39 Year Old Mom (5'9/150 lbs) Who Loves to Workout - Lift and Aug scheduled 12/6 350-400 Unders

I've made the decision to do this after wanting it...

I've made the decision to do this after wanting it for years. I used to be super heavy, and at one point was a size DDD. I've gotten in shape and this is the only thing on my body I can't change.

I'm not afraid of the pain, but I'm really worried about not being able to lift weights, practice yoga or run. I love to workout. It makes me feel happy and not being able to get that endorphin high is going to be very tough.

I didn't know if I needed a lift or not, but three board certified docs said I had to get one, so here goes nothing. I'm thinking 350-400 ccs and am for sure getting silicone. Pre op appt is 11/12.

Here's a side view. You can see my nipple is lower than the fold, and my extra skin from when the girls were HUGE is there.

Bikini "before" pics

Jeez looking at these just reaffirms that I need this so bad to feel better about myself. I like strapless tops but the way I look in them is terrible. When I lean forward, I have a ton of extra skin. The halter top squishes them together and helps a little, but now I can't wait!

Had my pre-op! Decided on 375-400 in bilateral plane with textured moderate plus implants

Today went great. My doc eased every concern I had. He answered all my questions and really gave me confidence. After trying on the sizers again, we decided on a range of 375-400 textured moderate plus implants. My doc brings a range of implants with him to the OR, fills me up with air, sits me up and then decides what looks best for my body. Here are some photos with sizers. I can't wait!!!

have any of you looked at dimensions of implants before choosing your size?

I just stumbled upon this information on Mentor's website. Mentor gives the dimensions and projection of the size of their implants. I'm a very wide-chested person (14 cm) and I chose 400, but I'm leaning now towards going a bit bigger to fill in my chest wall, since the projection isn't that much different at all between sizes.


Have any of you done this before deciding how big to go?


Having second thoughts. Ladies that workout regularly/all yogis on this board -- advice please!

I spent a lot of time last night reading about under the muscle implants and how it will affect my ability to do chest exercises after surgery. I'm ok with taking some time off to heal, but I've read a lot of reviews on here about implants under the muscle "moving" and feeling weird when doing push-ups.

Yoga is my life. If I had to choose between boobs and yoga, yoga wins. I have a very strong practice, and I regularly do arm balances and handstands, along with tons of planks, side planks, and push ups.

There are quite a few "ask a doctor" questions on this site about push ups after a breast augmentation, and while some docs say it's fine, other docs say that they advise their patients not to do push-ups ever again after surgery.

If you've had this done and can speak from personal experience, please let me know what you think.

Here's an example of some of the things I love to do, and want to continue to do.

8 days! Let the surgery prep begin. Got my frozen peas, smutty books, and I'm freezing food! Goodbye saggy boobs!

I'm counting down! This is my last week at work and I'm trying to get everything done so I don't need to do too much (I have a desk job and really am not going to be able to stay away from a computer for very long).

I got my frozen peas and am gathering a bunch of other stuff to get ready. I made a list of what needs to be done so my new boobs can be here next week! Merry Christmas to me. Ha.

I took some final pictures so I have some good comparison photos for my post-op. I'm currently wearing a 36C bra, but notice the view from the side how I do not come close to filling it out. Au revior saggy mom boobs!

4 days! Wish boobs and my doc is going to think I'm nuts.

I had my husband print three pics of wish boobs that I'm going to hand to my doc the morning of surgery so he has a perfect, clear, and recent vision of what I want to Look like when this is all done! Lol. He's gonna think I'm nuts (I kinda am when it comes to this surgery). Ha.

I just got the call from pre-op. I can have clear liquids up to 2 hours before my arrival time! How awesome is that?

4 days!! Wooo hooo!
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