HP 450 Silicone Implants Under the Muscle with Periareola Lift

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I have always wanted larger breasts, my shape...

I have always wanted larger breasts, my shape needed them. So after breastfeeding three children, a little over a year for each, it was time. I am turning 40 in a few months and knew I had to do something now. I knew I would use the same doctor who did my TT in 2007, since he did an excellent job. I actually had my third child in 2010 and it still looks great, even he says its amazing. I am actually the first before and after picture for abdominalplasty on Dr. Paul Fischer ( Milford ct) website. After viewing this site non stop since I decided it was time in early March I was set on Moderate plus. However, due to the look I want, Dr fischer said HP silicone would be best with incision through the aerola since he was going to reduce the size of those anyways. I was so nervous even though I knew how good he is, actually two of the hospital nurses said if they would ever do anything it would be with him. I was a little unsure in the past month since I never saw any reviews on him on this site, but I am so glad I went with my Dr. Fischer. When I awoke a few of nurses ( again) said how great they looked, already a natural appearance. Once in recovery I showed them to my husband and best friend of 30 yrs plus ( who actually was probably the first to see my old breasts lol. I'm not sure what size I ended up with, I only recall he was going in with a 325-425 HP silicone range. The nurse said he came in to talk to me in recovery, but I remember nothing. Dr. Fischer is amazing, pain is not too bad as long as a take the meds. I went in at Milford Hospital at 6:30 and remember looking at clock in operating room at 7:45 and then opening my eyes at 12pm exactly according to clock in recovery. I arrived home (25 min from hospital) at 1:30. I thought to myself this ain't too bad ( having newborns who would occasionally sleep through a feeding and having felt Breast engorgement I found it tolerable) after the dilauden anyway. I took my first muscle relaxer and Percocet around 2:30, so I apologize for any grammatical or spelling errors. They seem to ache when I stand up though and took a second pain oil at 4pm ( bottle said to take 1-2) every three to four hours. I am currently very happy with them and that Zi did the surgery, although I have seen that some Realself reviewers have had buyers remorse later in healing process. Dr just called while I was writing this and informed me he used 450 cc HP silicone implants B

Day 2

I started to experience more pain last night, most likely because I missed taking my meds ( I didn't want to take them). I ended up having to take 2 pills to get some relief, I don't feel anything from the muscle relaxers. I know a lot of people get really sleepy but I couldn't fall asleep till midnight and woke up at 3:30 needing more meds, fell back asleep till about 7:30. Right now I just grabbed a few ice packs and I am placing them under breasts since my rib cage area is sore as is my pectoral area. My breasts feel tight and engorged. The dr did not say to wear a bra but I feel as though the support would help, I can't believe I said that I usually can't wAit to take my bra off.

Day 2

Still feeling tight and swollen but the pain has subsided a bit. I started Ibuprofen yesterday and it has helped. I have my first post op later today. So bizarre looking at the nipple area, they look freaky. So thankful for this website, I feel better seeing the progress women have made in weeks following surgery and feeling optimistic that mine will look better soon

Day eight and my boobies look great!

Ok I couldn't help with the rhyme, and it's not the meds. I found out at my one week PO I only had two stitches on the lower side, since he needed to take in a bit more for my periareola lift. I went and tried bathing suits yesterday, which as traumatizing as it was I was happy when I needed a D cup top. First time I didn't have to swap out bikini pieces, my top matches the bottom. I probably could of got away with a smaller bottom but I liked how it looked, just no diving.

Worried one dropped too fast

18 days post op and I am worried my right dropped to fast and that it will bottom out. I'm not sure if it is because I'm comparing it to the left that is still hard. The right feels softer also

Week 3, day 22

I only notice the asymmetry in photos. When I look in the mirror I think they look good, I just have to remind myself that they are mine lol. Still getting use to them and how they look in clothes.

5 weeks post op

Well it's been five weeks and I'm getting use to the new look. I still have slight morning boob but getting much better. I never thought. Would need my Lilly padz again but they have been perfect. In fact my surgeon was quite excited about them since they are self adhesive silicone nipple covers. They are great to keep the nipple sensitivity in control and will help with scarring, win win. Says he can't wait to tell other patients about them.

7 weeks and worried

I am so worried my right breast dropped too much. Maybe it is because it is in comparison to the left that is higher, that one is also tighter, firmer, and still getting little muscle spasms. Maybe that one will meet up with the right, but then will both look to low. I am so paranoid about them looking saggy ????

2 months post op

6 months post op

I am getting use to them. It's so strange that I use to hate wearing a bra, now I feel more comfortable when I do. Some days I think they look great and others I think they look saggy. Any thoughts???

7 months

Exactly 7 months post op

1 yr post op

1 year post op

15 months post op

I asked for natural looking and it's what I got, some days I wished I asked for HP but I am overall very happy and would recommend Dr. Paul Fisher in Milford CT.
I naturally have a wide chest and keep in mind I chose not to do a full lift ( maybe in five years), but only a periareola lift. Tan lines are not very flattering, and I plan to tattoo the incision scarring since the office offers this. I hope my procedure journal has helped

Before and after (15 months post op

15 months post op

17 months post op

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