43 Years Old with 4 Children Ranging from 7 to 23 Ready for my Mommy Makeover and Nervous - Miami, FL

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After months of researching different Dr. i found...

After months of researching different Dr. i found the doctor that I'm going to let do my surgery Dr.Richard Lung,I was really nervous until meeting with him and his staff yesterday now i feel a lot better i put down my deposit and schedule my surgery for 5 weeks later ,I hope I'm not doing it soon but i think if i wait i might change my mind. so the countdown begin, if theres anyone out there that can tell me some of the thing that i my need and will help.

I've changed my date and the count down begins

Well I've set my date December1,2014 is the big I'm ready and nervous all at the same time i need to ask you guys something what some of things that I should buy to help the healing process.

I had a tummy tuck done with dr. Stover about a...

I had a tummy tuck done with dr. Stover about a year ago December 2nd 2015 and it was the best decision I could have ever made I consulted with her December 1st 2015 surgery done December 2nd 2015 that's how confident I was after consulting with her I had a mommy makeover done with a breast lift with silicone implants she was very attentive she prayed with me before surgery and to meet her you would know that she is a product of what she does so she's not telling you anything she hasn't experienced herself I'm actually getting ready to do a revision with her and have my breast done a little bigger so I'm going now for some more lipo and implant replacement dr. Stover comes highly recommended

Revision Time

So it's revision time for me I'm doing 12areas of lippo and implants replacement today I'm meeting with Dr.Stover so I'll know when my actual surgery date I can't wait I'm really excited my result from my previous surgery are great so I can imagine what the results from this will be I'll keep you guys posted

12 areas of lippo w/fat tranfer to breast

My surgery is in 3 days an of course im nervous but ready to get done an over with. Im having lippo on flanks,thighs,waist an abdominal with fat tranferred to my breast which i already have implants just want to go a little bigger so 300 cc to each breast ive heard you lose some fat so time will tell , ill pist after pictue in a few days to get you'll opinion.

12 areas of lippo fat transfer yo breast with implants

Well tomorrow is the big day im the second case of the day with Dr.Stover ill post after pictures when i get a chance.

Revision update

Revision update

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