22 yr old Mcadoo Doll

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22 Year Old Bbl with Mcadoo. Miami, FL

I'm trying to get everything together for my flight on March 10th. I'm staying with Mayda, she's charging 145 a night and she has someone that comes and does messages for 50. I payed 3,500 for the bbl with Mcadoo an addition 500 for chin lipo. Right now I'm 5'6" 170 I measure 32 38 42. I'm hoping my waist can go down to a 28. Overall it's really hard to contact my coordinator in Vanity, their constantly giving me excuses why they can't talk and it gets really frustrating. I'm just hoping I get through this with the results I want.

One more day till bbl

I arrived in Miami today. I did my urine at vanity and turns out I have a uti. So today I have to drink a lot of water and cranberry juice so hopefully it's cleared up in the morning. But so far the best part of the trip is Mayda, she is amazing. I just met her and I can already see how she really cares for her patients. She only takes two girls at a time but right now I'm currently by myself. Her place is very comfortable, she cooks and do everything. Such a blessing! I have to wake up at 8 tomorrow to take another urine test. Wish me luck that all goes well. I'm scheduled for surgery at 1:30.

One day post op

So where do I begin. I had my surgery at encore. I had a uti originally. I drunk so much water n cranberry juice n waited 3 hours for my results. Everyone at encore and vanity moved at their own pace so me and a girl met mcadoo at the same time. I really like him he has a sense of humor which was pretty good took away my nervousness I told him I didn't want hips but he still gave em to me. Everyone for the most part is really friendly but extra slow at encore but I refer them than vanity. I've seen soooo many women mcadoo have don'e and let me tell you he does amazing job!!!!! Idk what's going on with his review on real self but he definitely snatched my waist to the gods. The crazy this is when I woke up I didn't feel much pain except in my waist and the oxygen mask. The he ride home was good. Barely any pain. It's just walking takes some time. I slept like a baby except the fact I had to get up every hour to pee because of the anesthesia. My check up was pretty fast less then 20 minutes. If you guys would like for me to tell you what to pack I will because so many almond over pack when they do t need to buy half the things they do.

One week

The list of supplies I took are in a picture.

I'm sooo happy I stayed at Mayda recover house, great cozy environment, amazing food, 24 hour care, her and Olga actually care. It was hard the first 2 days to shower and Olga showered me. She's super clean, I was really happy about that. If anyone needs a recover house please go to Mayda not everyone cares and takes car of you life that 7862343069. So I'm healing great. The second day I actually pooped three times without any medication. Ladies eat, it's important but eat healthy. I'm in love with my body it's amazing and the swelling is going down and I just can't believe Mcadoo did such an amazing just. The only problem is all these foams they want you to have. I only wear one wearing all 4 feels like death, so I just don't. But if there's anything you guys wana know just leave me question. Good luck ladies!

God bless Dr Mcadoo

It had been 5 months post op and my butt stayed the same, still 44 inches. I have notices before that my waist after surgery was 38 and now it measures 31 inches. Amazing results only issue is the scars. If anyone has any ideas how to fade them let me know please.
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