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I've made the decision to do this after wanting it...

I've made the decision to do this after wanting it for years. I used to be super heavy, and at one point was a size DDD. I've gotten in shape and this is the only thing on my body I can't change.

I'm not afraid of the pain, but I'm really worried about not being able to lift weights, practice yoga or run. I love to workout. It makes me feel happy and not being able to get that endorphin high is going to be very tough.

I didn't know if I needed a lift or not, but three board certified docs said I had to get one, so here goes nothing. I'm thinking 350-400 ccs and am for sure getting silicone. Pre op appt is 11/12.

Here's a side view. You can see my nipple is lower than the fold, and my extra skin from when the girls were HUGE is there.

Bikini "before" pics

Jeez looking at these just reaffirms that I need this so bad to feel better about myself. I like strapless tops but the way I look in them is terrible. When I lean forward, I have a ton of extra skin. The halter top squishes them together and helps a little, but now I can't wait!

Had my pre-op! Decided on 375-400 in bilateral plane with textured moderate plus implants

Today went great. My doc eased every concern I had. He answered all my questions and really gave me confidence. After trying on the sizers again, we decided on a range of 375-400 textured moderate plus implants. My doc brings a range of implants with him to the OR, fills me up with air, sits me up and then decides what looks best for my body. Here are some photos with sizers. I can't wait!!!

have any of you looked at dimensions of implants before choosing your size?

I just stumbled upon this information on Mentor's website. Mentor gives the dimensions and projection of the size of their implants. I'm a very wide-chested person (14 cm) and I chose 400, but I'm leaning now towards going a bit bigger to fill in my chest wall, since the projection isn't that much different at all between sizes.


Have any of you done this before deciding how big to go?


Having second thoughts. Ladies that workout regularly/all yogis on this board -- advice please!

I spent a lot of time last night reading about under the muscle implants and how it will affect my ability to do chest exercises after surgery. I'm ok with taking some time off to heal, but I've read a lot of reviews on here about implants under the muscle "moving" and feeling weird when doing push-ups.

Yoga is my life. If I had to choose between boobs and yoga, yoga wins. I have a very strong practice, and I regularly do arm balances and handstands, along with tons of planks, side planks, and push ups.

There are quite a few "ask a doctor" questions on this site about push ups after a breast augmentation, and while some docs say it's fine, other docs say that they advise their patients not to do push-ups ever again after surgery.

If you've had this done and can speak from personal experience, please let me know what you think.

Here's an example of some of the things I love to do, and want to continue to do.

8 days! Let the surgery prep begin. Got my frozen peas, smutty books, and I'm freezing food! Goodbye saggy boobs!

I'm counting down! This is my last week at work and I'm trying to get everything done so I don't need to do too much (I have a desk job and really am not going to be able to stay away from a computer for very long).

I got my frozen peas and am gathering a bunch of other stuff to get ready. I made a list of what needs to be done so my new boobs can be here next week! Merry Christmas to me. Ha.

I took some final pictures so I have some good comparison photos for my post-op. I'm currently wearing a 36C bra, but notice the view from the side how I do not come close to filling it out. Au revior saggy mom boobs!

4 days! Wish boobs and my doc is going to think I'm nuts.

I had my husband print three pics of wish boobs that I'm going to hand to my doc the morning of surgery so he has a perfect, clear, and recent vision of what I want to Look like when this is all done! Lol. He's gonna think I'm nuts (I kinda am when it comes to this surgery). Ha.

I just got the call from pre-op. I can have clear liquids up to 2 hours before my arrival time! How awesome is that?

4 days!! Wooo hooo!

tomorrow's the day! Just got the pre-op call!

ahhh!! It's almost here. I don't have to be to the hospital until 9:45 a.m. tomorrow, which kinda stinks since I'm gonna be hungry! :) No food after 10:00 p.m. tonight, but I can have water, black tea, or coffee up until 7:45 tomorrow morning, which is nice. Maybe I'll eat Thanksgiving dinner at 10:00 p.m. Ha.

My floors are mopped, my laundry is done, and I have two more meals to make today to put in the freezer. I have stocked up on everything and practiced my last vinyasa (yoga) class this morning.

See you ladies on the other side. Gosh, I hope this turns out to be worth it! I have pretty high expectations.

I made it but man this is more painful that I thought it would be

I'm alive!! But ouch!

Surgery was scheduled for 11:45 but it ran a little late. My doc had another surgery before mine, and several nurses told me that he rushed no one, which is good.

I got versed about 12:15 and after that don't remember very much at all. I didn't wake up from anesthesia until around 5:30 p.m.!

My doc does his surgeries at a hospital, and gives his patients the option to spend the night. I was planning on going home yesterday. My surgery lasted over 4 hours and all I can remember yesterday was my doc saying that I needed to stay overnight. Boy was he right. I've been getting dilauded to try to stay comfy. I really didn't think the pain would be this bad to be honest. I could not have gotten up and to the car to Save my life to go home last night.

I'd like to think I have a high pain tolerance too -- natural childbirth didn't bother me. Oh well. This is def tough.

I'm in my room now resting, but I can't sleep in more than 30 min intervals. Lifting my arms is nearly impossible.

My doc rounds here about 6:00 a.m. I hope to be able to talk to him more to get the full details.

I have not seen them except this photo my sister took before she went home. Maybe I will see them in the morning. I got 400 and 425. Wow!!! That's kinda big.

1 day post op. Hurts like hell

Honestly so bad. I am counting the minutes to my next pain pill! I finally took off my bra to look. I think they look good so far!

I'm home now after spending the night in the hospital.

Right boob got 425 and left boob got 400. I got the mentor moderate plus profile textured implants.

Doc said that I had a ton of extra skin on my left side. I'm guessing that's why I'm in so much pain on that side.

It's still worth it but man does this hurt.

Day 3 post op. A little better. Left boob is too high and tight. Needs to settle down.

I showered today and got some rest last night which was great. Doc said I had a lot of extra tissue in my left breast that he had to cut out, so that is likely why it is hurting so much.

My right side seems to be dropping a little already and feels fine. I have full range of motion in my right arm but not so much in my left.

Ice is my BFF right now and I'm still taking norco every 4 hours. If my left side felt like my right I could probably stop the pain meds altogether.

Here are some pics. They look much bigger in person than the pics. You can see how high leftie is from the side.

Day 3 post op (the last update was actually day 2). Pain still pretty bad. My left boob hates me.

My doc said he had to remove a lot of tissue from the left side. It's so painful still. I ice constantly, but it hurts to touch it.

It's also much higher than the right, and more swollen. I'm hoping the swelling subsides soon so I can get some relief. Since today is day 3, I'm going to assume that this is the worst and by Sunday it will go down. I took pics underneath too. I don't see anything out of the ordinary, but It feels like my implant is going to pop out of my skin.

I guess today will be more of the same. Laying in the recliner, reading, and watching TV.

I just hope this pain subsides soon. If they both felt like my right side, I wouldn't need any meds at all.

Day 4 post op! I'm in love! And feeling a lot better too.

Pain is subsiding a bit and so is swelling. Right now I feel like I just need to nurse a baby really bad. I have been icing around the clock by using frozen peas. I bought 4 bags -- that way there are always 2 in the freezer and 2 on my boobs and I can rotate them easily. I even sleep with them on since I'm sleeping in a recliner.

Here's some day 4 pics. I'm just elated so far. I know they're still swollen and riding high but I just love them. Life changing. So glad I did this.

Day 5 PO. Still so tight. Hard to breathe.

I can breathe, but it feels like an elephant is on my chest. It's so tight and I'm just ready for some relief. I was cleared to drive today, but I have zero desire to go anywhere or do anything. I tried visiting with my neighbors last night and realized that it hurt to talk, so I went home after 15 minutes.

Anyone else experience this? The norco I have doesn't seem to make a difference with the tightness or breathing at all. I'm getting sick of sitting around doing nothing. Hoping I'm going to turn a corner soon.

Day 6. A little better. Still super tight, but I can breathe and I'm done with pain meds.

Okay ladies - how in the heck do you shave your armpits? My implants are all up in there and I'm having a heck of a time!!

I still feel immense pressure but breathing is much easier today. Since the pain meds weren't helping at all with that, I decided plain old Tylenol will have to work for now.

The right side is coming along nicely. The left side has not moved and is quite bruised as you can see.

They look so huge to me in person, but my old bras actually fit as do my old bathing suit tops. I tried them on for fun this morning after my shower.

My stomach is still so bloated that my belly button is almost an outie! How long will that last?

I think I may attempt to drive today! Wish me luck.

8 days PO. One week check up. The tape is off!

I saw the doc for my one week PO today. Remarkably, it did not hurt when he peeled all that sticky tape off of me.

Everything looks good. I'm healing well. Looking at this isn't pretty, but for 8 days post op, I think my scars are looking quite good.

The left side is still high but he pointed out that the implant is higher and it's my non-dominant side, so it will probably drop at a slower rate. Right now I won't worry about it.

If I feel up to it, I can do a stationary bike next week. I may go to a slow flow or yin yoga class and if they do any arm work, just modify and only do hands and knees. We'll see how I'm feeling. Right now, I can honestly say I'm not quite ready to workout yet, but I think I will be there soon.

Each day gets a little bit better. So far, I'm happy I did this.

Incisions hurt! What are you guys doing about this?

Since my doc removed the tape yesterday, my incision sites hurt. The implants are softening a bit and my muscles are finally relaxing, but man I sort of wish my doc would have left that tape on. I feel like it protected me.

My surgical bra is pushing on the incisions. I called the office today and they said I can use gauze as a barrier, or wear a clean t-shirt under the bra. Neither are really working.

Any advice?

12 days post op I think? Loss of feeling in left nipple. Still pretty bruised but def feeling better

I am still pretty bruised up. Incisions feel a lot better and the tightness is better but still there. I'm still sleeping on my back -- hurts too much to sleep on my side. I do a little more around the house every day.

I ordered this wireless bra from Kohls - 36D and it fits great. I'm happy with the size and love having cleavage again.

Oh and I have no clue how but I lost 2 lbs! I've barely been doing anything. Crazy. I'm really paying attention to what I eat and trying to be healthy so I guess that's helping!

My left breast had a lot of work done on it and now I have no feeling in the nipple. Have any of you experienced this? My right side is just fine.

I may try a gentle yoga workout in a couple days!! Excited and a little scared too.

I worked out today! 2 weeks post op review - boobie blues?

I started off this morning with a little bit of boobie blues. My left one is just still so high compared to my right and I'm worried it will never drop. I look back at my 1 day post op photos and it was high then. So I worry that it's always going to look like this. I then tried on a large zip up champion sports bra and it wouldn't zip. I got upset because now I think they may be a little too big (no boob greed here!). I have always been a size M or S and now I'm an XL?!?!? I still feel like I need to nurse a baby and my boobs felt more swollen today than yesterday.

I went to work in a terrible mood, and decided that since I was cleared for light cardio today that I may as well do it. So after work, I did 20 mins stationary bike and 10 mins on the stair stepper, but I turned the stepper down to almost half the speed I normally do just to be safe. Then, I did some standing lunges and squats, and some standing yoga poses that don't require my arms - or if they did (like triangle) - then I just didn't use my arms.

After my workout, I felt 100% better. I have more energy and my workout felt great. No pain - the tightness is still there, but I feel better.

Slow and steady is what this recovery is all about. Too bad I'm not a patient person.

Feeling better about them today. Back to the gym - day 2 and felt great.

I re-tried on that large champion sports bra and it fits. I must have been swollen yesterday. I liked the way they looked in it too so I felt better about my boobs this morning. I will try to look at this photo next time I get the boobie blues.

I did a little more today than yesterday at the gym, but all legwork with body weight only (oh and I used a rubber band around my ankles too) and it felt great.

The girls are still swollen and get worse at night -- right under my armpits. I'm still icing. But every day is a bit better. I see a light at the end of the tunnel.

3 weeks PO today. Starting to really like them (and feeling better too!)

I have been doing mild workouts that are mostly cardio (bike and stepper) and adding in some light bodyweight exercises too - legs only like squats or lunges etc). For the most part, I feel great when working out, but I did overdo one workout last week so I learned to scale everything back a little.

I am still sleeping in a recliner. I'm just not ready to sleep in bed on my side yet.

The pain is mostly gone. So is the feeling like I need to nurse a baby or I'm going to explode. They are still heavy and I hold them when going over bumps in the car, but I really feel like I turned a pain corner a couple days ago.

I go for my three week post op checkup tomorrow. I can't wait for the rest of the scabs to fall off so I can start the silicone strips.

But today, when I took my shirt off, the first thing I said was "oh wow, I love them!" :)

Week 4. Not much different than week 3. Starting scar therapy today. I've been able to workout too, which is nice.

I still feel about the same as I did a week ago. They are still swollen and sore, and I cannot move my arms laterally beyond about 90 degrees on my sides. I am now allowed to reach up and can do that, but it feels weird. I did get back to sleeping in my own bed and can sleep on my side. Doc said I could sleep on my belly after week 4 but I don't think I'm ready for that yet.

I was cleared to do lower body work (bodyweight only -- like squats and lunges) and abs at my 3 week appointment (in addition to cardio). I worked out 4 days last week, but no arms at all. I've done a lot of cardio and a ton of leg work. I have a list of things I can do to try to mix it up a little. I am not working out at 100%, but more like 60%.

I ordered the Newgel silicone strips and the gel, and start using that today. I took before pictures (attached) to document my progress. My anchor incisions are much higher and longer than most I see on this board. I forgot to ask why but I will. My guess is that I needed a lot of reconstruction.

I was also given the green light to get rid of my surgical bra, but for some reason I feel like I need to keep wearing it until my swelling goes down, so I will. I've always slept with a bra at night anyway, so it doesn't bother me too much.

Happy New Year!

Workout ideas for you!

Here are screenshots of my list I've been keeping in google keep of ideas of things I can do at the gym that do not use arms. I do a different combination of these after about 35 mins of cardio - either on the bike, stair master or the arc trainer (or a combination of them).

Some of them are yoga poses and may not mean anything to you - but if you have questions just ask and I'm happy to clarify.

Also -- I am not a personal trainer and this is at your own risk. Make sure to follow whatever advice your doctor has given you about exercising.

Hope this helps some of you!

Rockstar cleavage!

Ok so they're a little bigger than I thought I'd get (wanted to be a big C or small D) but this is why I did this -- I hated the way I looked in a bathing suit. Tried this on today. It's a DD. The D sized tops don't seem to fit me at all, but I loved the way this looked on me! Yay for new boobs!

5 weeks out. Reaction to silicone strips. Small tear in incision site

I'm feeling generally pretty good. Morning boob is still there, but barely. I started using Newgel silicone strips and my body did not like them at all. I got a super red rash under my left breast so I took them off. I'm giving it a break for a week and then will try again only for a few hours each day. Frustrating.

I also have this little area under my left breast where my anchor comes to a T that I think is an incision that has opened. I've been putting polysporin on it and it's getting better. Ugh. I just want to heal.

In the good news category, my workouts are getting better. I feel more energized with each one. I did downward facing dog yesterday for the first time post op and it felt great!! Hooray. I also did a short standing yoga flow on my own. I am likely going to go back to the studio for a slow flow class this week. This makes me very happy.

Happy Tuesday!

6 weeks. Scars look more red!?! And now some holes in my areola. Otherwise feeling great.

I'm a bit frustrated this week. I love the way they look- I do (look at my before and after side profile --- crazy awesome!); however I'm tired of the healing process. Now I have some small holes in my areola right at the bottom. Looking at my 5 week pics, it looks like they were there and I just didn't notice. Also, my scars look much worse this week than last and I'm not sure why. I am using the Newgel silicone gel when I can't use the strips due to all of these wound openings. Any advice with this? I'm using polysporin and aquaphor on the areas where I have issues and the Newgel ointment on other areas. I cut my silicone strips to go around my openings and I'm trying those out at night. I'm not putting them around my nipples.

I see my PS for my 6 week checkup tomorrow and will get his thoughts.

I am feeling quite good otherwise. They are still swollen, which is why you can see the indentations on my breasts from the gauze in the picture.

Workouts are going great. I did a killer workout last night that included weighted squats and even some bicep work. I went to two slow flow yoga classes last week and modified a little so I didn't do any chest work. That was great too. I'm feeling strong for the most part but can't wait to get to be able to get back to my vinyasa classes.

I just want these incisions to heal.

Pictures in clothes! And a before and after bathing suit pic

One of the members here asked me for pics in clothes to show how this size looks on my frame. They are very proportionate and don't look too big IMO in clothes. All my prior tops fit with no problem. They just look better.

The before and after in the same bathing suit top is also pretty cool. I can't fit into my strapless tops from last year, but all my halters still fit. Loving these more every day! No regrets.

7 weeks PO and feeling almost 100%!

No pics this week. They look the same, except way less red and my openings are either almost healed or healed completely. I'm now using silicone strips around the clock everywhere but my left nipple (waiting for that side to heal a bit more).

As far as workouts go, I'm at About 95%. I can run starting next week (not sure if I will try that or not), and I'm going to go back to a vinyasa class next week too. The only thing I'm not doing is working chest or my pec muscles- so I have to be careful with certain arm workouts; however, I'm doing clean biceps and triceps and even some lat work with free weights (no shoulders yet -was told not to do these yet). I can plank, side plank, do weighted squats and I even did dead lifts twice this week already. I think I could do a push up if I wanted to without pain, but I'm listening to my doc and waiting 3 months. I'm ok with that.

I feel great every day and sometimes forget I got them done. They are a little sore in the morning or when I wake up sleeping on my stomach, but that's it. They do not get in the way of my workout at all. I think this is because they're under the muscle. If I had these boobs naturally, I think they'd be all over the place.

I'm wearing a tighter sweater today and they look a *tad* big but I will live with it. They are slightly bigger than they were before and I'm wondering if my co workers will notice.

This certainly is a journey. I cannot believe how good I feel today compared to 4-5 weeks ago. For all of you just starting, be patient. There is a light at the end of the tunnel.

8 weeks! Went back to vinyasa. Feeling fine and no restrictions now except chest exercises!

Some days I think they're too big and others I don't. I can hide them very well in
Clothes but in a bathing suit they're quite big! Got measured at VS and they said I'm a 34DDD or a 36DD. I'm currently wearing these soft cotton bras from Kohl's that are 36D so the VS sizing is about right (they run large).

I went back to my regular vinyasa class last week and felt great. I just held plank for 3 breaths instead of the push-ups and I didn't kick up into handstand or do any arm balances as I normally would (that was hard! I don't do well with holding back).

I'm allowed to run starting today but I hate running inside and it's snowy and crappy out so I will probably wait. We're going to Hawaii in a month so I will def be running there!

All in all things are going well and now I'm just focusing on scar therapy.

11 weeks post op. Went running, and doing all workouts except chest. Now just impatiently waiting for scars to disappear.

I'm feeling awesome. I'm killing it at the gym and yoga. It's honestly like I didn't miss a beat. I've also been eating super clean and because of that, I'm at the lowest weight I've been in over a year. So for all of you worried about taking time off, don't worry! You will be just fine. I'm already back to handstands and forearm balances. I'm doing everything except push-ups and chest exercises at the gym. I accidentally came down from a handstand into chaturunga (a yoga push-up) on Saturday and I didn't like the way that felt, so I'm going to be sure to wait at least three months like my doc wants, and maybe more. We'll see.

I ran on the treadmill yesterday and that felt fine also.

As far as scars, I really want them to go away. They're healing slowly. The discoloration is what bothers me the most on my vertical incisions. I had neck surgery 2.5 years ago and I put nothing on my incision except vitamin e oil, and it's barely noticeable (pic attached). I'm hoping my breasts get the same result since I'm using silcone strips, but for some reason I'm not optimistic. Only time will tell.

We are going to Hawaii next week on vacation where my new girls will make their debut in a bikini! I can't wait. :)

3.5 month update - all is well. Just not in love with my scars

I think they are finally settling down and into place. I'm feeling completely back to normal although I still haven't done a push up yet (maybe soon?).

They are still a little big and I'm finding that I'm now self conscious of them in a bikini because I think they are too big. What's so ridiculous is that I did this because I was self conscious about them in a bikini. I tend to be the type of person that is never happy -- that could be my issue. I just feel they're still a tad bit too big compared to what I had, but I think they had to be this big to achieve the look I wanted.

I'm wearing silicone strips around the clock and hoping these scars fade. The one on my right breast looks so much better than my left.

Only time will tell!

4.5 month progress pics

I am fully healed and have all sensation back in both nipples now. The size sometimes does seem a little bigger to me than I wanted, but I'm not unhappy. They have shrank a tad, and I'm in a 34 DD at VS (pic attached). Still wearing silicone strips around the clock, although I don't know if they're helping anymore. My left scar is much darker than my right. I really wish they would lighten up but I may be stuck with these scars, unfortunately. I'm doing push ups again. At first, it felt really weird (they were moving and it was such a strange sensation), but I'm getting more used to it now. I will try to update from time to time so that others can see the scar progression. I believe they have finally settled and this is the finished product. I hope you are all well!

5 month doc visit - going to do scar revision surgery in the fall

No pics this time, nothing has changed. Doc was happy with my healing, but did say that he thought the left breast (and a small part of the right) had what is known as pigment leak from my nipple down the scar line. He said that this is a very easy fix, and can be done in his office in 45 minutes with local anesthetic. He wants me to wait until the fall, and if the scar is still there and I'm still unhappy, he will fold the skin over it (since I have plenty of skin there) and the line will be gone. He even said he'd do it for free. I'm so happy that I chose this doctor -- he clearly cares about his patients and his work product.

So, I will continue to update from time to time, and I will for sure update after the scar revision in the fall.

I hope you are all well! Have an enjoyable summer with the new twins!
Bloomfield Hills Plastic Surgeon

A doctor you can fully trust - caring and skilled - amazing results - Michigan, MI - Talented surgeon who takes his time, listens, and has an awesome bedside manner. Every nurse at Beaumont loves him (which put me at ease on the day of my surgery). My OR nurse told me she lost 150 lbs, and was getting the same procedure as me as a "makeover" for herself. She said she's watched Dr. S do this surgery so many times that she has no doubt he's the one that will be operating on her. That speaks volumes. All of my other nurses loved him as well. Everyone had such high regard for him at the hospital. I had very saggy mom-boobs after a 60lb weight loss and he lifted them and gave me the perfect size implants for my frame, based on what I told him I wanted. I could not be more happy with my results (check out my profile for the before and after if you're on the fence). I consulted with three board-certified PS and he won by a landslide, based on his attention to detail and his warm manner. He will spend all the time you need with him to answer all of your questions. I was second-guessing myself a week before the surgery, and his staff offered to let me come in for another appointment to ease my fears (talk about caring!!!). What I liked most about Dr. S is his artistic eye. He noticed right away that my breasts were not symmetrical. I also liked the fact that he was the one that made the final determination as to implant size in the OR (and he also sits you up and turns you, looks at you sideways, etc. in the OR before putting the implants in) to be sure that you get the right size implant for your frame. I gave him a range of what I wanted based on the sizers I tried on in his office, but I did not know what size I would end up with, because that is why we put our care into the hands of a skilled surgeon. He knew what I wanted ahead of time, and gave me exactly what I asked for. He changed my life! I'm so glad I made the decision to see him. He also gives you the option to spend the night in the hospital if you need it - I opted not to spend the night - but when I woke up from surgery it was late and he told me he wanted me to stay. He was so right -- and I'm so glad I stayed. Everything he and his staff have told me have been so true. I trust him and would highly recommend Dr. Sherbert.

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