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Hi ladies my name is Kristen I'm a 26 year old...

Hi ladies my name is Kristen I'm a 26 year old mother of two a one yr old and a three yr old baby girl!! Names Laila and Aiden!! Married to the man of my dreams my wonderful husband! Anyways I'm very very interested in getting a tummy tuck I've been reviewing everything for months and I truly few like its time for a change!!! I want to be able to show off my time an feel a bit more confident!!! I've been looking around at diff docs and so far I have one doc in mind but still keeping my options open!! Hoping to get surgery by the end of January

Doctor (Yily)

Hey loves !!!! Thanks so much for the big welcome I feel so happy to actually converse with different women in my situation yaaaaaay lol so I'm thinking of going with dr yily her reviews are AMAZE ladies!! But I would love to get some feed back for your guys anyone ever had a experience with dr yily I just emailed her today

Pics of me and my family

Thought I'd share these with you ladies

Morning Workout #1

Wellllllllll I've lost 3 pounds in the last four days!! I'm a strong believer in weight watchers and that's exactly how I'm almost 50 pounds down! How ever after my son I kinda slowed down on it! But happily I'm not the whopping 300 something pounds I use to be yaaaay team KRISTEN LOL anyways I'm up early I figured id do a job around the park!!! Getting my body prepared for the end of jan!!! Let's get it ?????????

Dr (Duran)

So does anyone have any good info on doctor duran and has she ever worked on plus size patients before?? I was finally able to get her email address but I'm still waiting to here back from her!! My main issue is I want a flatter tummy and much bigger hips I'm not sure whose does the best work between her & yily

Pics of me

My first convo with Dr Yily (not so good)

Sooo this morning I was trying to chat with doctor yily and doctor duran threw my what's all some how I got the two confused and yily responded a tad bit upset but hey I can't blame her. She was writing me in Spanish so I downloaded the Spanish translator basically she told me SHE IS NOT DR DURAN and how did I get her number! I proceeded to try to explain the situation to her and why I did the mix how ever she was not trying to hear that. I didn't get offended or anything I've been preggo and full of hormones a yr ago so I completely understand. Anyways about ten minutes of going back and fourth she finally told me to send pics I sent them to her what's app she asked weight and height I told her I'm at 258 and was looking to be around 245 she stated for her to even CONSIDER doing my sx I need to be below my 35 bmi!!! This is kinda figured but when I seen yily dolls that said they weighed 250 and got sx performed at that weight made me question why she was saying this but hey none the less if the weight is required to come off then dammit I'll get it off!! Anyways doctor yily will be returning to work jan 30 so basically I won't be having my surgery till sometime in feb! My daughter bday feb 5th so I'm thinking the weekend after!! Sooooo ladies I have 3 mints to lose about 10 pounds a month! I know this is something ican def accomplish for the simple fact I have my mind set to it!!! I will be needing you ladies as my support system!! We can do this!!! I still want to be a plus size lady at the end of my sx just a curvy one!!! Lol any who I'm still waiting to hear back for dr duran

Dr Contreras

Soooo I was very confused about who to go with so I basically started searching doctor after doctor when a very sweet girl name Tasha started tell me about her journey and the doctor she switched to his name is dr contresas.. She said nothing but good things about him so I researched him found good reviews about his work also got a chance to interact with a few ladies who went with this doctor as well!! Anyways I decided to email him and the next day he responded WOOT WOOT he asked me what I wanted I informed him sent him some pics and for lipo Tt and bbl he quoted me 3500 which is a amazing price!!! Very affordable! I changed my date for feb 23rd so that I can travel with my sx buddy Lauren!! Me and hubbs are super excited me more then him of course lol see my hubby always reminds me I'm beautiful no matter what and that I don't have to lose a single pound or change to be sexy in his eyes! That's exactly why I love my man so much!! Anywho basically I'm waiting for the doc to get back to me and answer a few more of my questions if he answers correctly then I think we have a winner!!!!

Sx buddies for feb

Any girls getting sx in feb please let me know trying to get as many buddies as I can

Date confirmed (Feb 24th)

Sooooo I confirmed my sx date with dr contreras for the simple fact that he's very polite answer questions at a reasonable amount of time and seems to have his patient interest at mind!!! So far he's making me feel so comfortable that's exactly what I was looking for !! I mean I have to get naked in front of this man lol I at least want to feel comfy while I have someone examining me!! The last thing I want is to feel like someone is judging my body!! I've read a couple diff stories about Dr yily but I don't want to spread the he say she say bs!!! I love all the doctors so far the work is all amazing but for my personal choice Dr Contreras will be my pick!! He doesn't require a 500 deposit unless you want to be first that day going into surgery!! Which for me doesn't really matter!!! He gave me a good list of some things I'll need to buy and advised me to start taking iron pills and vitamins so my blood level is good!!! Ahhhhhhhhh ladies I'm so excited it seems so far away yet I know time does not stand still!! Before I know it feb 24th will be here!!! I can't not waittttttt!!!!! I plan on booking my plane ticket sometime this month being that it's way cheaper!!! Well ladies I guess that's enough from me running my mouth!!! I plan on posting blogs the entire time so get ready to read read readddd LOL!!! Well until next time kisses

(107) more days of TRANSFORMATION

Ughhhhh I can't stop thinking of how much longer I actually have till my surgery date!!!! To be honest it seems like forever away!!! I just want to be transformed already :/ but I know like all things time does lot stand still!! If I jus keep my focus and my head up feb will be here before I know it!!!


Sooo I'm just blogging rs instgram and fb and I see the most beautiful pics of girls whose either had surgery with Yily Duran contreras and many more and they look amazing fab!!! Yet when you stroll threw the comments on the topic different females bashing these girls!!! Wtf the fuck for... I'm not the type to hate in anyone I simply give props when props are due!! I hate to see or read bullshit like this! What happen to supporting each other?? SMH I guess that's life but hey you know what they say if they hating then you not doing something right lol.. I guess I'll start preparing myself for stupidity now! Anyways on another happier note I was able to hear from my doctor told he assured that he will be increasing the size if my hips! Ahhhh just like I wanted!!! Still excited and looking forward to this journey! I also requested my time off from work woot woot I will be officially be gone from work from feb 24th till march 24 and not mention hubby's Bday is march 10 ekkkkkkk I'm excited lol well nighty night ladies until tomorrow

Blah typos

Sorry for the typos lady babe just brought the new iPad and I'm a little slow at the typing!! Anyways correction when I sayill be gone from feb to mar I meant work I'll have 4 week leave!!! Anyways y'all get the point kisses dolls stay beautiful in the skin your in

BL Yes No Maybe

I had to think surf the web and read great reviews about breast lift not only from my doctor but from others! Now it has my head turning thinking should I or should I not??? My breast has never been really big I'm about a c cup and completely happy about it how ever I breast fed both of my babies and I see my breast sag more then ever!! A good push up brah does the trick amazingly but now I'm wondering if I should go ahead and just lift them all together... Hmmmm I've spoke to my husband about this and he says sure go for it but like always my husband tells me to go for anything he thinks I want lol but being that I share my body with him it's important for him to be as satisfied as I am!! I'm really considering it but I'm thinking maybe this is to much for my body at one time!!! >_< I don't want to over do it with sooooo many changes so at this point I'm truly at a stand still!! I'm sure in due time I'll figure it out I just want to be 1000 percent sure about my decision!!! Being that it will cost me 1500 more and it is a life changing decision!!! Ahhhhhhhhhh idk lol if anyone has had lipo Tt bbl and Bl at one time please leave a comment or inbox me with your experience


So I'm just sitting back over thinking life and the wonderful people in it and honestly I'm in tears!! I'm so happy to have these supportive people in my circle my mother my daddy my sister my brother my best friend and most important my HUSBAND and not to mention the great ladies I've had the chance to meet from rs!! They all sure my excitement and are truly only wishing the best for me.. I really can't be more thankful for everyone!!! Love you guys!! Anyways I have 105 more days till my big surgery date woot woot though it seems far away I know it will be here before I know it!!! I'm so excited to have this new body but I have to admit I love me and everything about myself the improvements will make things look better but my confidence will always be sky high!! Before nd after surgery if it's one thing I learned its to love the skin your in and if there someone who can't see it then f them you can always do better!!! We have one life to live so hell lets live it!!!

Anyways on another note doctor contreras has been amazing to many any questions concerns I have he's answered them!! Hes truly making more and more excited for February to get here!!! I've also been able to see a lot of his work and let's just say this doctor is AMAZINGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!! 2014 I'm ready for you are you ready for me!!!!

Weight loss (97) more DAYS

So guess whose lost a total of 12 pounds in a matter of two weeks!!! "Drum Roll" please KRISTEN lol yay me!! I'm feeling extremely proud of myself I've completely cut sodas out and have been working out 3 days weeks "whoop whoop" can't no one stop me from getting my sexy on!!! Anyways I have a total of 97 more days to go before my big SX date and I'm still very excited!! I've started buying some supplies and will officially be ordering my passport next week!!! Time is flying by before you know it feb will be here!!! Ekkkkkkk lol ice also been having regular contact with my doc whose very proud if my weight lost if I might say so myself!!! Kudos to Kristen!i have a wonderful support system and I'm determined to make my dram come true!! I'll be posting new pics of my tummy next week until then kisses my loves


Words can't describe how much I love my husband my best friend my lover my child's father hell my other half!!! He means the absolute world to me! & the fact that he makes me feel so beautiful and sexy no matter what size Iam keeps me going!! My husband has seen me at my absolute worst and heaviest 301 and not once did he make me feel unattractive! Not once did we have any problems sexually! He embraces what ever size Iam and enjoys just looking at me naked and pointing out all the things he loves! From my curves to my fat rolls he LOVES IT lol!!! Now at 50 something pounds down he motivates me to be the best I can be!! He pushes me hard but constantly reminds me of the sexy woman he sees! He doesn't require me to were lashes (thou I look horrible without them lol) he doesn't mind me not wearing making up or having my hair done! He says the natural me is the most beautiful me!! Ahhh that's my baby!!! He's loved threw the good the bad and he's going to love me threw the SEXY!!! I often read how some women men have doubts and it seems they quickly get annoyed with their spouse however ladies we have to keep in my mind this is not only a big change for us but for them as well! Your boyfriend/fiancé or husband is someone you share your body with daily. So when making changes to it you have to give your man that comfort that everything will be okay.. If he's feeling some type of way maybe it's because he's scarred to lose you maybe it's because he knows temptation will come your way!! These men now a days boy I tell ya THIRSTY is their name!!! My baby is no different from any other concerned husband I know he has some insecurities but I make sure to show him no one can sit next to his queen but HIM!! I remind him daily of how much I love him or how much my life has changed when meeting him how blessed I feel to have him in my life and how comfortable & beautiful he makes me feel! It shows him that I'm here to stay and thou no one can predict the future I still need and want him to know the effect he has on my life!! My thing is how can I share my precious body with someone who is only looking at the outside shell (my body) when I have a man who loved me from the inside (my heart)!! Men only want what they can get from a woman but when u find a man that holds you up when your down that lends you a listening ear that shares your pain fears and tears that motivates you that wants to help you build a future that loves no matter what size you are (he's a keeper) & not worth losing. I just find that impossible for me to give up over some excuse me but d***!! So ladies be patient with your man be understanding be affectionate and my key thing is always communicate!! That's exactly what got me and my husband here today and will continue to move us forward! God Faith Hope Love Trust and communication oh n good sex lol well until next time ladies kisses!!!

My bootay (current)

So I have people Inboxing me wondering what my butt looks like so here goes

Before butt pics

88 more days to GO

Soooooo I'm officially down to 88 more days to go till my sx date!! Woot woot I remember I was at 109 days thinking damn this going to take forever but look times is flying by!! I've also had my hemo tested as of 11/25/2013 and it was 12.1 however I'm looking to get it much higher then this!! But must say I'm proud coming from a 11.5 is a major difference to me!! I'll continue to take my iron and vitamin c pills daily!! Also I plan on taking blood builders sometime in jan!! I've consulted with my doc who I might add is amaze balls and he says that my blood level is EXCELLENT !!! Yaaaa buddy!!! I'm so excited soon it will be my time to shine!! I'm thinking about making videos starting the week before I go just to show u guys my entire body and I'll also make vids while I'm there so U ladies can know what to expect the good and the bad!! I want to document my entire journey!! Well till next time ladies enjoy!!

I'm SEXY Your SEXY Were all SEXY

So ladies I'm getting closer and closer to sx date!! We're in December already Wooo hoooo feb is right around the corner!!! This mama is to excited for change however I do want to make something clear!! I'm loving the SKIN I'm in right now!!! No one can't tell me that I'm not SEXII!! I love me and who Iam yes I want some improvements what lady doesn't but my confidence will always remain sky high!!! Remember ladies we have to love who we are before we expect anyone else to love us!! Know that your sexy whether your a size 2 or 22!! Sexy is what YOU make it!! Some confidence tips I use daily is looking in the mirror and pointing out all the things I love about my body!! All the things that I find cute! Instead of point out all the imperfections take time to love yourself!! Cause no one can love you better then YOU! And as my husband says their is nothing more sexy then a woman with confidence!! I promise the way you carry yourself speaks a thousand words!! We are in a new day in age whether your a big girl or skinny girl just know that their is someone out their for YOU!!! Ladies loveeeeee who you are love love love who you are!!! Show the world that you can be sexy that you have confidence and that no one can break you DOWN!!! Well I just thought id share that with all my beautiful divas out here!!!! If no one thinks your sexy just know that I DO!!!


79 more DAYS

Screaming 79 more dayssssssss ladies only 79 more days woooooo hooooooo!!!! I'm extremely excited and hoping that time continues to fly by for me!!! Being at work the majority of the day really helps everything go by smoothly so Iam beyond thankful for my job!!! Yessss!!!! ~ You betta WERK~ lol anyways I've totally been slacking on my weight loss I wanted to go from 255 to at least 245 but with this damn holiday food around I've just been a total BUM >_< ughhhhh but good thing is I haven't gained any weight!! Kuddles to me on that one!! But I have got to get there ten pounds off! Starting nexx week I will continue my 3 days a week work Friday sat and Sundays!! There's no one who can motivate me more then ME but that fact that I have this wonderful supportive husband and kiddos that constantly tell me go mommy go lol it really pushes me!! Ugh ladies I love my little team! How could I nottttt!! I feel so extremely blessed to be able to wake up to them everyday!! Anyways my husband is very excited for me as well but for the first time ever I caught him with tears in his eyes last night (it broke my heart) we sat down and I told him to tell me exactly hoe he feels (he knows I'll never judge him) he basically explained to me that in his eyes I'm more then just beautiful that he finds me beyond attractive and when my sx date comes he knows I'm going to get a ton of attention and he just doesn't want me to ever leave him!!!! ---OHHHHHHHH BABE U CANT BE SERIOUS-- ladies I had to let my man know there no man out there that comes before him there is no one tht makes me even think twice about cheating on him hell f that there's no one who even makes me think once a! Yes I see attractive men but I know what I got at home! I have eyes for him and him only! Ain't no lock phones ain't no hidden messages and I come home to him every night! There's no words to describe how in love Iam with this butt head!! & when I say I made love to my husband I mean I made love to himmmmmm lol and off to sleep he went with his insecurities washed away! Ladies if you have a good man show him that your love is stronger then any D out there!!! Good men are hard to find!! Wellllll till next time ladies mwah kisses n remember y'all better WERK those bodies


Hey ladies!! I hope everyone is having a good day/night!!! Today was a pretty good Sunday!! I was able to purchase a few nic nacs nothing major!! Anyways if you ladies have some tips on some things you recommend please let me know!! Well night my loves


Hey ladies just thought id let you all know as of Jan 1st I will start making YouTube videos for my journey with surgery!!! I'll do a weekly update on how I'm feeling my body and life in general!! So if you guys are interested in seeing some clips of my life my husband kids and six pomeranian please come join me!!!! Anyways I love you guys mwah

Officially packed (69 more days)

Yessss ladies yes yes yesss screaming 69 more days babiessss!!! lol if you can't tell by now I'm pretty damn excited!! So I have a few things to update you guys on but for starters ladies time truly does fly yes it doess I remember being 4 months away thinking damn sx is going to take forever and now look damn near 2 more months to go God is good!! Anyways as I stated early I have a few things to update you guys on! One I'm completely packed and ready to go I'll post some pics for you guys including A quick video! Just a run down on the things I currently have & these are things I chose and felt was needed ( I have tooth paste tooth brush deodorant hair ties hand sanitizer feminine spray as well as the body wash & wipes jergens coco butter lotion and a vitamin E lotion I got bio Oil with vitamin e panties galore lol thNks to my babe bedroom slippers compression socks as well as regular socks bedroom robe pjs tank tops 3 maxi dresses arnicare cream not sure if I spelt that right lol pads and a boppy pillow I believe that's about it for now if I'm out n see something else I need I'll be sure to grab it or if you ladies feel like you want to add something you found useful just let me know!! I also want to bring my iPad and a few Zane books!! Anyways moving right along I've requested time off from work I'll be out from feb 20th till march 24th!!! I won't be getting paid so hubby has to hold it down! Which has never been a issue!! Anyways ladies I've also considered switching doctors >__< yesss I know crazy!! Contreras is great and all very kind sinecure and answers all your questions however his post op ladies results have not made me feel comfortable! For months I've been researching bigger woman plus size divas and I've found NONE I've asked him several times for pics and he states for patient privacy he can not show me which I completely understand but how come I'm not finding any girls ugh so I joined his Fb group found a couple of women followed their journey and was completely disappointed !!! They all stated they felt they wasted their money and hold fuck I just can't tKe that chance!!! This is a one time thing I can't afford a hit or miss typa thing! So my sister encouraged me to try cabral the KING I've heard I researched him the good the bad &I the ugly and I sent him a email!! He was very honest and seems to care about my health he advised me to get down to about 230 from 255 and we would be good to go he showed me plus size women he's worked on and I fell inlove!!! Now the thing is I only have 69 days till surgery and gotta lose about 30 pounds I felt like this was impossible till I remember my sis and my goood friend lost 42pohnds in one month on the Hcg diet!! Not the drops I'm talking about the real thing !! The shots the weigh yes the real deal!! So I've decided to jump on the bad wagon n will be starting jan 1st!!! Gotta let a girl enjoy her Christmas dinner loool!! I'm so excited ladies! Remember what ever we put our minds to we can dooooo!!! Anyways this is just a brief update I'll continue to post vids n pics! Till next time I love u girls mwah stay BEAUTIFUL

Profile pic??

Hey my beautiful ladies lately I've been a little confused with how to set a profile pic!! I've attempted to do it so damn much I fustrated my freakin self lmao HELP PLEASEEE

How do you let go

I really don't know where to start or how to stop the tears from falling down my face! So many emotions fill my heart right now hurt sad lonely betrayed!! The good memories we shared keep replaying thier selves over and over again in my head the smiles the laughs the happiness level the tears! Part of me wants so badly to hold on to a friendship that my heart and mind is telling me to let go but how?? How do I walk away from someone who I love as if she was a sister?? But I keep asking myself how many times can I try before I realize enough is ... Well ENOUGH

It all started when I mentioned I wanted to have surgery to someone I always felt was my sister my bestfriend my day one my BESTIE!! From the start she told me she didn't think I should have any surgery done but she would support me but little did I know that was the moment everything would go down hill!! Phone calls became nonexistent text message went from everyday to every other week to well NOTHING. For the longest I tried to convince myself she was becoming distant for the simple fact she's pregnant maybe it's the hormones the emotions you know basic pregnancy systems but it became very clear to me when she posted on Facebook that life is so much easier just worrying about her baby and her man!!! Thou she didn't say anything directed to me I kinda felt like it was a stab in my heart for the simple fact Iam a mother before anything and Iam a wife second yet i have always made time for anyone I felt was important in my life especially her!!! Late night phone calls to try to cheer her up listening to the same sad stories over and over always giving that shoulder to lean on. And all I've ever wanted in return was for her to never turn her back on me!!

What about me? What about when I need someone to cry to or just need a simple hug! I also have feelings that are easily crushed when I feel like all the time I've put into a friendship is just thrown away!! I tried so many times to talk to her but she only gives me these simple yes no kinda text messages!! Last time we talked she told me that we have different things going on in our lives?!? But what I don't understand is how? What things?? She is becoming a mother Iam a mother if anything I can relate to her and everything she's going threw! This is the time we are suppose to hold on our friendship the most not turn our backs on each other! Time doesn't turn aroud for anyone!! And that's what I've been trying to get her to realize for awhile now but it's kinda like talking to a brick wall!!! Silence nothing more nothing less!!

What more can I do ? How much can I try when a person is basically telling me NO!! I told her id give her space and she stated okay! Ladies when I say I cried myself to sleep that night and woke up crying please believe me when I say it feels like someone ripped a piece of my heart right out of my chest!! I'm hurt very hurt and thou she might come around in the future we will never get back the time that wil be lost!! She was my bestfriend my girl I felt like a million mountains couldn't keep us apart we grew as kids teeens and women together now to just see it all end!!! To know Iam not a part of her pregnancy or to be there when she needs me really crushes me but what can I do!! I guess I can't continue to knock on a shut door!! My husband has told me several times it's about time to let go and let GOD of it's meant and it will come back around!! I guess I just wasn't ready to do that!! I honestly will love her till the day My heart is no longer beating but I guess their isn't much more I can do!! It's been a few months now that things have been just a blur between us and I just wish she would stop and think about all I've done for her the same way I rethink all the wonderful things she's done for me!! All I want is a text or phone call every once in awhile just to ask how I'm doing how I'm feeling! And not to mention she's suppose to be my sons god mom she didn't say anything when he started walking or talking which has been for about a good month in a half now! She doesn't even ask if he's doing good?!? You know what I always tell myself no matter how mad you are or busy sick or tired you are if you love someone and they mean anything to you then you will be sure to make sure they are okay!! Even if you didn't want to talk you could send a simple text!! But yet I get nothing!! My family is telling me things will get better but what they don't understand is even if they were to get better in my eyes in my heart their will always be this piece shattered for the simple fact when I needed her most she was not there! Friends real friends never do that!! As hurt as Iam right now if she was to call me and tell me she needed me I would jump in my car and drive a 4 hour drive just to be there for her!! But I guess it about time to realize not everyone will do the same for me!!!

How do I let go ladies!? I love her and my love is real my trust my friendship my loyality is REAL!!! I tried to speak to her once more today and she told me she keeps distance from me cause I'm always thinking something is wrong with her! And she needs to just focus on her baby!!! I just left it alone after that.. It's not much more I can say or do :/ it just sucks to go threw this Journey without the ones you always visioned being there!! Ugh I guess it's really time to close a chapter of a friendship that probably should have been closed very long ago and I was just to damn dumb to see it! But knowing me I will continue to hold on continue to try for the simple fact Iam a friend a true friend!!! And whether you are or your not to me I will always be there for you!!

Guess I'll go cuddle in bed with my husband he seems to always make the pain go away but for some reason this hurt remains even after making love to my man!!! (Life) it truly does come with major ups and downs!! Well goodnight ladies I love you all stay beautiful and blessed oh and GORG!!

(59) more daysssss ^_^ Merry Xmas

Ladiesssss I officially only have 59 more days to goooooooo!!! Right about now I love how fast time speeds by!! I'm feeling so happy anxious and readyyyyy!!! This my time hell this is our time ladies!! Time for us to do something for ourselves and we deserve it!! Yes yes yes "Werk"

First I really want to say thank you to all the beautiful inspirational comments or messages you guys have sent me! I swear I love reading them! You truly uplift my spirit and make me see the brighter side of things and for that I'll forever be grateful!! Love u ladies (especially my bookie Symone) special thanks to you babe

As for my bestfriend we haven't spoke nor text nothing at all I've decided to give her the space that she seems like she needs and if she comes around great if she doesn't oh well life goes on right?! God has blessed me in to many ways for me to sit around said crying over basically how I see it now nothing!! I'll always love her that's a fact but I have two beautiful kids and a wonderful husband six GORG Pomeranians and I've met so many amazing people that right now I have nothing to be sad about!! So with that being said I'm to blessed to be stressed ^_^

I also want to give you guys some of my personal advice as far as surgery listen ladies it's okay to want to improve ourselves! But we have to love ourselves before we complete this journey!! Loving you is the biggest and greatest thing that you can ever do!! Know your worth and know that a body is just the outer shell you still have soooo much more to you then your appearance! If your single find a man whose interested in something other then your body find someone who sees your inner beauty who shares your interest someone who wants you for you!! Cause the body fades with time and we know time stands still for no one!!! We as women have soooo much to offer a man you just have to find that right one whose worthy of sharing it with!! It doesn't happen over night hell I've had a few bad apples but with time and patience the right one will eventually come along!! Remember if you expect nothing that's exactly what you'll get if you know that you deserve more then the right one will give you just that!!! There isn't a day that goes by that I don't apperciate my man!! I love dressing up sexy for him putting on a little show and to see his reaction lets me know my body is absolutely beautiful even at my 255 pounds yes boo I werk it big time and there's not a person in earth who can tell me I DONT!!! My man is my biggest supporter ladies and if he didn't support my decisions his ass would be out the door lol I have one life to live and I want to live with a man who shares my happiness!! Same way I do him!! I can't stress this enough when you love yourself ladies it shows it glows on you and it shows others your not going to settle for less when you know you deserve more!!! Want to know a little secret lol my husband use to always say he won't cook or clean or ever cry over a woman!!! Funny 2 kids and 3 yrs later it's baby what do you want for dinner ?? Baby take some rest I'll clean up!! "Ha" and my favorite is when he cried our wedding day!!! Or when he's telling me how he feels and eyes are filled with tears!! Just beautiful!! A real man isn't afraid to cry especially when he's expressing his love for you his wife or girlfriend!! I'm telling you ladies know your worth!!! But remember be patient with our men we seem to mature faster then them lol but my favorite saying is a woman can't change a man because she loves him but a man will change for the woman he loves!

Anyways I want to wish you all a very merry Christmas I hope you all have a beautiful blessed day!! Spend it with your family friends or doing what ever makes you happy!! This year I sent a total of 5 gifts to kids all over the world that I didn't even know and made sure they received it in time for Christmas !! That's what it's all about giving loving and sharing!!! I love you all tons and tons oh and tons!!!

59 daysssssssssssss woot woot then it's going to be offical they better watch out ^_^ Werk times ten loool mwah

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas beautiful ladies!! Have. Blessed beautiful day!!!


Happy New Yr (No BL) Date change maybe?!

Hiiiiiiii ladies ( ugh this is the time I wish I could include the little waving hand emoticon) >_< rs sucks sometime lol Happpy new yrs my lovely beautiful women across the world!!! What is your new resolution guys?? You know they say whatever you set your mind to you can doooo!!! So do it got dammit lol that's my attempt at being STERN LOL DOESNT work to good just ask my kids!! Anyway whoooo so I've made a few changes!! One starting with the breast lift I was truly considering getting :/ hubsters says I really don't need it and he loves my boobies the way they are (from my past experience over the yrs with him he likes right better then the left lol) but seriously he says that's the last thing he feels I need to touch!! So after carefully looking into I decided for my Own personal choice that I'll skip out on it! Not exactly because of my hubby insight thou I respect it but because after speaking with dr cabral he stated he does not recommend me having so many different surgeries at one time!! He states it would be better next round but being tht this is my ONLY round I decided id skip past it!! Buh bye new titties hellooooo semi hanging ones lol honestly they aren't that bad and with a good bra these small d cups look amaze balls!!! So with that being said my health comes first and I have two kids and a husband to live for!! Moving right along I'm also considering changing my date to two weeks later!!! Reason being my Hcg still hasn't come!! Yes ladies I've been spent drum roll 400 plus dollars and now Strax which is the worst surgery center ever is telling me their is a damn delay in my shipment!! I see soo many things wrong with that picture because one they didn't tell me they did not have the products on sight till after they swiped my credit card two they told me 3 to 5 days and now this bullshit!!! Thy really didn't even answer none of the damn questions I had thank God I have a sister who has dealt with the Hcg diet or id be completely lost!! Anyways since this has happen it's kinda set me back I really want to be my goal weight for sx and I brought a two months supply so I want exactly two months with dieting on Hcg!!! I do not want to cut myself short after paying that amount of money0_o I was thinking going from feb 24th which is my actually sx date to march 11th since march 10th is my husbands bday I can not miss it!!! Birthday sexxxx guys lol but seriously it's just a thought I'll see how I do on the first month of the Hcg shots not the drops but the actual injections!! Well ladies if you have any questions please comment below and let me know or if anyone has tried Hcg shots then give me your input! I love you all stay beautiful blessed and enjoy the new yr mwah!!! Ps in advance just know I do not proof read anything so if there are any typos forgive meeee!!!


Hey ladies I have a question do you gals know any other docs that perform surgery on bigger women??? Please if so inbox me or message me

One More Month To GO!! (TeamJuicy)

Heyyy guys so I've totally been M.I.A!! Work has been crazy and me and the hubsters are busy trying to move!! But ive truly missed you guys like cray cray lol!! So hows everyone been? Anyone recently had sx if sooo congrats!

Well I have a few things to update you ladies on ONE my son completey damaged my new iphone5 now im phone less for the next few days blah well TWO im 2 pounds away from a 20 pound weight loss in less then a month YASSSS TEAM HCG lol ive been on hcg for almost 3 weeks faithfull and yes it's been hell. You guys have no idea how bad ive been craving Chinese food mc donalds hell a juicy ass steak!! Basically all the fatty bad foods I want them lol I feel no need of hunger however these cravings are REAL. So instead ive been making love to man like theres no tomorrow its the closing thing to dark meat that I can have LOOOL TMI forgive me. Anyways im soo proud of myself. I've stayed dedicated and focused. With God my husband my kids and you guys I really couldn't of done it!!! But I'm hereeeee lol im not really looking to lose more then 25 pounds. As I always say I enjoy repping team Juicy I have no need to be a thin woman I just want to be a little more healthy. Hemo is still looking good currently 13.5 woot woot. Ive been taking iron absorb vitamin c and a iron pill faithfully every single day. I've also went out and brought a few more things for sx I got my pz funnel some safety pins for my drains alcohol swabs gauze anti inch cream some Clorox wipes and a few more maxi dresses last thing on my to buy list issss the lipo foam and boards which I still haven't been able to find a site for the products if you guys know of any please leave a comment below. Anyways ladies ive also changed a few things regarding sx I no longer want bbl im just looking into getting tt and lipo I love my big thighs and not trying to be cocky but my ass is already amaze I don't want to give off that fake look.. Sooooo after a long time with my other half we decided that we will go ahead and cut that out of our plans!

Hmmmm lets see is there anything else I needed to let u guys know.. I don't reall think soo but im def looking forward to the big day its approaching fast I remember thinking like damn I still have 4 months to go now look just a month away yaaaa budddi!!!! Super excited my loves and im so grateful to be able to share my journey with you guys! I have yet to come across anyone negative you all show crazy love especially my sister symone I overly love that girl she supports me threw it all!!! THANK U THANK U THANKKKK UUUU!!!! You are an angel babe.. Well ladies until next time please remember what ever you set your heart to you can do! If no one believes in you Kristen does MWAH


Ladies I'm one of the most mellow cool calm and collected people on this earth! I enjoy spreading positive vibes and energy however in this particular situation everything postive about me was completely drained!!! (The contreras Group) is full of fake ass lieing people especially that chick suze Hillary! Now I'm not going to say everyone in that group is bad cause God knows there is some sweet warm hearted very helpful people however the main source those two admins Kat and suze boy I tell you! Fake as a Gucci bag that only costed ten dollars and we all know that's super fake lol!!! They act as if they are getting paid to make contreras out to be this all time wonderful doctor when in reality guys his work is modern nothing special especially not on my body type! I wanted to give the doctor the benefit of the doubt but when I seen bigger women going to him and coming out looking only a tad but different it just was the mind breaker for me contreras was a major no in my book! Now I'm not saying he isn't a amazing doctor because I've seen him work wonders on some SMALLER women however as I stated before he can not work that same wonder on thicker girls!! In the group I've witnessed server all things people bashing other post op girls if they werent happy with results or their stay I've seen about three post from post op girls stating how contreras staff treated them after you had sx the recovery house was down in the basement and no one really paid attention to you!!! Now all I that right there is enough for me to take my money to a doctor that will put in the work and the time before and after sx!! Hell we work hard for ours why ladies!! Anyways this could be he say she say but being that I was in the group I doubt the post opal females would have any reason to lie! Anything negative that was said about the doctor would lead to one of the admins deleting it even on one occasion suze stated people are going to stop trying her doctor lol how ignorant is that! (rachet) something about the whole group doesn't seem right they blow this doctor up to make it seem like he's the best doctor in DR just to get women to fill up his calander and the moment you say your not sure if he can give you what you want bam your kicked out lol!!! The crazy part is one of their admins Kat isn't even going to this doctor she is schd with cabral looool so if contreras is this that and the third why isn't she going with him?? If that doesn't raise a eyebrow I don't know what does! The very last thing that made me see then as completely fake is the fact that contreras had this fake ass Instagram page with a ton of pics of girls that were not even his patience a lot of those women I saw in cabrals IG lol really?!! Now the page is gone !! I believe it was def suze behind it just trying to boost up contreras to make him seem like something he's not! The whole entire instragram was fake! Ladies this doctor has personally told me that he does not share pics of his post op women but all of a sudden he has a IG with a crap load of pics from different women showing their faces blahhhhhhh!!! The fuckery I tell you!! That alone was enough to make me completely change my mind about this doctor! One if he can't show you any work ladies do not trust it not waste your money Two if you have talked to several post ops women and they are completely unhappy with their results think twice and Last if you have a female pretending like the doctor is one of the best in dr going nuts when you state your opinion then think about the shade behind it!

Now ladies this isn't to bash contreras cause again he's very very humble and nice but any doctor that says yes for everything you ask him should raise red flags just out of cursoity one day I asked if he can give me a Nikki Minaj booty he said yes of course lol any other doc would go in detail and state they need observe your body type first!! So again he's a amazing man but he's not the man for me and neither is that got damn group they will suck the life out of you with their bullshit! This is only half What I witnessed in the group and I'm sure as hell glad I deleted mysel but befor I left I made sure to post exactly what was on my mind! Anyways ladies I love u guys mwah

Final choice Dr.Almonte

So after months of trying to figure who was the right doctor for me I've decided to go with dr almonte! I love how patient and wonderful her and her assistant Lesley are! They making you feel extremely comfortable! Kuddos to them! This entire sx journey has been sooooo long I'm just ready to get it over and done with already! Feb 23rd can not get here fast enough! I'm also thinking about changing my date making it sooner rather then later! But we shall see! I'm completely tired of this Hcg diet guys lol it's horrible I mean I feel no hunger but the foods are so blahhhhhhh!!! I want my freedom back I want weight watchers back! That was my life saver that was exactly how I lost 50 pounds ugh I miss it!! Hopefully everything will be coming to a end soon and I can put this entire journey behind me!! Well ladies I'm exhausted worked a nine hr shift came home to a hungry husband 6 barking Pomeranians and two kids full of energy! It's time for this mama to clock the hell out! Stay beautiful

A list of things I've PURCHASED

Here's a list of things I've purchased so far not sure if I should add anything additional if you guys can think of anything please comment below! Also let me advise you ladies some of these things my husband went out and purchased his self lol

Granny panties/Gstrings (husband of course)
Safety pins
Baby oil
Bio oil
Arnica cream( hubby)
Bedroom slippers(hubby)
Wash clothes/sponge
Dial hand soap body soap
Hand sanitizer
Clorox wipes
Big pj pants(hubby)
Wife beaters-white
Socks galore/compression socks
Tooth paste/tooth brush
Jergens lotions/co co butter gel
Scar away
Boppy pillow
Zzz quil
Anti inch cream
Surgical tape

I think that's about it might of left a few things out not sure!! It's 6am and I'm up suppose to be preparing for work but I'm on here writing you guys messing with my hubby while my daughter singing lol who sings at 6am my Lai bug lol well until next time beautiful

By the way 30 more days to gooooo

A happy day for (Krissy)

Welp ladies today was a very exciting day for me! I was blessed enough to wake up to my wonderful husband our beautiful kids and my over loud dogs lol!!! That right there is enough to always make me smile any day but along with that I had my CBC test done & got the clearance from the doctor that we are good to goooo music to my ears ladies! My hemo is currently 13.0 and Im actually on my cycle so the doctor informed me he thinks it will be even higher for the simple fact you lose blood durin your cycle! ( so that's good to know) anyways I was overly excited about the news Sonright away I sent over the paper work to the doctors Assitant and they gave me the green light!! Yeah buddi! So my day got even better when I started to feel a little down about the whole sx procedure and being away from my husband and kids for ten whole days & my husband always sense when I'm not my happy self so he went out and brought me about 6 charges for the trip he says he must know I'm completely prepared lol some more iron pills and the geritol liquid as well as the pills along with a I love you note saying I deserve this ^_^ ahhhhh do u ladies see why I love that man so! He does everything in his power to ensure I'm happy :) (thanks big daddi) loool anyways girls I lost 4 more pounds I'm actually trying the Atkins diet now. & I loveeee it! I love just eating healthy working out it wasn't a easy Journey but I'm def welcoming the change!!! My husband doesn't want me to lose any more weight lol however I will continue to work out and try to tone as much as possible but I will always be a plus size curvy woman and I lve being this way!! Woot woot for all my bigger sexy women!! There's not a person on earth who can make us not feel sexy cause that confidence comes with ourselves! Anyways my beauties I guess I'm going to go shower and cuddle up with my teddy bear aka hubby n call it a night! Mwah

Oh wait before I go has there been any one ekse out there whose been experiencing some regret for chosing to have surgery?!!!? Please tell me I'm not the only one out there overly emotional lol

From my babe

I adore him and the support

The frustration (You must lose weight)

Ughhhh I just want to scream while pulling my hair out at the same damn time !!! I'm so extremely fustrated with hearing or reading those damn constant words from a doctor You Must Lose Weight & when your someone like me who embraces your curves and love being a full figured woman your jut kinda like um noooo I must not lose weight!!! Iam a goood weight now leave me ALONE WITH THAT!! I honestly know they are only telling you what's best for your health but sometimes I just feel sons doctors don't want to be bothered with the extra work! A smaller woman would mean less work as for a plus size woman you'd probably have to put in some extra time! Ughhhhh I just want to find that perfect doctor for me!!! Thou almonte Assitant makes me feel so comfortable and I've talked to her serval times it's just kind of like I've yet to talk to the doctor!! My biggest fear is traveling all the way to DR and getting turned down!! That would literally break my heart! And let me add my highest weight was 303 I've lost over 60 pounds again OVERRRRRR 60 pounds! I've put in some hard work and dedication so when you just see those words lose weight it's kinda like damn you don't even know my story or where I've come from to get to this current size!!! I also want to add when I seen my Personal doc he told me my weight is good for my height and he's happy to say I'm 100% healthy and I've come a very long way! Now that brought a major smile to my face! To hear I'm healthy to hear I'm doing good just lets me know my hard work is payin off!!! I'm still currently losing weight for the simple fact I love this new healthy life style and thou my husband feels that I shouldn't lose a pound more eating right and working out I'm bound to let nature take it's course!!! I just want that one doctor who makes me feel not like a number but a person!! My money is just as good as the next person!!! Is that to much to ask for?! And even with the doctors who I've come across that can perform my sx they have made ms feel like I'm just another patient only different one is almontes Assitant!!! Ugh I guess I'm just ranting but hey I needed to get that out there!!


Today has been a very very stressful day for me! I felt completely depressed for most of the day she's a few tears and now I'm finally trying to enjoy my night stress free!! I woke up this morning to some not so good news that put me in one of those damper kinda feelings!! So trying to keep my mind off of certain things I decided to check my email and to my surprise I had a lot of emails from different doctors I inquired about a few months ago but only one doctors emails stood out and that is Javier collado!! I'll never forget it! It went a little something like this he basically told me my body is horrific I look like I had 4 kids mind you I only have two! I do not have reaslitc expectations mind you the only thing I want is to be more curvy he stated he will never operate on me and shame on any doctor who would!! He said I need a weight lost surgery :/ and that he refuse to sale me a dream like this other doctors because even after sx my body won't improve much!! I read this entire email three times and couldn't believe what I was reading!! If he didn't want to do my sx all he had to do was not respond or hell if he feels I need to lose weight just tell me SIMPLE but to state the things he did brought me to tears literally crying at work :( I'm overly sensitive girls and my day was already going back n this was the icing on the cake! I wrote him back and replied I understand Iam a bigger woman but Iam a curvy beautiful woman Iam NOT unhealthy because my doctor has told me so Iam ten pounds away from having my BMI exactly where it needs to be! My expectations are no unreal for the simple fact I want improvements and if you are skilled at when you do I should see improvements correct me Iam wrong!! Your lack of empathy and customer arrive shows me you are not the doctor for me so Thank you for wasting ten minutes of my life reading a pointless ass email because at the end of the day Iam one hell of a chick!! Thick & all!! & with that being said I deleted his email and moved on with my life! Thou I felt some what good to give me a decent piece of mind I couldn't help but to feel crappy! That's until Lesley dr almonte came into the picture! I had told her my experience with the doctor and that maybe sx wasn't for me she told me basically if I wanted to continue to lose weight I have thT option however Iam able to have sx now and that I will look beautiful that I will imporovment that the doctor will do her best at making me the best!! Encouraging words for her my sissy Symone and a few other people had me back on my ball game!! I'm back on the surgery train and not going to let anyone kick me off!! I love the supprt for my beauties on here my husband and my friends and it's enough to make me say f*** the negativity and that doctor! My main issue is it's a certain way you talk to someone it's a certain wY you say things!! A little Sensitivty will take you a long wayyyyy! ThNk god for almonte and her team I love them!

So happy with Lesley

I promise I've never felt so comfortable with a doctors Assitant before!! Lesley really touched my heart today! She stated she read over my review and thought I have a beautiful family she also informed me I will looooook beautiful after sx!!! Music to my ears! To have someone so acting and kind and also willig to listen make me feel a thousand percent happy about y choice!! Going to bed tonight feeling even more excited then before!!!

Only 16 days left >_<

Good morning ladies! Woke up feeling very excited at the fact that I only have 16 days left before the big change!! This is what I've been waiting for for soooooo long now!!! I just can't believe it's all coming together!!! Below I attach a list of things Lesley told me will be useful!!! Def do not want to over pack!!

11 days away ^_^

Morning ladies!!! I hope all is doing well with you. For me well not soooo much! >_< right now I have a horrible cold ugh I feel sooo crappy hell beyond crappy! My body feels completely weak but you know what I'm still smiling and I'm still grateful & thankful God has blessed me to see another beautiful day with my beautiful family!! Without them Iam nothing ^_^.. On another note I'm only 11 days away from y surgery date ahhhhhh how crazy is that?! I'm super excited yet I'm very nervous.. I just want everything to go right. The biggest fear I have is thinking that I'll wake up and not notice a difference or that all of this won't be worth it!! Idk I guess I'm just having a very emotional time right now! I just want everything to go perfect but like most things in life are not perfect I'll make the best of it! I'm just going to miss waking up in my husband arms my dogs licking on on my feet lol my son grabbing my cheeks and my daughter Good morning kisses :,(.. I'm hoping I make it away from them this entire ten days if not I might have to change my flight!! Blahhhhhh lol anyways let me fill you ladies in on the drama with my hr manager (y'all ready) so my vacation time was approved for a month about 2 months ago all of a sudden we hire a new hr manager and she's my ex hr manager from a previous job hint we did not get along for some reason she does not like me and still doesn't (shrugs shoulders) oh well I mean hey not everyone is going to like you. Anyways she has now told me she needs to review my vacation time because it's is out of state and according to FMLA they do not have to approve any surgeries out of country! She also went as far as asking me why am I traveling to DR am I Dominican ?! loool um lady that's none of your business!! That's personal last time I checked hr isn't even allowed to ask you about the reason for surgery either approve it or don't! After a long discussion with my hubby he stated whether they approve it or not I'm going he says he refuses to see me sad about something I wanted so bad (love him to pieces) anyways my loves on a happier note I was blessed to see another beautiful year with my daughter! She turned four ^_^ and every year that passes her and my son make me realize just how lucky and blessed I truly am to have them!!! God is sooo amazing!

I plan on doing some last minute shopping on Friday! I do not want to over pack so I'll only bring what I truly need I also look forward to updating you guys I'm going to try my best to do some vids while I'm there :)
Oh yeah ladies what are you guys doing about your cell phones?? I have sprint I'm thinking of adding the coverage that will allow me to make calls and DR and I'm also thinking of buying a prepaid phone and putting minutes on it! I have downloaded viber and what's app if you guys know anything else I should down load please let me know! Also is the boppy pillow really useful?? Or should I pass on it? Did anyone receive massages while in DR or did you guys wait till you got back in the states??! Lol sorry am I just trying to figure everything out now that we are down to the wire Well that's it's for now!! I'll be posting some new pictures of me for you guys this weekend I love you tons & tons

Major shout out victoria316 the lady is amaze!!! She shows crazy support and knows how to keep a smile on anyone's face!! I love that girl

Then theirs my boo vikkiramirez there from day one keep me laughing and there for me when ever I need her!!

Sandra361 I love her post updates and how she takes the time to answer questions and gives advice on what is useful and what's not

And last my bookie Symone when ever I need this lil lady whether it's 2pm or 2am she is always there I love you babe

Horrible HR manager!!

So today was my last day at work or should I say it will be my last day!! So here's a run down of the story I originally told my hr manager I would be having surgery and provided the paper work from dr almonte which was fine then out of no where they hire a new hr manager which was my pervious manager from a old job and as I stated before she never liked me I honestly think it's one of those black and white situations but I do not like to think the worst of people!! So anywho she basically said she could not approve my time being that it's surgery in Dominican Republic so she stated I needed a doctor note from a doc down here in the states so hell I faked a note thinking it would not be a major deal long story short she found out because she spent the entire day investigating the document smh talk about no life!!! I went to a big meeting and I explained to them why I gave the doctors note and everything behind it!! So she basically said she never told me she wouldn't approve my time >_< so in other words the CONVERSTATION never happened !! Are you serious! Smh today we have our last meeting for me to prove that she told me that but I have messages from doctor almonte Assitant explaining to her what my hr manager was attemptin to put me threw mind you at a previous job she didn't want to approve my time after having my som 3 months early (I wonder if she's going to say I faked tht as well) basically she's trying to say I'm a flat out liar and I never had a surgery date schd!! Right!! She also went out her way to say tht she doesn't think I deserve unemployment!! At the end of the day ima always be good for the simple fact I have God on my side point blank period and not to mention a supportive husband! On this month off I planned on looking for another job I was feeling like the company I'm working at was spiraling down ward anyways! I hate the fact that I let this woman make me feel uncomfortable that I let her make me feel like I had to tell the procedures I was having and she even wanted me to explain why I was going to the DR which at the end of the day is not any of her business! I admit and will continue to state I was wrong for the fake doc note but im just like hell what else was I suppose to do!!! Everything was purchased and she made me feel like it was going to be a complete waste of my money!! Ugh part of me feels so crappy only for the simple fact I'm not a liar I'm very honest and I should have remained that way! I def believe I deserve the consequences but I do feel like she took that she to the extreme! A write up or something would have been better then termination! Smh but u know what it's okay I still smile at the end of the day and I'm still having my SURGERY!!! I feel like God never makes mistakes and he removes certain things from your life to bless you with better ones!! God is good all the time.. Ima just take this time off for a month then start to look back for work after surgery. My bills are completely paid till April so it won't be a big deal! I'm looking forward to this meeting because I will show and prove that yes Iam wrong for lieing but she is also wrong for making me feel integrated for making me feel like I have to tell her why I'm having surgery for basically telling me she could not accept the original document because it's out of te country! I spoke with my husbands attorney and he tells me hr has no right to tell me anything like that he also stated that flma should have been approved and that when I was returning back to work that's when I needed to provide documents!!! -I never knew that- but today I will prove that she is as guilty as Iam! N that this is a personal matter between us!! Well ladies wish me luck ^_^

No wish Pic (5days away)

While I'm laying in bed with my hubby just browsing the internet while talking he asked me what it meant when women said wish pics!! Lol he's so new to this whole realself thing. So I basically broke it down for him!! Anyways he asked me where was mine! I had almost forgotten that I do not have one Never did and honestly never will. My reason being is simple I do not want to look like anyone but Kristen of course I want some improvements and there's nothing wrong with that. But overall Iam happy with me. (now don't get me wrong there's absolutely nothing wrong with having a wish picture ) it's nothing wrong with admiring someone shape or beauty but I've juSt never been the type to say this is how I would like to look. So with that being said i tried my best to explain to the doctor what I'm wanting and lets just say I have faith she will deliver just a tad but nervous!! But aren't we all?! Any who my hubsters just smiled as always and told me this is one the reasons he loves me most. ^_^ & him just being him is the reason I love him so!! I'm looking forward to these last few days with my Family God knows I'll miss them but I know it will only be a short time I'm away from them!! I was able to do a little more shopping today but Friday when hub is off I'll just double check and see if there is any last min things I need to purchase. Sat night we will be staying at a hotel close by the airport the (hilton) I'm super excited I've never been and my husband told me he has a surprise for me that night so I'm def looking forward to that ;). Anyways my family has been supportive but I would be lying if I said they weren't nervous. Thy have all tried to talk me out of this telling me the beautiful person Iam but honestly this is something I want to do for me for Kristen and I'm just glad that even with my decision I still have them by my side!! Well ladies I hope you all have a beautiful night Saturday I'll be updating se pictures of me :) then it's my turn to the flat side or semi flat loool :) well nighty nite

Exchanging Money

Morning ladies , so I'm 3 days away from being in the D.R again I'll say this 3 days awayyyyyyyy!! If you can't tell I'm having another sleepless night & not so much because of excitement it's for the simple fact I have a 17 month old son who still REFUSES to sleep the entire night!! Ugh but maybe I'm to blame who knows! Anyways ladies I think I have everything I need! Did anyone find the boppy pillow to be useful!? Should I bring with me or wait till I arrive home for usage! Also this money situation at one point I was thinking just to transfer the entire amount to the doctor account but then again I know money takes a few days to clear and id hate for it to be pending when I got there my other option was to bring cash but I'm so scared to travel with that amount of money on me!!! I'm such a debit/credit card type of woman never having more then 20 dollars on me ugh what to do!!! Also I'm very confused with the exchanging process I've heard that once you go to exchange the money for pesos they charge and you might not get the value?? I have no idea what that meant loool also how much extra money would you ladies recommend to bring?? I was thinking no more then 400 what do you ladies think ??? HELP

OH BY THE WAY Lesley informed me I will be staying at Juana's RH house has anyone ever heard or stayed there before?? I'll attach some pictures she sent me it looks very nice on the pics but we all know pics can be a tad bit decieving lol

Juana's RH

Here's the RH pics

Why am I feeling REGRET already?!

Ugh ladies I'm so close to surgey and I should be super excited rught?! Wrong I'm feeling a urge of regret already I'm feeling soooo wrong about choosing to have surgery for spending so much money on me and being completely selfish!!! Yes selfish that's how Iam feeling right now!! Ever since the day I had kids and became a married woman my life has been about my children and my husband and it's like now look at me taking all this money to do self improvements on myself and for what ?? I have a man who absolutely loves my body very single roll and curve!! So why am I changing it ?! Why am I being selfish ughhhhhhhh I have been teary eyed all day!! My husband has told me over and over I'm not doing anything wrong but why do I feel so bad if that's the case? I guess sat I'll completely make up myimd def running out of time !!

The Day Before I Leave

Where has the time went?!!!! I remember when I first started to blog this journey I had over a 100 days now look I'm a day away from being in Santa Domingo!!! Wow it's crazy time truly travels like no other. For the ladies that have some time away before your date be patient keep busy and you'll notice just how fast everything goes by!!

So how am I feeling the day before traveling to a different country??
Wellllll I'm still very antsy I don't really know what to expect you know? I'm not really afraid but my mind always wonders off to the wats ifs.. What if I don't look different ? What if I can't get surgery ?? What if I don't like my results? Ugh I'm hoping that surge of happiness hits me soon cause honestly my heart isn't feeling a single bit of it right now. I hate to seem like a big baby ladies but I've never been away from my husband or my kids for the four years they have been alive or three years I've been married. I've never even been to a club and I'm 26 living in MIAMI lol I'm such a reserved laid back person a simple walk on the beach with one of my dogs or sitting at dad's and moms on a Sunday for BBQ makes me happy hell even reading a good book. So to be doing this has me extremely nervous and being that I don't have a surgery buddy anymore makes it even harder. It's like I keep thinking what if I don't get along with the room mate or there's some issues we have ?! Will she mind me being on the phone with my husband often?!! She will be loud cause I perfer some what quietness then not to mention I'm a tad bit shy :/ well I guess I'll figure all that out tomorrow right??
Another reason I think I'm not really feeling happy is the case with my princess. I just want to be able to talk to her ughhhhhh hopefully her dad will unblock my number..
Anyways I'm not really sure what all I'll be doing tomorrow I know I'll arrive around 3 hoping I get to see vikkiramirez .. Then I'll be going Cecip where I'll be weighed and have all my test performed. Not sure if the doc will stop by and mark me up for surgery or not.. I def think I'll go threw with it I do deserve to be able to do things for myself and hopefully once it's all said n done I'll be happy :).. If any of you ladies have viber or what's app id love to keep in touch with you I don't want to be over there feeling extra lonely lol :) anyways about to take a trip to the spa thanks to my babe ^_^ I love you girls


I just wanted to take the time to thank all of you ladies for all of the love & support you have showed me!! For all the positive vibes for takin the one out of your day I just read my blog!! I know how busy life can get whether it's school parenthood or work (it can be hectic) and for you to take the time out of your day to support and show me love amazes me !! I can't thank you all enough!! I love you guys with every inch of my heart!!!

oh yeah finally I'm EXCITEDDDDDDDDD >_< lol

At the Airport

Ladies I'm currently at the airport let me just tell you check in was a mess!!! The line was redik thank god my husband waited with me even thou we paid 36 for parking for just 30 minutes smh anyways he wasn't able to go pass the security guards he still faithfully waited till I got to the back!! Now I'm sitting here just waiting!!! I'll be sure to update you guys when I make it !! Love you guys and happy surgery to everyone

I made it to DR

Ladies I made it here safely thank The Lord above!! The plane ride it self was pretty smooth however attempting to get everything organized with my baggage was a hassle!!! Never will I fly spirit again everrrrr!!! Anyways when I got to the airport in dr I went threw custumes or however you spell it then I met this older gentleman who spoke no English but carried my bags all the way outside for me where I met neper my driver who was also a sweetheart! We went sight seeing over dr then to the clinic! I got checked in asked a hundre questions showered now I'm waiting to have some labs done and meet the doctor and Lesley!! I'm starving lol haven't ate all day and I'm crazy sleepy! Not really feeling nervous just hoping that everything goes well with my surgery! I'll upload a quick vid a few pics then maybe later tonight I'll put up the rest! Love ya ladies mwah

Neper (the driver )

Not so good news

So ladies I'm trying to stay positive but the doctor just informed me that I can not get any back lipo due to me hemo only been 12 which is crazy it was 13 but I guess hemo is different here in this country!!! I'm bombed big time my back was my problem area but you know what God does all things for a reason!!! I'm still going threw with everything I'm
Blessed just to be here!!! I'll update y'all with a video guys I love u tons thanks soooooo much for alll the positive love and energy

I made it threw SURGERY

So ladies I tried to update y'all like a thousand times yesterday but it never went threw then my internet went out the entire night woke up to a very worried husband and family somehow they figured out how to contact Cecip and call my room!! Ugh I love and miss them so much! Anyways pain wise my body is killing me when I say this for me is worse then my c section I mean it!!! I've been up the entire night crying in pain and not to mention there meds do not work for me what so ever! I just want to go home ladies like today :( I'll update y'all with more details later for now this will do! Love u thanks for all the messages


Hi guys

Hey guys I'm still alive just trying to focus on recovering. I'm very ready to go home I'll update you guys more when I'm feeling better!!! Thanks for all the comments

Biggest Regret EVER!!!

I've never regretted something so much in my lifeeee!!! Everyday I'm crying for this dumb decision I made! Being here has made me realize that trying to change the body God gave me was not only pointless but a major waste of money! My husband loves me my kids my family they all love me and so do I! I wish I would have stuck with my first mind and not did it! It could be me just having the post op blues or just missing my family I'm not sure but I do know one thing that makes it worse is when you feel the doctor or no one is listening to you!!! It's like screaming in someone face that has on headphones (pointless) I've told the doctor and her assistance over and over how much pain Iam in with this faja but they all told me it's normal! I know it's suppose to be right but not so tight but not to the point of TEARS!!! I ordered another one paid 120 just to find out they have me the exact same size ughhhh I notice it keeps rolling down causing even more pain! They tell you just be patient try it for two days well it's been five and it's not better!!! Today after crying for a good ten minutes I took matters in my own hands n took the garment off looked in the mirror just to see that the faja is placed directly in my stitches and the stitches were not wrapped or covered WTF so I got my gauze my tape and did it myself put the faja back on and paid back down in pain which is all I've been doing! At night my entire right side goes numb can't even move it my nose constantly bleeds I'm just sooooo over it!!! I have complained and complained but no one is listening to me! I'm not saying the doctor and her Assistants are bad cause I loveeeee Raquel but after sx I feel like they do not pay you any attention on to the next!!! Ugh not to mention food is horrific just terrible I go without eating!!! My husband is currently tryng to see what we can do about changing my ticket to a sooner date! I just can't do it anymore I honestly can't! Maybe later I'll feel better maybe not but now I'm so depressed so so depressed oh n not to mention everything is about money here! The taxi has got 50 out of me for just taking me to my appointments which are suppose to included I noticed he won't even help me out the car unless I was offering some kind of money! I don't see the doc till Tuesday ima try to up that to Monday so I can get out of HEREEEEEE!!! Oh I forgot please bring your own meds there's are crap no difference in the pain! My breaking point is when the nurse left me alone to go with one of the girls to put minutes on her phone smh if you see how much pain I'm in why would you even do that?!!! Anyways ladies don't let me discourage anyone from getting your surgery I'm sure everyone review is not as horrible as mine but one thing for sure Miami doctors will def make sure your okay as for the dr after the money your nobody!!!

Go with your HEART

Ladies please understand I'm not telling you to not go with dr almonte she is a good doctor my experience might not be your experience! I'm having a hard time but it doesn't mean that you will ^_^ just go with whatever your heart is telling you

Cancelling Realself

Hey ladies I decided for my mine own personal reasons I no longer want to update nor have my rs page! I sent my cancellation email hopefully that cancels it out if not I'll just stop updating! If your someone I talk to often on here please inbox me so I can give you my whatsapp number! Love ya

My Experience with Dr Almonte

Let me first start off by saying hiiiiii guys how is everyone!! I've been gone for awhile I believe about a month now so much has happened since I last updated I really don't even know where to start!!!! But I guess a good part would be tell you all I'm doing much better not completely myself but I'm getting there!!!
Now before I go into detail about MY JOURNEY this isn't to scare anyone away from surgery on the doctor it's just me shedding light on my EXPERIENCE and my view!

So it's been a month since surgery and with each passing day I regret it more and more!! The choosing of my doctor the choice to go to DR the RH everything and most important the drama that comes with it! After surgery I kind of strayed away from most of the groups I was completely tired of hearing about surgery but I was asked by people to join different groups in share my story so I did and I'll do the same thing here let's start with the taxi driver

Taxi driver - well neper was his name he was very sweet and kind when I first met however everyone in DR is money HUNGRY please believe me when I say that. Lesley the doctor Assitant whom will play a big part in my regret for this surgery name will come up quite often but that's a little later in the story.. Anyways Lesley informed me in my quote everything was included meaning taxi rides to and from clinic however neper charges me 20 dollars from the start!! I told Lesley about this and she stated she would get my money back but I told her just don't worry about it he says he thought I was offering him a tip!! Not sure how he thought that when his exact words were it's 20 dollars for this ride to clinic! Any who that was my first bad experience but it passed and I was happy about surgery but I notice unless I was giving the taxi driver money for those rides to the clinic he was not social nor helping me out of the car after surgery so in total I paid him 150 just for rides to and from clinic however after that he was my bestfriend lol you know what they say Money makes the world go round!!!

My experience with the doctor herself!! Well she was nice and sweet! Marked me up and stated she would make me beautiful! However during surgery I woke up twice in so much pain ladies when I say I felt everything I mean I felt everything!! They put me back to sleep each time but the experience was horrific I tell you!! My aftercare while in dr was not to bad with almonte thou I felt weak as hell could barley eat and faja was burning the life out of me!!! Finally after seeing burns on my bottom stomach and complaining constantly I was giving a bigger faja which was much better!!! Before I left doctor told my hemo was very low a 6 or 7 so take it easy and that the drain needs to stay in... That was pretty much it!!!

Now moving on to Lesley! When it first stated off I thought the world of her like she was amazing!!! That quickly changed after I complained over and over about the way the RH was treating me and NOTHIG was done!!! Finally when I asked her to just get me a hotel she stated she would try to get me another RH but I gotta pay again WTF!! Listen ladies relax recovery was str8 up crappy was nurse for 7 girls one bathroom food was disgusting!! Everything the doc said I should be eating they were not cooking! After the 3rd day there the nurse did not help me at all!! Changing the drain getting up and down all of that was on me!! The doc told me several times I'm putting to much strain on my incision but hell what else could I do when no one else will help you?!!!!! Did I explain this yes many times! Was anything done no it wasn't!! So let's fast forward to my flight home Lesley and doc informed me drain would have to stay in! A blood transfusion was never offered even thou hemo was a 6 or 7!! I went home feeling weakkkkk!!! Plane ride home a man stepped on drain pulling it nearly out a tip was left in!!! When I landed I called Lesley right away no answer I sent a message threw what's app and she told me to remove the drain. Which I did two days later my tummy blew up with fluids which I was informed was normal and I needed a massage well 5 massages later I was told my the tech I should go to er because it's not helping!!! I informed Lesley and she instructed me to drive to Jacksonville to see a doctor 6 hours away to drain me!!!! She stated she spoke with a nurse there about me coming and was waiting for someone to get back to her!! A day past I heard nothing of Lesley And not to mention my belly started to become painful very painful which it wasn't before that's when the worry started to kick in and not to mention it was started to look like I was pregnant!!! Ugh my husband was beyond worried he called the doc in Jacksonville his self the nurse stated she was waiting for Lesley to get back to her about my case but she never did and to have her call right away! I called Lesley again no answer as usual so I what's app her and she emailed me back replying Kristen I'm not sure why they need me to call all my other patients have made appointments just fine!!! Ugh I was steamed I was pissed and I was in pain :( the next morning I woke up sweating nose bleeds and weak my hubby rushed me to a outpatient er who then rushed me in a ambulance to a bigger hospital! There I was told hemo was now a 5 ladies a freaking 5 and I needed a blood transfusion ASAP!!! After the blood I started to feel better but my test from belly came back as a infection ughhhh at this point my Tt scar was opening up looking disgusting!! I was given 20 antibiotic iv surgery on my stomach to let out the infection and a 7 night 8 day stay in the hospital oh and a additional two weeks of NO WORK!!! The surgeon informed me no one should have let me leave dr with a hemo so low and that I should have stuck to the states!!! After I emailed and told Lesley what happened she had the doc called me you guys know what she told me oh I do not have a infection why?! Because I do not have a fever oh and the docs in the states always refer to surgery!!! Are u fucking serious I'm here in the hospital in a crazy amount of pain a total of 3 blood transfusions and surgery 20 days after my previous surgery wtf do you mean I don't have a infection!,? At this point when I say I was so over Lesley the doctor the entire experience I mean every word! Never was I mad at them all I wanted was for them to care about the patient the way the do before you PAY!!! I wanted them to just listen!! I was never blaming them at this point only simply pointing out what was accruing!! Anyways I never heard from the doc again after that nor Lesley for the rest of my hospital stay!!! Anyways when I finally got home different people were Inboxing me telling me to share my story so finally I did with 1 girl who I'm assuming went back to tell Lesley and out of no where the girl start accusing me of lying telling me that's not the reason I was in te hospital that my lack of care was the reason that I never had a infection that Lesley took it upon herself to tell her these things!!!! Wtf is what I'm thinking at this point! Hold up one why are you bringing me up when talking to the doc Assitant two why is the doc Assitant discussing me with you?!!! What happened to patient privacy?! If you think that's a mess she took it two steps further to tell me Lesley screen shot her a lot of our convo while I was in dr and refusing to wear the faja (which I had burns ) and was told they would order a bigger one but bottom line why was that any of this chick business ?!!! She even told me the reason I was in the hospital is for not wearing faja taking drain out to soon and leaving dr after the doc told me not to!!! Ladies that never happened I left on the time frame that told me to stay I took the rest of the drain out which was barley there on doc orders!!!! When I say I was pissed please believe me!! Lesley wanted to cover the doctor so bad she completely lied on me and went against everything the doctor is suppose to stand for!!! Screen shot my convo about faja hurting after surgery and sending it to a complete stranger should be agasint the damn law! Now I got this crazy chick whose telling me she hopes I die in my inbox on Facebook posting about me in these groups and not leaving me alone to the point I had to block her ladies yes block herrrrrrrr!!!!! I'm so over Lesley right now I'm over the doctor hell I'm over DR you guys don't know the depression I feel! I'm suppose to be happy I gave these people 5200 just to be treated like shit and lied on are you fucking serious! I can't pick up my kids I can't hold my son or my husband at night I can't make love and worst of all I can't stand looking at myself in the mirror anymore!!! Ladies I cry night and day and I try my best to hide it from my family but everything replays in my head over and over again!!! I never experienced something like this in my life!!! I just want my happiness back I want to go to work I want to go play outside with my kids I want to be able to hold my husband do all the things a wife and mother is suppose to do but I can't and I won't for awhile!!! But you know what this was a learning experience for me and when I say I will never ever do this again ladies I MEAN EVERY WORD!!


The madness

Hi guys I'm ready for ROUND 2

Hiiiii ladies it's been soooo long right!!! I miss you guys I have been having a really hard time healing.. I been in and out the hospital so many times it's crazy!! I have had surgery twice since being back in Miami !!! :( but I'm thankful that Iam alive and still able to see my kids and my husbands face!! As for my progress I'm not really feeling my stomach it's so big still but I'm assuming it's because of all the fluids that keep returning >_< what reakky sucks is it's summer time and I'm still not able to show off my BODY how I want to!!! My husband a selected few have been supporting me thee entire time which in so grateful to have!!! I wear faja like it's my second skin I've brought a super tight one from the mall which works wonders!!! But if Iam not wearing it I DO NOT LIKE MY BODY nor do I really see a difference to be honest I likes my body better before :( I'm not down talking the doctor maybe it's my fault who knows maybe I should have lost more weight before I'm not sure!! However I have been working out which I so enjoy and changing my eating habits a ton.. I lost so fat after surgery 25 pounds hehhe I'm so proud of thAt and I went from cl to medium :) but I'm having the worst time finding jeans if they fit my thighs then they do not fit my waist lol smh anyways I decided on a round two with cabral I want to lose15 more pounds and I plan on going in dec a Xmas gift from the hubbs!!! I spoke with cabral showed him some pics and assured me my body will be bomb an that he even likes it now which is a compliment however Iam not satisfied what so ever!!! Ugh there's soo much that goes into this entire surgery thing!!! I will be startin a new blog for all the ladies looking to have surgery I want you guys to know the good and the bad and the process it can take to heal >_

Ugh when will it STOP

So ladies I'm recently getting out of the hospital AGAIN I had a abcess in my stomach.. I only stayed for about four days but now I currently have a hematoma that's completely making my stomach bulge out looking pregnant at the bottom!!! I don't even want to post pictures! I don't know how many times I've been in and out of hospital tobight I'll be going back!!! :/ wish me luck guys all I wanted was a flat tummy
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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