Pregnancy Ruin my Arms Time to Fix Them. Milwaukee, WI

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I never really been overweight expect when I was...

I never really been overweight expect when I was pregnant. I had my 1st daughter 15 years ago and I went from 130lbs to 196lbs. I lost all the baby weight but my arms wasn't the same. After I had my 2nd child 5 years ago my arm got even worst. I went for my consultation 2/4/ 16 and I taught I could get away with liposuction but my surgeon told me that I have too much lose skin so I would need a arm lift. I'm also having liposuction of my back.

Posting a few before pictures

Before pictures

No support from realself

I'm kinda nervous about my up coming surgery and I really don't have any one to talk to about my surgery because my family don't believe in plastic surgery. I turned to realself but I'm getting no support how sad.

4 more days until my arm lift surgery let the count down begins.

My surgery is on Friday the 19th and I can't wait. I'm nervous and excited at the same time. I'm kinda afraid of the pain after surgery but I have pain pills so I will be alright. A big thanks to everyone on here for their words of encouragement and support. Super Nervous and I haven't gone shopping or cleaning yet but soon. Is drains required for arm lift?

Surgery is about to go down

I'm so excited and nervous at the same time. I just got my IV put in and I'm ready to roll. Goodbye bat wing. Can't say it was nice knowing you. Say a prayer for me everyone. Thanks again for the support.

One day post opt

I'm one day post opt today and still tired sleeping on and off. I'm not in alot of pain as I taught I would be. The liposuction of my back hurts more than my arms. I have 2 drains and they're barely draining fluids. I haven't seen my arms yet because they are wrapped in ace bandages. Monday when I go to the doctor I should get a chance to see plus that's when they're going to put on my compression garmet. Pictures coming soon.

My Drains came out today. Yea me!

I went to my doctor today and got my Drains taken out. Saw my arms for the first time and even though I'm very swollen I'm still very happy. I stop talking my pill since yesterday because I don't need them. I'm not in any pain. I took my girls to school this morning and I also drove myself to my post opt appointment.

I finally was able to take a shower. Took some more pictures

It really feel so good to be able to take a shower. I actually feel clean and I got to see more of my arms. I'm definitely loving what I'm seeing.

Preopt/ post opt collage

Even though I'm only 3 days post opt I need the difference.

Arms swollen and tight

I'm one day shy of a week post opt and my arms feel swollen and tight. I wonder if this is normal? When does the swelling start to subside? I love my arms but don't like the tight feeling. The steri strips are slowly starting to come off on my left hand so I can see a little of my scar in my armpit.

9 days post opt and I'm very happy with my arms.

It's been 9 days since I had my surgery and I'm very happy with my arms. They still tight and swollen but I love what I see so far. I guess after all the swelling is gone byou arms are going to look even more sexy lol.

2 weeks post opt scars

I went to my doctor today for my 2 weeks post opt appointment and I'm very happy with my arms. The nurse took off all the steri strips and I can start scar therapy in a week. I bought some silicone strips from my doctors office. He said I can stary wearing compression shirt now but still take it easy for a month. My scars are healing well.

Pictures of the Silicone Gel sheeting for scars

Has anyone ever use this and how well did it work?

Trying on my summer dress 2 weeks post opt

I'm a picture freak so I decided to take a pic after my shower. I tried on one of my summer dress from last year and I love the way my arms look in this dress. I see that the swelling is going down especially where my Drains were. That part was super swollen. I can't wait to see what my arms will look like 2 months from now. As soon as I can exercise I'm going back to the gym. Can't wait to do some weight training. Gotta keep my arms tone and sexy lol.

19 days post opt feeling pretty good

I'm 19 days post opt and I'm feeling pretty good. The weather was nice today so I went for a little walk. One time in the morning and the other in the evening with my 5 years old. I noticed that my left arm is healing quicker than my right arm. I can raise my Left arm with hardly any pain but that's not the case for my right arm. It still feel tight and pulling when I reach over my head. Otherwise I'm doing pretty good. Can't wait to stop wearing this compression garment. I bought a compression shirt from the store but it wasn't giving me much compression so I stop wearing it and went back to my garment. I ordered a compression garment which is much better than what I'm wearing now.

More pictures

More pictures

3 weeks and I'm loving my arms

I wasn't going to post any more pictures until 6 weeks update but I was trying on this outfit I bought and I just look my arms so much so, I taught I would share my pictures. I'm 3 weeks post opt and I'm loving my new arms. They just keep getting better and better! I'm so glad I did this despite not support from my family. I started wearing the steri strips almost a week ago.

Loving what I see!

Tomorrow will make 4 weeks since I had my surgery and I'm loving what I see. I bought this dress a week after my surgery but I couldn't try it on until now. I just tried it on and I love what I see so I had to share. Anyway who is thinking about getting plastic surgery even if your family is not being supportive don't let that stop me. This surgery boosted my self esteem even more.

4 weeks scar

For some reason I always seem to take pictures after my shower. Anyway I just wanted to show you guys my scar at 4 weeks 3 days VS 19 days. The notice that the swelling is going down and I'm happy about that.

Today is my birthday and I wore sleeveless today.

Well today is my birthday and I wore sleeveless today and was very happy. Still have more healing to do but I'm happy so far.

I went to the gym today

I'm almost 6 weeks post opt and I'm doing pretty good. I to the gym today and I did spin class. After spin class I walked on the treadmill for 15 mins, and did some ab work. I did wear my compression sleeves. I'm gonna start officially going back to the gym next week. I wonder if I have to still elevate my arms at night since it's almost 6 weeks.

6 weeks post opt/ funeral today

I'm 6 weeks post opt since yesterday and so far I'm happy with my results. I went to my mothers pastor wife funeral today. I must say I felt pretty and look pretty.

2 months post opt

I'm officially two months post opt and I'm still happy. I notice that my scars are starting to keloid and I'm not happy about that. I never had a problem with keloids before. Anyway my surgeon gave me so ace bandages and told me to continue wearing the silicone strips and wrap my arms at night with the ace bandages. He going in inject my scars with cortisone injection to get rid of the keloids. Has this ever happened to anyone? If so what was it like?

I'm sure bearing my arms/2 momths 2 weeks

It's been 2 months and 2 weeks since I had my surgery and I'm definitely a happy camper. The sky is the limit with my clothes. My arms look so much better in sleeveless. I really didnt think or knew that my arms was that big/fat until I compare a before and after pic. I'm not going to do another review until 4 or 6 months mark.

I think I'm 2 1/2 months post opt and I love my arms

I'm healing pretty nicely and all sleeveless this summer. Even though it's still cold here. Can't believe it's spring and the weather was only 45° today.

7 months post opt

It's been 7 months since I had my surgery and I'm still very happy. I did end up getting some keloid on my scar but my surgeon gave me 2 rounds of corticosteroids shots. My scars are starting to flat out now, which is good. I'm definitely going to tattoo over my scars
Waukesha Plastic Surgeon

I just love my doctor/plastic surgeon. He definitely the best plastic surgeon ever. I'm very pleased with my arms. I love his staff. They're very nice and caring.

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