30yr Old Mum, 5ft 8, Size 10. 390cc or 420cc Mod Profile

Hi all, Just wrote a massive review and it...

Hi all,

Just wrote a massive review and it didn't load! So now il keep it short and sweet incase it happens again!

I've got 2 children and know I do not want anymore so now it's time for me to finally get some boobs!

So excited and nervous at the same time. I feel like all I do at the moment is think about breasts! I'm also addicted to this site. I've seen some beautiful boobs on here but some that I really do not like the look of, I know everyone has different tastes but it worries me that mine might turn out like some but at the same time excites me when I see some great looking breasts.

Went for my consultation and then my sizing appt. showed aggy photos of what I do and do not like. She said 390cc or 420cc moderate profile over the muscle would be best.
I really thought I'd need to go under the muscle due to having very small breasts but she said I've got 5cm of breast tissue.
I'm so undecided on what size to go as I keep worrying il look like a porn star which is not what I want.
I'm so gutted I forgot to take photos of me with the different sizes on.

I've got my pre op tomorrow so will update how that went.
Hoping they don't need to do blood tests tomorrow as I hate them, lol sounds funny when I'm putting myself through surgery but will be worth it in the end (I hope). x

Pre op today & nerves kicking in!

Had my pre op today. This shits getting real now ????.

Nurse was lovely, I let her know I get a bit light headed after blood tests. Felt like a right baby, thinking I'm nervous over a blood tests yet I'm putting myself through this!
Anyway blood test went fine, had my height and weight done. Haven't weighed myself in over 4 years...better than I thought it would be lol so that's a bonus!
Had MRSA swabs in nose and groin.
She then went to tell me that I will need to be there for 12.30 on surgery day and op will be about 2ish. Was hoping it would be earlier.
She gave me a list of what to take in with me also. She was very informative and didn't rush me. x

A week today! What support bras do I need to go get? Anything else I need? Any tips? Pillows ect..

Leo thinking I should really go get some bits to prepare myself.
I only sleep with one flat pillow, I hate big pillows but il have too get used to it I'm sure.
I tried looking for support bras that open at the front but haven't got a clue what they are called or where to buy them. I'm in the uk so any help would be great.
Getting very nervous now!
Any tips would be great, thanks girls xx

A week today and still can't decide on size or even if I'm doing the right thing, driving myself mad!

Just finished work and the only thing on my mind is breasts!
I keep seeing posts on here saying 'can't wait I to get these toxic bags out of me'. It's really making me wonder if I'm doing the right thing.
I keep worrying about if my nipples will end up being too sensitive for the rest of my life (I've read on here some feel like they are on fire when touched and ruined sex life ect) some stay completely numb.
Worry about CC,bottoming, if they will be even...and the list goes on!

Also still not sure on 390cc or 420cc.

3 sleeps till I get some boobies!!..worrying about sensitive nipples, bottoming, CC ect..more worried than excited!

Want to start putted before photos up, partner don't like the idea of that but so many do it on here and it's not a sexual way but he says you don't know who can see them. Which is true.

I've spoke to the nurse today as I keep worrying about nipple sensation,bottoming, cc and the list goes on. I would rather my nipples stay number than feel like there on fire when touched, I've read some ladies reviews saying it's ruined there sex life due to not wanting partner near their sensitive nipples! This worries me!

Still undecided on size lol (390cc or 420cc). I'm more nervous than excited at the mo.

Tomorrows the day! Don't think il be getting much sleep tonight!

It's been a very busy day today with work the totally forgot to get my gel nails taking off so instead of doing my food shop I had to go get the soaked off. I've got to be there tomorrow for 12.30! So will drop youngest child to school and go do a quick food shop, hopefully this will keep my mind of things!

Still not sure on size yet either haha! I'm terrible!

Wish me luck.. I know in in good hands with Dr Adrian Richards, look big forward to working his magic! X

1 hour 1/2 till surgery..took some before pics

Thought I best take some pics.
Nerves are kicking in and I'm bloody starving!
Really hope the canular doesn't hurt too much when they put it in and I wake up in not too much pain!

A fews hours after op

Surgery went well. Got out of recovery and I to room just before 5pm. Wasn't In too much pain, but slowly got worse through the night, I had some meds at 10pm then now (4.50am) I've just take something stronger- tramadol.
Can't sleep..constantly up weeing so then I fell the weight of the girls!

Nurse came in a few hours after I'd been in my room and wanted to check breasts so I quickly got a sneaky photo. Through the night I feel they've swollen more.
I'm glad I've stayed in over night due to my youngest child, I think she might get a bit worried trying to see me get up out of bed and I would of struggled more not being on a hospital bed. X

Best pic I can do so far, I'm laying down but diagonal. One is still covered more with my top so can't see the full breast like the other one X

Day two, keep being sick..feeling sorry for myself!

The start of day two-
Woke up at 3.25 am in pain, took my Antibiotics and pain killers they've given me. By 4am I was sick.
7.15 am I took some paracetamol and within 5 minutes I was sick and could see the tablets in it.
So clearly the tablets are not having time to work as I'm bringing them back up.
I try to eat something small and that comes right back up too!

So think I'm in more pain from all the wreatching I'm doing :(
Just want to feel human! Even worse as its my partners birthday today so I feel awful I'm like this.

Haven't had a chance to see the new boobs again as I'm kinda resenting them at the moment with how they are making me feel, they are very swollen and sore, I think I need to change my support bra they put on me as its sooo tight and uncomfortable.

Sorry I've not got anything nice to say yet as I'm feeling sorry for myself.
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