31 Year Old Mum of 4 and in Desperate Need of Some Boobies.

I saw my consultant who recommended 360cc in one...

I saw my consultant who recommended 360cc in one and 330cc in the other to even them out a bit. I visited him several times as I wanted to be sure I was going with the right surgeon and each time he was amazing.
I am booked in for my surgery on 21st October and getting very nervous and excited. Pics to follow...

Not long to go now

Have my pre op assessment on the 14th October. Only a week before my op. Can anyone advise me on what they do? Also.....
What do I take hospital with me? They have booked me overnight accommodation as I struggle after anaesthetic. What do I wear to come home in?

Pics taken at sizing appointment

These are the pics I have of me trying on sizes.
330cc left and 360cc right.

Too big? Or too small?

Feeling brave

Wasn't going to post as I'm ashamed of my current boobs.
This was the 3D pic I had taken and it shows 270cc implants but felt they were too small so I tried 300/330cc and still felt small so when I put the 360/330cc in it felt right :)

Decided to take some pre op pics

Decides to take some pre op pics of boobs.... feeling brave but after op will want to show them off so will be a good comparison.

Am i selfish for doing this?

I feel so selfish. The money could have been used in so many other things... do I deserve to have these boobs? I saved long and hard and my children have never gone without, but am I a bad personal for finally doing something for me?
Just the other day my daughter was upset and said she was ugly. I told her to never change as she is perfect just the way she is.., what a hypocrite!
I'm so worried and nervous as op date isn't that far away, maybe I'm just letting the nerves get to me? Is this normal? Lol. I don't know...

Do they get smaller?

Am I right I thinking that the size you try on at sizing appointment is not the size you will end up with? Do they shrink? (Is that the right terminology?) if so, am I better off going for the bigger size to ultimately end up with my 'sizer' size? Xx

It long yo go....

Feeling very nervous about my op now... to the point I feel quite nauseous ????

I haven't heard back about my mrsa swab results so hoping no news is good news...?!

I was also told I should take a men's shirt with me to wear after the op, is this good advice? Anyone shed any light on what is suitable? Xx

3 sleeps to go

Phoned hospital to confirm time and dates, to realise they had the wrong address down for me and wrong year of birth lol.
Sent me into a slight wobble but hoping that's just an admin error and not the start of things to come

Big day tomorrow eekkkk

Well the big day is only one sleep away. Childcare sorted, house blitzed top to bottom, meals prepared, washing done, adjustable bed backrest and V pillow purchased... just to pack my bag and try to not let the nerves get the better of me!

En route

On my way to hospital now...

Wish me luck everyone 0_o xx

Had my op. I'm in LOVE lol.

Had my op 8:50 this morning. Spent longer than expected in recovery as I struggled to come out of anaesthetic and I had an adverse reaction to morphine.
They said they might keep me in for observation but hoping to go home.

To some they might not look massive but to me they are perfect! :)
London Plastic Surgeon

The surgeon and all his staff have been amazing so far and answering any questions I may have no matter how small of silly the question may be.

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