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August of 2012 I had a rhinoplasty that looked...

August of 2012 I had a rhinoplasty that looked awesome at first, but then slowly over the year of healing transformed itself into a very weird looking messed up nose. I now am seeking a revision with someone much more qualified to fix it. Currently I'm consulting with a couple surgeons and I will hopefully be planning a revision for the end of 2013. I have limited availability because I'm a college student. I am very excited to have this nose corrected and I hope to only do this ONCE more to get it right. Lol. I'm trying to be as careful as possible bout who I pick, because I finally want to be happy with my nose. I am also having not so perfect breathing so I will be getting a deviated septum fixed as well (which was not corrected the first time for some reason).


I put up pictures of 1 month post op and then 1 year post op with a simulation picture. You can see the difference in my nose shape as time went on.

I love the simulation and I can't wait to get rid of this awkward nose.



Front view


Unsure, untrusting & indecisive.

I've scheduled another appointment with the doctor I consulted with. I want to re-hash our plan and ask more questions. I will probably book a surgery date while I'm there. I will also be consulting with a second surgeon a while later to just get a second opinion.

I like the doctor I've seen so far a lot. And I don't necessarily doubt his capabilities ....but I'm having major issues with this surgery idea. I know my nose needs to be dealt with and the only way it will change is through another operation. But I am very untrusting due to my first experience. The doctor I'm considering now is definitely more qualified and a better surgeon than my first. However, that doesn't mean this will turn out to be a great surgery/nose. What if it looks even worse the second time? What then? More pain and suffering and an outrageous healing process (1 year or more), another loss of thousands of dollars, and now a worse nose? Sounds like a shitty time to me. I would not be able to pay for or go through a third surgery either. So is it worth it to possibly have another bad experience? What if my nose collapses and I can no longer even breathe decently? Revision surgery is even harder than primary rhino and rhinoplasty is the hardest cosmetic surgery of all. The morph pictures look good but that's never a promise.

I am wishing over and over again that I had just gone to this surgeon for my primary and not made the mistake of picking Dr. Schalit (1st guy). Then I wouldn't be in this mess. But wishing does nothing and you can't turn back time so why bother wasting energy on it? I need to focus my energy into decision making for the future instead of agonizing over things I can't change.

Also this surgery would be planned at a changing point in my life. It might be too much at once. I would be changing from a state college to a university, I would be moving in with my dad because he got a house closer to my new school, and my fiance is also moving out and into his friends house or getting his own apartment (he has been living with me). I would consider getting my nose done NEXT winter break instead of this one....but then again I hate this nose and do I really want to live with it an entire extra year? No...and waiting a year won't mean my surgery will turn out perfect or that anything will go better. But I am a difficult person when it comes to huge changes all at once. Change is ok...but I do better in smaller increments. I mean for god's sake I cut 3.5 inches off my hair recently, put layers in it, and am going blonde and I was in a state of shock the first day because it was a huge change. Now, a week later, I love it. But still, that gives me an insight as to what I might be feeling if I do too many things at once....I don't want to have a huge break down.

I'm just wondering if I should even bother fixing it...I'm just so afraid of the possibility of a bad outcome. And I feel incredibly selfish even thinking of having a rhinoplasty. It just sounds ridiculous. There are people who can't feed themselves yet I'm about to spend a lot of money on my "looks". For a second time.


I had another meeting with the doctor I think I'm going with today. I got a lot more questions answered and he made me feel a lot more comfortable about the whole thing. My dad even likes him a lot and my dad isn't one to easily like someone. He brought up the whole worrying about it being worse the second time scenario without me saying it. He says he takes pictures of the person's nose right when he finishes the operation that way when they wake up from surgery they can see it and have some peace of mind while they're waiting to get the cast off. This is a great thing to do for patients, and I don't know why everyone doesn't do it. I asked for another simulation picture of my right oblique angle (one of my worst sides) so I can see that as well because it;s the most awkward part of my nose and I'm interested in seeing how that is going to be simulated. I'm going to call the office Monday and schedule a surgery. it's going to be more expensive than I originally thought because I thought my quote was for the revision cosmetic work AND the septoplasty, but apparently it was only for the cosmetic work so I guess I gotta tack on another couple thousand for that, but I think insurance will probably pay most of that part. I think I'm going to schedule for December this year even though I have other stuff going on because I might as well just get it over with. I will probably make another review when I know my exact date because this page is kind of messy and not well organized and that bothers me. I feel a lot more confident in my choice of surgeon and I don't want to have another consult with the second surgeon but I will anyway because it can't hurt.

No revision will be booked.

And now today I got the notification that any plans of surgery are being cancelled due to things outside my control. I want to thank anyone on here who has given support, it is much appreciated :)
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