24 Years Old, No Kids, BBL - Miami Lakes, FL

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I've always had a flat butt and I've been...

I've always had a flat butt and I've been anticipating for this surgery since I was in high school. My current stats are 5'4, 137 lbs. and my measurements are 36B-31-39. The measurements I am expecting post surgery are 36B-27-41. I want to lose a bit more weight before surgery so I can have a smaller waist after surgery. I originally wanted only liposuction on my flanks and lower abdomen. I only wanted to make my waist smaller, but then the surgeon convinced me that I should get a BBL added for only $1400 more. My hips are squared and I would like more roundness to them. I don't want a huge butt like Kim Kardashian. I'm shooting for a more natural look like Jennifer Lopez. My butt is pretty small to begin with so I don't think this surgery will make my butt look that big unless I go for another round, which I don't want. My main concern is my waist. Currently I have a squared waist with little curve and indentation. I would love my waist size to be in between 24-26 inches. I'm hoping to have him mold my waist so it can create the illusion of curves. So far I've been eating healthier and taking a lot of vitamins. I'm counting down the days and I cant wait :D

Pictures of my pre op body

I added these pictures for a comparison of my before and after surgery body.

2 more weeks until surgery!!!

I'm 2 weeks closer to surgery day and I can't wait. No one has called me yet from Jireh Cosmetics for information and instructions before surgery. So far I've made my down payment and I'm just patiently waiting. I've taken more pre op pics this time without clothes. I'll post wish pics very soon

Some of Dr. Ramirez's work and wish pics

2 more days until surgery

I finally got a call from them yesterday for instructions. I still dont have any blood work done so they scheduled me for today but when I got there they said the lady wasn't there so I have to come back tomorrow. Which sucks because I have school and a job. I shouldn't have to work around their schedule they should' be working around mines. I had to get out of work early and now tomorrow I will have to miss class. All I did today was talk to her about the doctor, procedure and money. She forgot to mention anything about a faja bought i want one today anyways for $85. I'm not sure if that's cheap or expensive but to me it felt pretty pricey. I got it in a medium at this Colombian faja store in Miami. The lady from the cosmetic surgery office informed me that the doctor is not a board certified surgeon but he is a real doctor and safe. While in the office, I spoke to 2 lady's that had lipo with the same doctor and they both told me they liked the doctor and recommended him to me. She says that I might not have enough fat to harvest to get the big booty that I wanted. She explained to me that I am going to have to talk to the doctor about what I want. That's understandable I know I'm not going to have a huge butt after but at least I'll be curvier and my stomach will be flat just in time for summer. I'm not nervous yet and my parents have been supportive. I'm going out tomorrow night I'm wondering if I can drink the night before surgery. It's going to be the last night I look squared in a tight dress. From that day forward I will have curves yayyy! I'm so excited!

Surgery was today

I woke up at 5:30 AM to be there at 6. They made me sign a contract and then I went to the back of the office where they started coloring me with a marker. The doctor took before and after pictures at this moment I felt very nervous, scared and I kept repeating to my self that everything was going to be okay when they laid me done and injected anesthesia. When I woke up I hugged the doctor and told him I loved him lol!!! That must've been the drugs talking. He started calling me his girlfriend. Their service was great they provided my family with coffee and kept them entertained. Apparently the faja I bought was not good enough so during surgery my parents had to buy me and new one size small. When I woke up I was in a lot of pain in my butt and lower back. I asked my mom to get me the pain pills from walgreens. I left the office at 10 AM I had drive laying face down in the car and it felt pretty long. I have mobility and I've been walking around like nothing and it doesn't hurt with the pills. Without the pills it felt like someone punched me in my butt a lot and swole me up. Painful. In the beginning, laying down upside down felt so uncomfortable but I'm still getting used to it and I'm not complaining as much as I did. I gotta do it and beauty is pain. I'm still very swollen but my hips are nice I love them and I like what I see so far. I will show pictures later.

Post surgery date

I went to see Marc Antonio today at the clinic for a clean up. He took off my faja and showed me my scars I have 5 little scars. 3 in the front and 2 in the back. He cleaned them with alcohol and I left it was very short. He says tomorrow I will get my messages done. I still have to lay down in the back seat of the car to get to places I feel silly doing it. Tomorrow I get my first message. There's certain areas of my body where it hurts ALOT. I couldn't fit in size small faja today so I stuck with my medium. My mom had a hard time putting it on. I took a shower and saw myseld for the first time. My bottom abdomen looks gross and disproportionate. Marc says it's because of the faja. My butt feels stiff and I noticed one cheek is bigger than the other. I've had an asymmetrical but even before surgery so I'm not completely sad about it even though I think maybe the doctor could've been more careful. I'm glad I have less bra fat and I feel as though my butt is too big for skinny legs but thankfully 30% of it leaves. I'm mostly impressed with the waist he gave me :) I'm no longer and walking stick lol

Laying on my tummy

Does anybody know a different way to lay down. My neck and lower back have been hurting from laying on my tummy. I try changing my head to the left and right because it hurts. Then I try not to have my arms flexed the whole time because when I wake up its so sore but it goes away quickly. It SO FUSTRATING not being able to sit down. I don't want to stand the whole time but I don't want to lay down because it hurts. It's no winning situation. I can't believe I have to deal with this for another 3 weeks.


Today I had my second message and it hurt less than yesterday's. I felt sharp pains in areas of my back and right tummy. She says she try's to get the balls of fat out. My family and friends tell me they can see a difference in my body. I have an hour glass shape :)

Before & after pic, faja, weight loss goals

Today makes a week post op. Unbelievable I wish recovery went faster. I added some before and after pictures. On the side view picture you can see my little hump on the lower abdomen that I hate. I asked the woman at the clinic if it it'll go away and she says yes but with time because I'm still swollen. I really do hope it goes down I feel fat still in my midsection. I hope my back and abdomen lose a lot of inches within the next time because if not I'll feel like I wasted a lot money. The whole point of the procedure was to get a nice, flat, slim tummy. Tomorrow I get my faja sown into a smaller size for $20 that way I don't have to buy another size small for $150. I'm happy I can fit in a size small faja in just 7 days post op I hope that means my swelling is coming down fast. I'm getting use to sleeping on my tummy I still don't have quality sleep though I have to wake up in the middle of night for breaks on my neck muscle. I'm still debating if I could should go to work on Monday (post op day 9) I definiately need to go to school in the morning and Im wondering what I am going to do about the sitting situation. The messages are starting to feel better to. A little note of advice, if you take your pain pills 2 hours before the messages you won't feel the pain as bad. The lady says I have a few hard spots on my right side. I hope these spots get softer with the messages. The doctor told me to place a marble in my belly button to spread it out because if not it's going to look bad since the faja scrunches it too much. This whole week I've been eating unhealthy. Ive noticed the neglect so now I have to get back to my healthy ways I don't want to get fat and after 6 months post op I want to lose 20 lbs for a slimmer curvier figure. im having a hard time figuring out what to wear because you can see my faja in all my clothes. I have to go shopping for shirts that wI'll hide my faja. The faja bra strap is too thick and I live in Miami where it's very hot so most of my clothes show a lot of skin.

Before & after pics

Oops I meant to post it with the previous review lol


Hello ladies. I'm not feeling 100% pleased with my results right now. It's been 10 days and I have not seen my waist is still the same size and just one inch different from my post op measurement. I'm supper bummed about that. I expected my waist to be a lot smaller. I'm only 10 days post op so hopefully with time my waist will get to the 27 inches I want to be. Worst, I have hard bumps forming on my tummy. I've done 6 massages and paid $300 for them. But the massages did not work. I posted pictures to show you. It's so ugly I have a line that separated the top and bottom half of my tummy. The bottom half sticks out a bit more than my top. I also have an assymetrical waist where one side slopes down more than the other. I have these horrible bruises also. My butt is only one inch bigger without the faja but with it its 2 inches bigger. The doctor says that if I get more massages I will waste more money because the balls of fat have harden and there's nothing else I can do but what's 3 months for the final results and work from there. He says I would need a second lipo procedure to remove the balls of fat. :((( this sucks. I really wanted my lower and to be flat and i didn't get it which upsets me. The whole point of this procedure was to make my waist smaller and shapely and that didn't happen. I do not recommend rhis doctor to anybody. I would advise dr Ortega or dr Miami. On the positive note he did get rid of my horrible love handles and bra fat which I like :) and even though it's a bit asymmetrical, he gave me a curvier silhouette. I'm having a hard time copying with it because I have a bit of regret and I am very worried that pooch won't ever go away. The doctor is worried too that it won't go away and he blames it on the faja and massages but on the same day of my operation I had the pooch there so it was a lipo problem not a faja or message problem. My point is ladies PLEASE DONT GO TO THIS DR until he gains more experience. I don't want you to go thru what I am. Do you think the pooch will come down? Or do you think it will stay like that permantely until I get my second lipo?

Pics from complaint

Couldn't load it with the previous review.

3 weeks post op pictures

Here are some post op pics. Does anyone know if the small lipo scars will ever disappear? Does anyone use any techniques to get rid of them faster?

3 weeks post op review

I'm feeling a lot better now than I did 10 days ago when I was miserable. My swelling is come down and I'm taking my faja to the seamstress today to turn it into an XS. My coworkers tell me they notice a difference and this makes me happy. I noticed it my pants especially because now it's tight on my butt and not on my waist when it use to be the opposite before surgery. I'm feeling a lot happier now I've gone shopping and the clothes fit me better =] i feel normal again. Im still not sitting down on butt yet except for yesterday when I got a pedicure. At the office I found a way to work standing up by putting the keyboard and mouse on top of a box that way I won't have to bend. I honestly like standing up. I'm drinking a ton of water and walking for 30 minutes to an Hour 4 times a week. I cant wait to go back in the gym. Im struggling with the clothing choices because almost everything I have shows skin and is sexy. This prevents me to wear any of this things and the weather is no nice in Miami. I can only wear pants and no shorts and shirts with sleeps and no V necks. I am going to visit my doctor some time this week and I'll post review about it. A few days ago I changed my status from Not Sure to Not Worth it (thumbs down) because I was so bummed about the results but now I am changing it back to Not Sure again

8 weeks post op

Hello ladies. I've been sitting on my butt and driving around (please let me know if this is bad). I think my left side butt has gone down some it use to be bigger. I hope I FLUFF soon. If anything i think my butt is getting smaller :( I did a consultation with dr. Miami and he says those lumps on my skin are caused by my skin and doing lipo won't help. I almost cried when he told me that. I have to live with it for the rest of my life :( or until I get a tummy tuck he says. He suggested I get breast implants before doing a second bbl. he suggested to wait a year until I do a second round. He says that dr. Gonzalez did not get enough fat on flanks :/ he says there is still fat left over. I guess I will have to wait a year until my second bbl. did you guys see my extra skin on my stomach? Is it gross? You can be honest with me.

8 weeks post op pictures

Check out my extra skin on my stomach please and tell me what you think.

Revision coming soon

Hey ladies. I visited the doctor and he says he going to lipo the part of my stomach where it looks lumpy. He says lipo could help and even it out so it looks flatter. I'm a bit embarrassed to wear bikinis or cropped tops cause of the lumps. The lipo will be free.

I met with the lady at the front desk I cant currently remember her name but she's supper sweet and friendly. She gave me a quote and provided me with helpful suggestions. The second time I came I spoke to Rene he was very nice, talkative and caring. The operation room looks very clean and nice. Everyone treats you with respect and smiles a lot.

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