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So, I decided to make a review for my revision. I...

So, I decided to make a review for my revision. I have decided to go with dr.llorente in miami. This will be the 3rd trip Im making over there, and hopefully the last. I have put my deposit down but I have not set a date yet. I'm hoping to go ending of July or beginning of August. I will be scheduling a date within a week. I had my first tt 5 months ago with dr. Sergio alvarez in miami and I am not happy at all with my results. So, hopefully llorente can fix me up. I'll be updating as soon as I set my date. If any ladies have had surgery with llorente I would like to hear ur experience. Bye Dolls!


Along with revision of tt and bb I am also getting lipo to my full back and arms.

Set Date!!

So, I have set a date for my revision. I am set for July 8th. I will need to arrive in miami the day before. I have received the paperwork showing what lab work needs to be done. So, I will now look into where I'm gonna stay. I will probably get a place on airbnb and have someone care for me the first two or three days. So excited I will let you know if anything else comes up!! Bye ladies!


So, I'm looking to book a place on airbnb. I'm looking for a caretaker to care for me for 2 days. If anyone knows or has any suggestions u can throw my way I would greatly appreciate it!!

Date Changed!

So, I contacted my coordinator Liset and asked if I could change my date to July 1st instead. She stated she had an opening. So, im set for July 1st!! I'm so happy and excited I just can't wait!!!

13 Days!!

I am less than 2 wks away and just ready to do this! Hopefully, this will be my last surgery. I am from texas. So, I have booked my flights and have reserved my stay at Ana's Recovery. I will be arriving Thursday and my surgery will be Friday. I will be returning home on Sunday and will go back in a week for another check up. If you guys have any questions feel free to ask. This will be my 3rd trip to miami for surgery so I have alot of insight. Talk to yall soon!!

8 More Days!!

In the single digits!! It's getting closer and I'm starting to get anxious. I am going to go get my xray done today and I have been drinking my floradix for 3 wks already. So my iron levels and everything else should be good for surgery. Just wanted to give a small update. I'll talk to yall soon!

4 More Days!!

Wow!! The days are going by so fast! I'm so excited yall! So, I did my chest exray on thurs. I will be calling new life tom to make sure they received the results. I tried to plan my surgery around my period cuz I did not want to be on it when I had surgery. But, wouldn't u know I started a few days late. Dang it!!! Atleast I'll be at the ending of it. So, ladies when planning ur surgery keep that in mind. I've gotten my bag packed and I'm ready to go. I've packed very light since I've already been thru this and I know exactly what I'm going to use. Alright ladies, I will give another update as soon as I hear from new life or if anything comes up!!


So ready!! Just ready to do this! So, my flight leaves at 5am in the morning. I will have to take connecting flights. I've requested for wheelchair service on my flight back. That has saved me everytime I've gone for surgery. I've confirmed that new life has gotten my xray results. So, I'm good there. Well, I'll give an update tomorrow between flights. Wish me luck!!!

So Dissapointed!!

I have come to realize that all of the clinics in miamI are the same!! They don't show the doctor's ur photos before... they just tell u what you want to hear!! So, I get here to miami and finally get to see the doctor after waiting for a while. He comes in and asks what I want done so first off I'm thinking don't you have this already in a chart or something this is supposed to be a scheduled surgery. So, I begin to tell him. He then begins to ask what surgeries I've done before and my medical history. He then says I can not revise your scar you have to wait at least a year. I then say that was the first thing I asked for when I called for the surgery and my coordinator Liset told me they could revise 3 to 6 months out. He then says "they all say that" He then asks me to take off my clothes, so I get undressed he then says you have to wait for a revision on scar and I can not lipo your back because you already had it lipo when you had your bbl and your arms don't need to be lipoed the only thing I can do is fix your belly button. OMG are you kidding me I came all the way over here to fix my bb he then says ok I can lipo your arms but your not going to see that much difference. So, he leaves and my coordinator comes back in and she apologizes and I told her I needed a refund for the things he's not going to do so she says ok. So, later that day I send liset a message telling her I need to have a refund receipt in the morning before I do the surgery she says ok. Well, this morning I text her if she processed my refund she then says it's going to take 2 to 3 wks. Damn it didn't take that long for them to take my money. I then tell her If i don't have a refund receipt I'm going to just cancel everything cuz I spent alot of money flying over here and booking a stay and wasting my time for nothing. She then says come in 30 mins earlier for your appt and talk to administration. So, what do you guys think I should do a part of me is just like screw it cancel it and call the bank and dispute the charge since no services were provided!! Damn it I got screwed again by another miami clinic!!


So, let me start off by saying my surgery was scheduled at 4. I asked the lady of the recovery house via text cuz she wasn't there if she could take me to the clinic cuz I needed to dispute some things. She tells me no that she can't cuz she was doing something else. I begin to tell her I really need to go and it's very important she then has her daughter pick me up to take me. I get to the clinic and I begin to tell administration that I need a refund for the things I'm not doing. She then says I need to talk to the mgr. So, I'm sitting and waiting and she finally calls me not the mgr the administration girl and she says the mgr said she has already gotten the refund submitted but it will take 2 to 3 wks. I then say I need to get something in writing showing I am getting the refund. So she says ok let me go tell the mgr. So, I'm sitting and waiting again and after a while she comes back and says the mgr said she can't do that right now she will have it ready for u tom after surgery. I then tell her no if she doesn't do it now I want to cancel the whole thing. So, finally I get a letter stating they are issuing a refund and I will get by 07/15. So at this time the daughter had left she had other things to do and could no longer stay and wait for me plus she stated it made no since for her to take me and have to bring me back since they live 45 mins away and it was already 2pm. So, I ended up having to stay and wait there. So, I was at the clinic from 1pm to 9:30 pm. I did not get into surgery room till 8:45pm. I had decided I wanted to do my bb and arms. So, they asked if I wanted local or general anesthesia. I told them local. So, when I went in for surgery they numbed my bb and I didn't feel no pain alittle bit of tugging but no pain. Now when it got to my arms I was thinking I was going to be somewhat Sudated I had no idea that local meant absolutely nothing just something to somewhat numb u. So, when he stuck the needle in my arm it hurt I then thought ok maybe it's going to get numb and I won't feel it that was not the case he stuck the lipo wand in my arm and it hurt he pulled it and did it again and I then said Nevermind stop that really hurts I completely felt everything. He then says I gave u an option if u wanted local or general and I was like no one even explained the difference I didn't know the difference I'm not a dr. So, he left and the assisted who was so very nice she started to clean me up and brought all my stuff so I could get dressed. So, I walk out and the dr says call us and make an appt and I'll do ur arms but under general. So, I walk out and there I am waiting again for the caretaker. Waited for 30 to 40 mins and then she gets there she takes me to go leave my prescription I then ask if she can take me to get something to eat so I pick up burger king. So, then I think we r going to go pick up the prescription but we start driVing thru a neighborhood and we park in front of a house. So, we r sitting there waiting and she then calls someone and tells them to tell me that we r there waiting for her boyfriends boss to get there so he can give her some money. Now keep in mind she doesn't speak english. So, we sit there and wait for about 30 mins. After that we finally go pick up my meds and go back to house. I will give another update later about the rh. It was a joke!!

Recovery House!!

So when I changed my date for my surgery I had not had a caretaker because it was last minute. So new life had stated they had a caretaker that could watch me and she was a nurse. So, I was very skeptical because I've heard a lot of bad things about recovery houses. With my first surgery I had a caretaker named Magdalena she was amazing. She would check on me every 2 hours she would wake me up to take my medication she would assist me with taking off my garment so she could wash it. She was always bringing me fruit and Jell-o and made me breakfast lunch and dinner. She had a mini fridge in my room that was stocked with Gatorade ensure protein shakes and pineapple juice. My 2ND surgery i had rented a room on airbnb and had a caretaker come and take care of me for 3 days her name was stella and she was also amazing she as well did those things for me however i bought my own groceries. But she had also taken me to the mall to do some walking. So back to this Recovery House that is run by Ana/Anita now when she picked me up from the airport she did greet me with open arms. So, I felt great this may have been a good decision I made. So, then we also pick up another girl at the airport who is going to be my roomy. So we go straight to new life and we are waiting to do our labs and ekg and talk to the dr. So, after this i get done. My roomy is not around and ana is not around so I text ana where r u cuz I'm done. So she says I'll be there in a min so my roomy gets there and we r waiting for her to get there. At this point I'm starting to get bad feelings about this recovery thing I'm thinking I hope this is not what we're going to be experiencing when we have surgery. So she gets there and she's talking with the administration girls and we're sitting there waiting getting tired and hungry because we had not eaten. So we finally leave and we're driving and my roomie then ask if there's something to eat at the house. Now anna does not speak English so luckily there was another girl there that translated. So she stated they had made food or if we wanted to pick up something to eat. So my roomy says I want home cook food. So, we get to the house and she serves us a plate. Well my roomy finishes and is still hungry because there wasn't much food on the plate. However we go to the room and start getting comfortable. My roomy than asked if ana could take her to the store ana asks why? she then says so i could get pads so i wont leak all over the place. At this point another girl was like u don't need them ur not going to leak that much and the office will give u pads. Which I personally never heard of with either of my surgeries. So, ana does not take her. So, to the point The recovery house did not have the type of foods you are supposed to have after surgery. The food was not offered until we had to go and ask. There was no fruit, vegetables Gatorade pineapple juice in the fridge. My roomy was having to remember and get up to take her meds. When my roomy was wanting to have her garment washed they were giving her every excuse not to wash it. They kept telling her it was going to shrink. And she then kept saying it didn't matter she was covered in blood and fluid and it was smelling real bad. They pretty much wanted her to leave back home on the plane in that condition. Ridiculous!! After finally getting them to wash it time had passed and my roomy was like can u check to see if my garment is ready. So, I go the living area and it's laying on the couch while ana is talking with 2 other girls. So, I say is this ready and she says yes. So, I go and take it to my roomy and I'm thinking ana is going to come and assist her put it on. So, I go back to get my water from the kitchen and another girl that I became close to says she's probably gonna need help cuz ana's not going so I go back to the room and ask her if she wants me to help her and she says yes so we go the bathroom and I help her get it on. Now her lipo foam was all covered in blood on one side so I go and ask ana for scissors so I can cut that piece off. So, I cut it and put it in her garment. At that point ana comes to the bathroom and tells my roomy to go to the room so she can button her garment. So she does it. So, every night we ate around 9. Now, this post is going to be long for me to complain about everything that was wrong with this place. I'm just glad I didn't really need help cuz I didn't do much surgery I just felt really bad for the other 2 girls that I would talk to cuz they should have been taken more care of. My roomy left without her antibiotic cuz ana never got it. I think there were to many girls for one person to tend too. Ana was hardly even there. Now this was my experience that I saw with my own to eyes. So, maybe she doesn't always have this many people and she is usually more prepared and this was an isolated incident. Idk. There is so much more to this bad experience but this post is getting to long. But this rh in my opinion was terrible and I have experienced great. And there was a major difference. Good luck to all you dolls having surgery! !

Lipo with blinsky!!

So, I wanted to give another update!! I will be making another review. I have decided I will be doing lipo to my full back and arms i may add some fat to my hips, not sure yet. I will be doing this with Dr. Blinsky. I had gotten a quote when I talk to him couple of months ago. I had sent him photos and he said he would be able to lipo my full-back my stomach and add some fat to the hips. He Even stated he would be able to revise my scar but if he does that on the same procedure he will not be able to take out that much fat. The only reason I had went with llorente was because blinsky stated he could not fix my belly button. So now I will be having to make another trip to Miami. I really love blinsky's work and I really love that he contacts you and speak with you instead of the coordinators. I will be scheduling to do this sometime in January 2017. To give my body some time. I did not go under when I did my bb. They put a numbing solution around bb area. So ladies I will be making another review for my liposuction procedure I will no longer be posting on this review!!
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