33 Years Old, 4 Kids, 5'1 105# Revision 535 Ultra High Profile Internal Bra and Cresent Lift on Right Side - Milwaukee

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I was very unhappy with my first augmentation. I...

I was very unhappy with my first augmentation. I had them done in June 2003. 325cc moderate profile under muscle. From the day the swelling went down I thought they were to small but financially I could not get a revision. Also, I wanted to wait till I was done having babies. So...fast forward 12 years and 3 more babies...I finally got my revision. I had pics of what I wanted. I knew I wanted between 450-600 hp or uhp. There is very limited info on the uhp implants. But to get the cc I wanted I had to do the uhp. I am still a little nervous because they are so big but I am giving it time since my doctor said he tried the 480 uhp and everyone always says they wish they would have went bigger, so he went with the 535. If anyone has questions or insight on what to expect when the swelling goes down please chime in, they are still really really hard! And I am nervous they will not settle.

6 days post

Here is a pre 1 week post op! I will post more pics tomorrow. I haven't had to take anything for pain today. I do have a little pulling, maybe from the internal bra? I can't wait to get this tape off and stitches out! I have my 1st post op on July 8th. I am still sitting pretty high but I like the look so far, as long as they settle just a bit!

1 week post op

Feeling pretty good. Still a little freaked about the right side looking wierd after the cresent lift, but that side has always been a little smaller and not as perky. The size is good, for 535cc uhp I think I was expecting bigger but I'm defiantly happy. They are getting softer and I love the feel of the memory gel compared to saline I had. Very happy my surgeon went with the uhp!

10 days post

I am 10 days post today and the nipple sensitivity is extreme. I DEFINATLY didn't have that last BA! I a think I ripped a stitch in my internal bra by picking up my daughter without thinking. Now my frankenboob ( that's what I call my right side ) is feeling very "soft" almost like there is more side boob than the other side. My appointment is Wednesday and I am so scared getting the stitches out is going to hurt!

13 days post and first appt

I saw my doc for the first time today. He took out the stitches, yikes, it pinched for sure! And said he didn't think I ruined anything internally when I picked up my daughter, Good to hear!!! I also got cleared to wear no wore bras but still something that supports them, so I got some sports bras to wear. He showed me massages but I don't want to lose my upper fullness so I'm kinda scared to do them and have them drop. After looking at them I'm about 89% happy. I know I have a lot of healing still just a little smaller than is like and the shape is a little square.

2 weeks 5 days

I can't say I am unhappy but I thought I would be bigger. BOOB GREED! When I look at them they look so uneven to me. I feel like I have a flat side and more side boob on the other side. I'm suppose to be doing massages but I really don't since I don't want them to get smaller. I was measured at a 32ddd in Victoria's Secret but of course they didn't have that size in wireless and I had to do the 34dd which I feel is to big in the band and the cup size. I have been loading on the vitamin e oil and massaging the scars and I think that is really helping. I still have such a hard time sleeping. My internal stitching is extremely sore in the mornings.
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