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I am 27yo and I have a 2yo daugher that I breast...

I am 27yo and I have a 2yo daugher that I breast fed for 6months. I decide I wanted a BA way before my daughter. I was very heavy for a few years in middle and high school. When I turned 16 I lost about 60lbs and the first thing I lost was my breasts. I went from a large c/ small d to a very saggy b. Breast feeding honestly didnt make my breast worse but it was nice to see them back after 11 years.

I decided one day a few months ago that it was time to meet with a few surgons. For some reason I suddenly had gotten tired of wearing bras with extra padding and looking flat chested in bathing suits. So I met with a female doctor and really like her. She said that implants would definetly improve my figure and even out my larger thighs and butt. So we sheduled the date of July 14th but because of short staffing at work and I wanted to enjoy my summer we resheduled it for sept 6th.

On august 14th I had my post op and brought pictures of the size breasts that I would like to end up with. When she looked at the pics she said I didnt have enough tissue to get that size even though I was around the same size as the before pic.She told me she could only go up to a 375cc implant. To me that seemed small to be the largest I could go especially since I had twice before worn a D cup bra. I then decided that I needed to get more opions.

I was left with 2 weeks to find a new surgeon if I wanted to keep the date I had already planned for. The first surgeon said he would have no problem going up to 450cc implant on me and filling in the operating room to what my body could handle. The 2nd surgeon did give me a max size, he let me try on sizers and said when they feel too big go down a size. I was sooooo happy. i choose 550ccs that he said he would fill to 570 since they would look smaller once placed under the muscle. This doctor was slightly more expensive then the first doctor and about a thousand more then the 2nd doctor but the fact that I could have my breast the size I want was worth every penny

Day of surgery 9/6/12
I arrived at the hospital at 9:15, had vitals taken, answered questions and had an IV started. At 10am I was brought into the OR and dont remember much after that. I woke up 2 and a half hrs later in recovery and almost forgot what I was there for. While in the bed, the way I was positioned had me flexing my chest muscles and I told the nurse before they became sore. Once I fully woke up they put me in a chair and fed me and gave me the cup of coffee I was waiting for all morning. After a few minutes I asked the nurse when the pain was supposed to start. She replied most were in pain already. Since then I have been waiting the pain to start. Im not pushing it though because tomorrow might be a different story. As of right now I'm so happy I did this and my biggest fear was the pain and there is none 8hs later. My Doc did call me tonight and told me he over filled my 550cc saline implants to 575ccs. He went under the muscle and threw the armpit. My insisions just started burning and my whole chest is still numb but I do have tightess, which my ice packs help. Im praying that I feel like this tomorrow or even better of course.

Day after surgery 9/7/12 I have been feeling a...

Day after surgery 9/7/12
I have been feeling a little sore. Definetly had morning boob and upper body stifness this morning. After that I was fine all day. I had my first post op appt this morning at 11:30 am, the doctor said everything looks great. He did say that I should stop using my right side as much. It is much more swollen and bruised in my arm pit then the other side.I was also given my massages to do atleat ten times a day and scheduled my next appt for the 12th. I still have no pain and have not taken any narcotic pain meds since last night. I still have no pain and the fact that the percocet is hard on my stomach and is constipating helped me decide to just take tylenol. I spent about three hours at the mall and still have no pain but did start to feel stiff and tired so my finace, daughter and I came home to relax. My breasts are tight, riding high and uncomfortable but I still am so happy and excited I made this discision.

Its been a few days since the surgery and I'm...

Its been a few days since the surgery and I'm feeling about the same. Starting to get used to the stiffness and being uncomfortable. Ive been trying to ice under my right arm to get rid of some of this swelling and bruising. People say I look like a line backer because I cant put my right arm all the way down. Other then being a litlle more uncomfortable on the right, I am ok but ready to move on with the process and get back to normal. Ive been trying to remember to do my massages atleast once an hr. I think they are starting to soften up and drop a little. I also having been taking my tylenol regularly and my muscle relaxers. With out both I get really stiff and become more uncomfortable. A heating pad on my back has been a life saver also. My back and neck have been so stiff from the new weight and my posture being different. The back cramps may even be worse then the stiff boobs and swollen arm pit. Other then all of that I'm doing great and trying to remember to take it easy. When your not in pain its easy to try to do all the things you normally do.

It has been 10 days since my surgery and I'm...

It has been 10 days since my surgery and I'm feeling 90% back to my normal self. I'm still getting used to the implants, the weight, back aches, the right posture and sleeping is still not 100% normal. Other then that I still have my bruises under my breasts and a bruise and blood build up under my right arm pit, though every day they look and feel better. Im still numb in small spots under the breast and on my nipples. The doctor says that is normal and the tickling I feel is the sensations coming back. He also said a few more weeks until I can wear a bra. I'm excited to find out what size I am going to be even theough Im happy with how they look now as long as they dont shrink too much more.

Still have no pain other then back pain from poor posture with these new heavy additions. I havent taken any muscle relaxers or tylenol today. I was continuing to take them on schedule because I do get stiff and uncomfortable but today wasnt too bad and a hot shower did the trick. I will take tylenol and a relaxer before bed because I still have a hard time sleeping. Trying to sleep on my side causes an uncomfortable pulling sensation and sleeping on my back is just uncomfortable. I'm definetly ready for these new breasts to feel 100% normal like I've had them my whole life. I cant complain though I have had no pain this whole experience and that was my biggest worry. I just knew my bad luck would have me in the worst pain after surgery.
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