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I have been sweating heavily since I was 11 years...

I have been sweating heavily since I was 11 years old. I can still remember the first time one of my friends called me out during class for the large stains under my arms. As I got older, it got progressively worse. Trying to find something to wear was hell. I couldn't even hide it with a black shirt or blazer. It got to the point where I was resorting to sneaking into the bathroom every hour to dry the shirt I'd sweat through. As I sat there in with my shirt under the hand dryer, paranoid someone was about to walk in, something inside me clicked and I just realized I couldn't live my life like that anymore.

I'd done a lot of research into things to help my hyperhydrosis but had never heard of MiraDry before. I read up on it and knew it was something I had to try. Like most reviewers have said, the shots were the worst part. I had about 60 in total (30 per armpit) but your armpits start to numb about 1/4 of the way through so they gradually become less painful. Besides, the pain of the shots are nothing compared to the struggle of constantly hiding your sweat or desperately searching for something to wear that will allow you to spend a day not worrying about sweating.

I did my first treatment at a level 4. My underarms were really red for about 2 days. The swelling was uncomfortable but definitely bearable. I went to work the same day but when I go back for my second treatment, I plan on taking the rest of the day off.

It's been about 2 weeks and my swelling is almost completely gone. I can't even begin to describe how liberating it is. As much anxiety as you might feel when suffering for hyperhydrosis, you really don't understand how much you think about it or plan around it until you don't have to anymore. I didn't realize how much black I had in my closet until I didn't have to wear it every day anymore! I have found myself a little damp a couple of times but it was when it actually made sense for a normal person to be sweaty. Even then, it wasn't even enough to go through my shirt.

If you have the resources and are contemplating getting MiraDry, I would HIGHLY suggest you try it. Even if I started sweating again tomorrow, I would say the time I've spent sweat-free since the procedure was worth every penny I spent!
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