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Starting to get a little anxiety about my...

Starting to get a little anxiety about my treatment and the recovery. I am convened about my 2 small children and how they will handle mommy is such pain…..I am going to stay in a hotel with a friend for a few nights, hopefully will be better when I return home. Will post pics of my pre body soon……….

Today is the day

all day yesterday had anxiety and was trying to get all last min things done. I went in the morning i was his first patient got my IV and on table and was sleeping before i even realized - waking is such jitters. was soo super cold a MUST for anyone is bringing comfy socks, you get to wear through surgery only thing you keep on :)

Walking is just misery but overall I'm ok. Taking the pain meds every 4/5 hours. going to the bathroom is dreadful but dealing. recliner is also a must makes life so much easier! have plenty of pillows behind me to keep me from being flat and pulling on my tummy.
Here is my pre body. I really am surprised at pain thought it would be much worse, hope I'm not jinxing myself. I will touch base tomr…. can't wait to see my tummy but can't for a few days.

3 Days post

still in pain but able to walk around a lot more, went to Dr Hochsteins office today and changed my garment and got to see what is going on underneath. LOVE It so far!!! looks so scary but good scary lol. got a walker had the place meet me at the office before my apt. worked out great! really reccommend one - renting is 20 a week or buying for 50.00 recc buying one cause then you can donate it. going back on monday to have the pain pump removed… going home to rest that tired me out.

3 Days post

so last night in middle of night the Pain pump ran out.. AHAHHA sucked!!!! i called trying to get a refill but they won't. I removed it myself today was a little gross cause all this liquid started pouring out, but they reassured me that it was fine just the drainage same stuff that is going out the drains. its nice not to have the bag around me and i am just keeping on top of the Oxys every 4 hrs still… hopefully tomorrow i will start taking every 5 hrs. I have been massaging my legs not sure if i should be or not but i have been makes me feel better they are super sore but i have No bruising anywhere its actually kinda weird. But i guess all the extra vits and pills i have been taking are working. my incision is stuck to the pad thats below my girdle. I am not sure if i should pull it apart or not, i think it will bleed so i don't want to but its pulling is burning so i am torn, and i don't want to call office cause i have already called about pain pump 2x and my breathing once. don't want to be too annoying lol. anyone have any tips i appreciate it :)

After my first Child … just showing how i looked before my 2nd split my abs open.

Time moving soooo slow!!!

I'm so board!!!!! I never sit around and have nothing to do so this is very weird for me.... I can't wait to go to dr on Monday. My one drain is bothering me a lot, at the incision point has some burning other then that no pain. Been taking the mess every 6 hrs. I only walk 10 steps to bathroom and 10 back like 5 x a day. I drink a lot of water always do... 3/4 lets a day. I am also upset and dwelling on my boobs wish I went with more projection. I didn't learn enough bat them before doing them I got same thing I had. Oh well. Will send pics after Mondays dr trip.

8 days post…...

Back home and relaxing still using the recliner but i am going up and down the stairs a few times a day. I am almost ready to have my drains removed they have been producing less then 25 on each for last few days but want to be sure sure cause i don't want to be aspirated. Its only been a little over a week. I have been off pain meds for a few days now and feel no pain except for the pulling and the drains, they are quite painful when pushed on. plan to see Dr again tomarrow in hopes they will be taken out or at least one will……


Sorry about the delay in updating….. I am not as satisfied as i thought. 7 months has past. First off the DR has the absolute worst adittued ever. I really wish i wasn't so excited to do the procedures and met with more drs. Nobody should have to be treated as he does to others. 2nd not that happy with anything i do not think he good, but its not so great. I don't think my hernia is completely fixed, i don't think my breasts are even as i wished, my scar is great only cause i have had it worked on and spent a pritty penny doing so. When i told him how i felt about his work he laughed at me… I do not recommend him. I have now heard horrible stories and do regret going with him.

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