda like having the neck swollen by kybella then once swelling goes down saying kybella improved it. Hmmm. Feeling doubtful :(

Day 5-swelling worse?

It looks like I will be wearing a scarf for a while, despite the heat. In my opinion, it looks like the swelling is greater than immediately after treatment.

Day 6

My chin/neck area is feeling more normal today, i.e. not jiggling when I walk. I may venture out and go for a run tomorrow. When i touch the neck area, it is numb and luckily it has not been itching-which is can be a side effect. The swelling itself has not yet gone down. I will most likely post a new photo on Thursday which will be a week since the procedure.

Week after Kybella

It looks like some of the swelling has gone down but chin still fleshy-like. The area itself is feeling less numb-hooray. Went for a walk today and ran for only a few minutes as it felt a bit weird and almost more difficult to control my breathing. Although I was self-conscious I had to get some cardio in to boost my mood. Id also recommend if you're a runner like me, to avoid scheduling any marathons! Also, i have some noxema on in the last pic from tonight-sorry!

12 days post

My neck still has some numbness and hard lumps. As far as definition and amount of swelling I dont see much of a difference since last post but will put up a picture anyways. Also I just saw the procedure on Kathy Lee and Hoda-unfortunately they didnt show guests how much you swell up. I think people really need to be aware of that-my swelling peaked day 5 as you can see from photos. Glad I at least dont have the bull frog look anymore!

2 weeks post

The hard lumps in my throat/neck have decreased. Still some numbness but mostly gone. My profile is now closer to its original state.

Back to "normal"

Pretty much back to my original state. About 90% numb free but still some small bumps.

Why does RS say Kybella has 100% worth it rating?

Based on the few other profiles with kybella reviews, none have actually stated that kybella was a success for them (at least non suspicious profiles). This is frustrating.
Anyways, I am exactly the same as 6 days ago. Neck looks the same which renders my chin looking weak. If i take my sharp finger nail and press it right under my chin-i feel nothing. Yep still numb directly under my chin.

One month Post

Here are 2 photos from today. The straight on shot is what im "okay" with but the second photo is of my profile on the side with me slightly turning to the right. This is what I mean by lack of definition. Looking forward to my chin implant consult in a few weeks!

Good news bad news

Bad news is that I went to have a chin implant consult today and was told I did not need one because i have a strong chin and if it extended further id lose balance of my face. Why is that bad? Well the real issue is with the slope of my neck...the different surgeon at my consult today told me that my voice box is what creates the angled slope i disliked and theres nothing he can do with that. What does this have to do with my Kybella treatment? He informed me that results may actually take up to 6 months so the pocket of flesh im worried about may go away. Thats the good part :) so theres still hope for kybella my fellow pioneers!

2 months before and After

Went in for my second treatment today after 2months post from initial injections. I was given before and after photos and could see the difference. I also took some with my cellphone. Now after round 2 of injections, I am once again swollen but feel confident and not nervous compared to 2 months ago! It will be interesting to see those photos of people who have more neck fat initially and what results they have. Pretty pleased at this point.

Looking down and no double chin

About 17 days after second injection. No more swelling a little tingly and numb still as experienced in round one.

2 months post 2nd Kybella treatment

Hi All, After 2 rounds of injections my Kybella journey comes to a close. Throughout the 4 months I continued my regular exercise routine but also quit snacking and lost 14lbs. Im positive weight loss had little to do with the results as ive had fatty neck even at 115lbs. Happy with my results and wish everyone else luck on their journeys.

Before any Kybella vs. After 4months and 2 rounds of injections

Before and Final

Still Effective!

I had some private messages asking if the fat beneath my neck has come back-nope! Still defined post-kybella:)
Dr. Bonness

I was not going to write a review until the second round of Kybella treatment but after going to another facility for a different consult I have to say that Dr. Bonness in Brookfield runs a friendly and welcoming environment. Her staff make you feel at ease and are genuinely concerned with your concerns. I have also received other beauty treatments there and customer orientation has always been valued. I wish she offered more facial services like rhinoplasty because I feel she is an excellent surgeon-client fit. I recommend her highly.

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