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I have had large thighs, in proportion to my body,...

I have had large thighs, in proportion to my body, all my life. They couldn't just be large but they had these bulging fat pockets at the very top of my upper, inner thigh. As I reached my forties I noticed the skin on these thigh bulges became very red and very raw from rubbing against my clothing and each other. It became very uncomfortable to wear bathing suites, dresses and jeans (they are not made to accommodate thigh fat bulges) or anything which caused my thighs to rub together. I began wearing cut off stretch pants under my dresses and I ditched the bathing suite. I was just over it. I felt very insecure about my legs and I spent most of my days and nights trying to ignore the pain the bulges caused. I thought for sure my doctor would deem surgery a necessity but I got my feelings hurt by about three different doctors. They just refuse to feel my pain. I resolved myself to living with the pain. Then I had this great idea. In order to kill my mommy guilt over even thinking of spending so much money on myself I figured once I finished my degree at the University of Michigan I would treat myself to cosmetic surgery. A better body would be my reward. After much research and countless consultations I settled on a doctor in Ann Arbor Michigan who is charged with being the watch dog over the other cosmetic surgeons. How could I go wrong with him?? He refused to perform a tummy tuck on me until I lost 30lbs which would get me down to 200lbs. So I figured he could get my thighs taken care of. I asked him to remove the fat pockets only and pull up the lose skin. Realistically speaking, I did not expect, nor did I want skinny legs. He felt I would only need liposuction only. I didn't agree but he was the surgeon and knew the expected outcome better than myself so I went with it. On December 4th of last year I went in for my procedure. I felt more excited than fear. After all these years no more thigh bulges! During the procedure I was alert but sedated. There were times when I would have to tell him I could feel what he was doing and would have to inject more numbing medication. Seem like the procedure went on for about two hours or so. I saw how much fat he removed and it seemed like a lot. Not only did he take from my thighs but he also to from around the flanks area. Once done it seem like they up and ready to go home immediately. I figured they wanted me to be home and relaxing by the time the numbing meds wore off. Once home I got into bed and got catered to. I had to change my dressings often due to the large volume of fluid leakage. It slowed down by around day three to where I could just cover the entry wounds with small bandages. I wore (and still wear) my compression garments almost daily. My thighs were sore and swollen for weeks. They were also numb from the middle of my thighs to the top of my knees. A month or so into the healing process I noticed the changing in my thighs but not the changes I expected to see. I noticed there was like a concave effect going on in the middle of my thighs. It's like the doctor took a lot of fat from the middle of my thighs but not the top area of my thighs as I wanted. I tried to keep myself from getting upset by telling myself that in time they will look the way they are supposed to. But three months after the treatment the shape of my thighs only became more of what I didn't want. I have to admit the bulges are somewhat smaller as they are not red or raw anymore. However, the bulges are still there and my thighs are noticeably asymmetrical. So at my follow up appointment in March I voiced my displeasure and was relieved when the nurse agreed more work needed to be done to get a great result. The doctor suggested doing Zerona treatments for five weeks at twice a week. This sucks!!! I don't want to run to his office that often during the time I am to be working. Not only did this take up my time, but the cost in gas to go out of my way was crazy. Thank goodness my job is closer to the office than my home is. So for 45 minutes twice a week my front and back thighs received Zerona treatments which are low laser treatments meant to slowly reduce the fat in the areas being treated. At the end of the five week Zerona process I was still not happy. The doctor almost made me lose it when at the end of my last treatment he said, "Well, let's do this again for five more weeks." It was no way in h*&% was I going to do that again. I just don't have that kind of time. I told him that was not going to work for me and he said let's follow up in six weeks. I said, "Fine." So now I'm patiently waiting for my next follow up appointment scheduled for May. My thighs are smaller but they are not shapely. This is why I only wanted the top fat removed...I was worried about messing with the rest. I have had a tummy tuck in January of this year by a different doctor who did not insist I lose weight first. He did an awesome job and I am 5lbs away from weighing 200lbs. I feel so good about myself. This doctor has agreed to work on my thighs after my thighs have a little more healing time since smart liposuction can take up to a year to get final results. Dang it! I was hoping to wear a swim suite which did not have a skirt attached to it this summer. Oh well. But my final thought on what the thigh doctor could do to provide the utmost customer service is to refund at least half my money so that I can go and get the procedure re-done. I'm really worried about letting him do anything else to me. Will keep you posted.
Dr. Robert Burke

I really like Dr. Burke. He actually spent a lot of time with me in conversation and looking over my body in order to determine what would be the best course of action. But he seem to not spend as much time with me after my follow up and during the Zerona treatment which I figured he was busy with other patients.

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