Weight Loss Leads to Extended Tummy Tuck and BL with Augmentation - Miami, FL

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I have practically lived on this site for the past...

I have practically lived on this site for the past year. This site helped me pick my doctor! So I decided I should give back and talk about my own experience. Hopefully it will help somebody else and to be honest I need the support as well! :) I have lost about 90 pounds through the years. I am currently 5'5/5'6 and 165 lbs. I'm young, mid 20's, no children, but I have never had a body that I liked. Ever, I grew up fat and when I lost the weight I am left with saggy breast, a sagging stomach, back and arms! Hopefully I will go back and get the back taken care of later in the future.

I picked my doctor after MUCH deliberation. Seriously, I must have looked at more than 100 doctors. I wanted somebody who did beautiful, natural looking breast and a good tummy tuck with a low scar. Much harder than it looks lol. Also needed to feel comfortable with the doctor. I finally decided to go with Dr. Hochstein. I haven't seen any pictures of his with weight loss patients but I made sure to see pictures with stomachs and breast close to mine and they look great! Nice thin low incisions and natural looking breast! My dream come true.

Currently I am preparing for surgery by becoming as healthy as possible. I am starting a clean eating program (tomorrow). Won't lie if I lose some more weight I won't cry about it! :) I've been stuck at 165 for a while now but wouldn't mind dropping some more before the surgery. I'll keep you guys updated!

Less than 12 weeks!

OMG, 11 weeks and 4 days to go! Well started my clean eating diet last Wednesday and it went well. I'm doing 80/20, eating clean 80 percent of the time. The other 20 percent is just portion control. The results have been pretty good. Hoping I can keep this up!

10/28- 76.5 kg (168.7)
11/3- 74.3 kg (163.8)

To be honest my first weigh in was a day after that time of the month and a heavy dinner the night before (as I knew I was starting my diet) so that is probably why the loss is so great. However, I lost and I hope I can keep up this momentum.

Starting to get nervous. I hate the idea of anesthesia. I'm also working on making a list. I don't have a lot of money to spare so I'm having to make a list of things I ABSOLUTELY need. So no recliner for me, going to have to make due with pillows. No pill separator...my mom will have to do that lol. My mom is taking care of me and ended up getting a vacation home that is seriously high class! Looks like I will be recovering in style. It's my mom's vacation too so I guess she wanted to relax in style. Plus we will have to be in the house for a while so I guess my mom wants to be comfortable. She's paying for it so I'm not going to fight her. :)


I love my mom! :)


So I guess I decided to update this blog every week until about a month before surgery and then I'll try and update more often! My weight:

10/28- 76.5 kg (168.7)
11/3- 74.3 kg (163.8)
11/10- 74kg (163.1)

I didn't do the best this week because I went off my meal plan a bit! Whoops. I got some soy protein after eating eggs for two weeks in a row and kind of lost my mind trying each kind. I also got some fiber one bars and atkins bars and also tried each kind to taste it. I need help haha! I forgot to mention that I live abroad and don't have access to much American food so I have to order it online. But my fiber one bars are gone now (they are so delish) and I'm not a big fan of the atkins bars so they are pretty safe! Next week should be pretty good.

Still working on making a list. I also want to get my "wish" pics. I'm not sure if I want to be a full D or a DD. I remember when I had 17 weeks now I have a little less than 11. Can't wait!

I cannot believe how soon my surgery is...

OMG! My surgery is 2 1/2 weeks away! This is crazy. A lot of things happened (I will write about a little later) but Dr. H's office has been great about it and I appreciate that. I still don't have a solid list of things to buy. I feel like I'm so behind.

CW: 158.5

Not a lot of weight loss. But hey I survived the holidays! :) To be honest I would love to be 154 by surgery. 154 is a healthy weight for my height so it would just be nice to hit that number! I'll write more tomorrow and hopefully add some wish pics.

OMG my surgery is 4 days away!

Time is passing so quickly. I'm so nervous. Not so much about recovery but about the anesthesia. Ugh, that truly is one of my biggest fears. I may have to ask for an anxiety pill the night before. I'm back in America at my Dad's house and head down to Miami on Wed. I'll have my pre-op on Thursday and then surgery on Friday. So nervous.

To be honest I was getting a little depressed. Because I just felt huge. I wondered would the results be good? I'm still fat! What if I lose weight after surgery and have loose skin again (realself doctors don't help that fear lol). But then I came back to America and realized I'm actually smaller than a lot of women. Not that this a good thing, as I think we are way too big. But I'm not huge. I remember when I could barely fit in an airplane seat. And now I have so much room that I was practically smiling the entire flight! So I feel better. I still want to lose a bit of weight after. Not sure how much...maybe 20-30lbs. I've seen a few people's results who have lost this much weight and they just look better. But who knows maybe the people with bad results just don't upload their photos. I'm willing to take that chance. ;) P.S. this might be a miracle as I have tried to lose this weight for so long and it has not happened. My body got super comfortable at 175 and it took the moon to get down to my current weight of 157. This is after clean eating and exercising for months. MONTHS! Almost 10 months. So we will see how it goes. Who knows? Maybe I will feel great after the surgery. It's hard to feel good when you look in the mirror and see saggy skin everywhere. Sorry, for the rant just wanted to honestly update you guys. ;)

So yeah now I am just nervous and excited. Ahhhhhhhh haha.


Height: 5'6
CW: 157

Would love to be 154-155 by surgery date but I'm not going to starve myself to do it. I want to be nice and healthy for recovery so we will see. To be honest the reason I want to get down to 155 is because I'm thinking 135 might be my ultimate goal weight and most doctors say 20lbs. will do nothing but improve your results. So even if the miracle happens that I finally lose this weight I will still have good results. Another doctor said 30 at the most...so I just want to feel comfortable after if I go to the gym and continue to lose weight. JUST IN CASE lol. I'm all about maintainable weight so I never want to do anything that isn't maintainable for me which is probably why I was 175 for a good 3 years before taking the plunge and researching this operation. Ugh, ranting for days. :)

I will attach some photos.
1. Supplies I have gotten so far: scar guard, kelo-cote, scar away. Figure I'd do the creams for the breast and silicone sheet for the tummy. Pre-op and post-op vitamins, antibiotic ointment, medical tape, sineccH (arnica montana). Not pictured: iron supplement, and antibacterial soap.
2. Goal photos:
Kate Upton-I love her body. She is curvy and not super skinny but not fat. She looks amazing in clothes as well as out. I love her bust size as well.
Halle Berry- She has the ultimate body to me. Who knows maybe one day? Going to have to start lifting the weights.
Random tumblr girls

There are a couple of realself ladies whose results I adore. I didn't want to add their photos because they don't belong to me. But their names are Pharmsales (her body weight/height was similar to mine and her results are amazing! One of the reasons I went ahead with Dr. H). For the breast maggie2013ba, I love her shape. They are big, but they look natural. I'm not as small as her but I would love that ratio. There are many other girls out their with good results, these are just two that caught my eye. :)

Wow, I am typing way too fast.

Sorry for the typos. I think I am too excited. (For that last sentence it should be there, not their lol). There are probably more typos too, so sorry!

Today is the day!

Had my pre-op yesterday . I will try and post about that a little later, but Dr. H was really sweet and help put some nerves to rest. Still a little nervous but excited. We are supposed to be there in about an hour. I will try and post later today if I am up for it. Wish me luck! :)

I made it!

I am back at the apartment. I am shocked at how I feel. I'm doing okay...I have a pain pump so the only pain I'm having is from the drains and my breast. Everyone says you never feel your breast but I guess the pain pump helps with the tummy so you actually feel pain in your breast,It went quickly as we'll. I was in at 7:45 and out by 1:40. Getting up and down hurts, but it is berable. The only sharps I am having is from the drains. I took pics but my computer is acting up...so I'll post them a little later. I will go now the medicine makes me sleepy. Thanks for your well wishes.


Sorry, I am so late. My computer is acting funny and I have been in and out of sleep. So I will work backwards and tell you about my pre-op. We went in on Thursday. He had just come back from out of town so it was a bit busy. Me and my mom missed breakfast so. We got a bit hungry lol. When we got there he was in surgery so we waited a bit, I filled out some paperwork. By the way his office is very beautiful! We were led to one of the exam rooms where I changed into a paper gown and paper underwear. My mom was laughing because they looked like a thong. Dr. H came around and was really sweet. I don't know why I was surprised but when I read reviews it always depicted him as very serious. When I met him he was all smiles. The thing that is true is he is straight to the point. So you should come prepared with all of your questions and what you want to talk about. We talked about my desired size: DD, I told him I am currently a full C and he told me that we should go with 550cc. I totally trust him with that because I have no idea about cc's . Then I asked him some general questions but for some reason I forgot to talk about whether the Iimplant would be mid or high profile. And I forgot to discuss him taking out my fibroid. Later on I wrote that down to ask him the following day. I took my before pictures and got my prescriptions.

My mom and I picked up the rest of my supplies: cough drops, blanket, cold pack, medicine, milk of magnesia, pads, a button down top, and food.

I set everything up and then went to bed. I was tired and shockingly had a good nights sleep!

Day of surgery

I had the first surgery time at 7:45am. This is the time I wanted so I was very happy. I was a bit nervous but excited. They took me back and gave me a pregnancy test. Then they weighed me. With all of my clothes on I was 155 which means I was 153 and hit my goal. I was so happy. I changed into my lovely paper gown and thong underwear again and got to get a robe and hat. The robe was so comfy and warm. The nurse put my IV in and then described what to do after surgery. I was led back to an exam room where Dr. H drew on me. He showed me where I would get lipo and what would be cut off. I saw where my new nipple would be and was pleased. But guess what? I was concentrating so hard on him drawing that I didn't ask about the implant's profile, my fibroid, or assymmetrical breast. Ugh, eventually we told the nurse that was bringing me back to the surgery room about the fibroid and assymetry but I forgot about the profile.

I went to lay on the bed I was super nervous and scared. The anesthesia doctor said he would be giving me a cocktail here in a moment and that I might see a little blurry. Well I was waiting to start seeing something blurry and that is the last thing I remember. I woke up breathing very hard and fast with the anesthesiast telling me to breath deep and slow. Fell asleep again and woke up in recovery shivering and asking where my mom was. I was freezing and could barely move my legs. They had blankets and a heater on top of me but I was still shivering. Not a fun experience. Eventually it got better and they had me tack some meds. I felt fine until dun dun dun they asked me to sit in the wheelchair. That is when I felt all the pain. I wanted to cry but since I was a kid I never cried in front of others so I waited. The nurse kept saying how well I was doing but I was really just holding it in. I cried in the car. My mom is a nurse so this didn't freak her out she just knew I was in serious pain. We got back to our hotel and they got a wheelchair for me. A nice man helped me up then we found out our room key didn't work. My mom was so mad! The funny thing is everyone could see my wheelchair from the back so when they came in front of me every single person looked at my face. I was like...seriously lol. Eventually we got in and my Mom set up my space on the couch. My pain was fine from then on. I never thought it was that bad. I was just going in and out of sleep all day. Seriously, even in the middle of a sentence. The doctor called me later that night and I asked him what profile I got, he said high profile. I was a little worried as I want my breast to look natural as possible. After some research there may be a reason that he choose high profile and I just have to ask him. My breast were extremely saggy and he measured everything so I am sure or hope that there is a reason and they will look natural. I saw a woman on YouTube who was similar to me. She had sagging breast from weight loss, got high profile and they looked natural. I guess everyone is different.

Sorry if I am rambling. I just want to give the full experience.

Day 2

I ordered pre and post-op vitamins from makemeheal. I also have a high pain tolerance so I was doing really well. Honestly, I was just a bit sore. My appetite isn't gone but I still watch what I eat. If I eat too much the binder gets too tight. Was doing well until my mom got locked out again and security took 30 minutes to get here. So eventually I tried to get up and let my mom in. It was so painful. My abs were on fire and my boobs were sore. Security came right after I got up too. My mom was mad that I got up but they were taking way too long. It turns out we are supposed to get a new key everyday before 12, yeah you read that right, I would never stay here again. It is supposed to be a luxury hotel but it is far from and the security and management are horrid. Will tell you the name afterwards.

The only big thing is that I had to cough bit time. My mom told me to hold a pillow and let it out. Big mistake it was horrible pain. I cried for a second time. I lived off cough drops from then on. I still have to cough, but I do little ones. I also started itching like crazy. The drains are a pain. And my incision started showing. So we covered it withs some gauze and pads. Don't want it to get infected or irritated. The drain sites are really irritated and my mom keeps forgetting where they are so she has pulled at it more than once lol. That was it day 2,

Some photos

So I couldn't get my photos from pre-op yet...but here are a couple of photos from today. I had lots of hanging skin and now my tummy is flat...like flat flat. I still have some fat on my back but that was expected as I had a lot of back fat. My breast have not dropped yet so they are in that weird extra high phase. Can't wait to see them drop.

Day 3, 4 and 5

This is going to be a quicker update. Day 3 and 4 were okay. Day 3 I was doing great until later on in the night I felt like something was stabbing me in my left boob. We called my doctor and he said it was probably nothing and to come in the next day. But all night I just felt this extreme pressure under my left breast. I thought the cg was hitting me.

The next day we go in and I saw everything. I never felt lightheaded. I was okay. I did notice how flat my stomach was though. Haha And when they took off the binding for the breast I noticed a lot of blood came from my left breast. That's when my mom said it was bigger than the right. Dr. H came in and said that everything looked great. I asked about my boob and he said it should even out soon (to be honest cant remember his exact words, just that it should be okay.) I asked a bunch of questions and he answered all of them...still super friendly. I do remember being surprised, by how flat my tummy was. Like wow, when I can stand up straight it will look amazing. And my boobs are very coned shape. Like very high and tight lol. Ready for that drop and fluff.

Today was okay. Had a bit more energy to walk around. I can pretty much do everything except get up from a reclining position, and shower by myself. My mom also gets my medicine and cooks for me. My boobs look way more even then yesterday!!! So happy, Dr. H is known as the boob god so I should probably relax a bit. I wish they would drop and fluff quickly but I know that can take months so I need to be patient. Took a shower...and it was exhausting. Wow.

I am having trouble keeping,my cg down and my incisions protected. I tried putting pads on top, but my incision is so low that they slide up along with my shirt inside the cg. I tried taping them to my body and nothing. If anyone has any tricks I am open ears. Like how to keep the incision from becoming irritated from the cg.

Wow, so late! Here is an update...with late photos

Hey guys, sorry I didn't post.

So where did I leave off? Recovery has not been too bad. Just annoying. Week 1, I knew it would be hard and I was expecting to be in horrid pain but it was okay. It went by. I was sore and bent over but it was expected.

Week 2: I was getting super tired of being bent over. I knew that I could stand straight, well straightish, and I wanted to do so. But Dr. H said that I shouldn't stand straight until day 10. (Helps with healing of the incision) I was literally causing myself back pain but I was not going to go against doctor's orders lol. LOL. But this is when I began to be annoyed by recovery. I just want to feel like myself again. And at this point coughing, laughing, moving too fast, back pain, etc. where all causing issues.

And now I have officially made it to week 3. I feel good! I still feel tight. Apparently, I'm a little bent over when I stand. My tummy feels really tight still. When I go to stretch it's like I can feel the muscle repair and it stops me from stretching. I get tired easily. My breast feel sore from doing little things. BUT!!! I do not regret this. It's hard because I still have my drains in (taking one out tomorrow) and I wear my bulky cg 24/7 so I can't really see my tummy or breast. But whenever I take a shower I'm always amazed. Even at night when my swelling is the worst I think it looks good!

I can't wait for week 6, when I hopefully feel a bit more normal. I can go to the gym and get focused on my diet again!

Oh and a few more things:
1. I've always read that your tummy hurts more than your breast lift. Yeah, that did not happen for me. My breast have been causing way more issues than my tummy lol. One of my breast had extreme sensation from day 2. Anything that touches it feels like a little stab. And they seem to be in constant pain. Whereas my tummy...nothing really. Even coughs don't hurt anymore. Although I do have these damn drains in!

2. It's week 3 and I still have my drains. :/ I'm taking out one tomorrow but the other one is still draining about 60cc per day.

3. Never got depression...just extreme annoyance lol.

4. Very easy going through Miami airport even with my drains. Had a very cute wheelchair service man aswell haha.

5. I have a feeling of being full because of the muscle repair...but I have extreme cravings. Don't know why, I think that is just how my body works. So I have been portion controlling. Don't wanna ruin my new tummy ;)

Can't think of anything else for now. I will post some old pics. They are from week 1. Hopefully, I'll have newer pics up soon.

Forgot one photo

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