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I had surgery for a brow lift, eye bleph, and fat...

I had surgery for a brow lift, eye bleph, and fat transfer to chin 2 years ago. During that procedure the doctor did a fat transfer to my under eye area w/o consent. In his attempt to remove it several months later, he injected me with fillers all along the orbital and brow line areas which had complications of their own.I had sought out a second doctor who attempted to remove filler with Hyalourandiase. Some improvement, not much. I then went back repeatedly to the originally doctor to no avail. I have since gone to a third doctor, Dr. Roberston in Middleton WI and I have to say, that I am beginning to believe that this first doctor has used a permanent type of filler as the discoloration and fullness are still apparent. I also have some "puckering" of the skin area which looks like blisters v. normal flat smooth skin in some areas. This has been present from the onset of that original surgery 2 years ago.
The second Dr. had used Hyalourandiase. Dr. Robertson used Vitrase and in direct contact with the filler. My right brow area is MUCH better and so is the "puckering" effect I have had for so long under the lash line of the right eye area. I went back yesterday for a second treatment with Vitrase and today I noticed my right brow is all but free of filler and the right under eye has no more bumps or weird indentations caused by the filler. The left brow and under eye area however, is still full of filler creating a centralized puckering effect ( blister- like) right along the orbital bone and the fullness is still apparent. Dr. Robertson said to give it a month and we will re-check it.

The second Dr. I saw was good but after several attempts to remove it with only slight improvement, I felt like he was becoming condescending and judgmental toward me. I know how my eye areas looked before the fillers were injected. I know how my cheek bones had contour and shape. That first Dr. put so much fat and filler in my face I looked like a pregnant cabbage-patch doll. There was nothing "natural" about it, yet this 2nd Dr. kept telling me I was seeing fullness that wasn't there...
Dr. Robertson on the other hand, is not at all condescending, nor does he try to tell me what my face did or didn't look like before these fillers and fat grafts. He merely listens, assess, and then, based on his observations, tried Vitrase with much more success than Hyalourandiase.
I am hoping to get my left eye area and brow to the same state as my right eye area now. I am grateful for the doctors like Kevin Robertson who do not judge and who do not condescend. This has been a two year battle from Hell both physically and emotionally to begin without needing the added insult of being deemed unreasonable in my attempts to remove this filler.

Third Vitrase treatment

Had my third Vitrase treatment- Am SOOOO excited! Posted a new photo. Each treatment is literally MELTING all that filler....I can finally see my cheek bones, the puffiness is all but gone, and I have my almond-shape eyes once again!!!

almost normal again!

Full face pic after several injections of Vitrase

Fourth and Final Vitrase treatment

Had a fourth round of Vitrase yesterday... My right eye area looks great! No more hooded upper brow, no more unnatural fullness below the orbital bone when I smile. I can't even see the "white" discolored area's that had been there for so long anymore. The left eye area has decreased in the unnatural fullness, yet SO much filler had been added previously, that I think it will take a truck -load of Vitrase to dissolve.....There comes a point when I have to accept that the Vitrase has done what can now and the remaining filler will just have to remain, or dissolve on its own over time.Dr. Robertson educated me today on Hya vs. Vitrase and they are one in the same. Many people on this site, including me thought they were different dissolving agents. They are not. I can't explain why the Vitrase has worked so much better than the Hya attempts to dissolve- Maybe it's how and where the doctor injected, the amount used, or both. All I know is that my eye area's both left and right, have changed dramatically for the better since these injections to dissolve the filler. I will be waiting a year now to see what happens; to allow my face to re-coop after all this to decide whether a skin re-surfacing treatment should be done under the left eye, and if surgical removal of the filler or whatever is causing that upper left brow to remain bulky needs to be done.
Madison Facial Plastic Surgeon

Very professional, informative, and highly skilled. Non-judgmental and took my concerns seriously. He did not make feel stupid or unreasonable as had others I sought out to remove this filler.

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