Feeling sexy! !

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Hi ladies. Let me start by saying im super excited...

Hi ladies. Let me start by saying im super excited for finally finding the courage to schedule my procedure. Im 31 years old, have three beautiful children and happily married. Since my first pregnancy I gained 80 pounds . I was 18 and only weighed 120. So you can imagine my stomach was never the same. So finally I decided I didnt want any more kids. I have a 13,10, and a 3 year old. So now its the time. Of course im nervous of the recovery but ready or not here it comes. Lol

feeling excited!!!

Counting down the days for surgery. Next Wednesday I have my preops so hoping everything goes well. I have been on this 24 7 lol and all u ladies look beautiful. Cant wait to be on the flat side !!!

please help

Hello ladies. I need your help. Tomorrow is my preop appt and I was coming up with a list of questions for my doctor. Are there any in specific I should ask him????

final payment done!!!

Today I went in for my preops . Got that out of the way. Now my issue is that I caught a cold having almost 2 weeks before surgery. Dr told me just to take vitamin c and to rest. I guess my doctor just doesnt know my crazy boss. Lol.. so im hoping this cold goes away soon

more pics


Hello ladies! Well im here counting down the days . I cant believe in 12 days I will be on the flat side. I have wanted this for so long that it seems like a dream that finally I can remove this disgusting extra skin and finally feel comfortable wearing my bikini. Well today I dropped off at walgreens my prescription for all my medicines for surgery. I really havent prepared for surgery. I need to go this weekend to buy some loose clothing. Any advice on what I should buy?

Getting nervous!!!

Well today the nerves are starting to hit me. I started thinking negative stuff which I dont like. My main concern like every mom is obviously coming out alive. I was showering with my little girl today thats 3 years old and I was like wow next week I wont be able to shower with her or do much with her for at least two weeks or so. Shes like my little shadow. So this will be hard on her and me. My other kids are older so they understand and usually they are on their electronics. I know I shouldnt think negative but I cant help it. ! My kids are my world and I know they need me. Hope everything goes well in the operation.

two more days!!!!

Well ladies even though im still nervous , I wanted to ask what all of you ladies wore the day of surgery??? Im not sure what to wear. Please help

tomorrow is the big day!!!

Well the big day is tomorrow!!!! Of course im freaking out. Did all my laundry still need to mop the floors and clean the bathrooms. I will be dropping off my kids tonight at my moms so my husband could b with me tomorrow at surgery. Surgery is at 8am and I was told to b there at 730. Well I have to keep cleaning it will update early. Please pray for me tomorrow!!! Thank u ladies

ready for tomorrow!

Well finally house all clean! Floors mopped, bathrooms cleaned, and laundry done. Ready to take my kids to my moms. They will be staying with her until Sunday. I need my husbands full attention.Lol. Im hoping I cant handle the pain just because I know im a big baby. Lol... well ladies say a prayer for me. Next time I update I will be on the flat side. Yeay!!!!

yessss I did it!

Well ladies still drowsy but wanted to let u know I made it to the flat side and im alive!!! Lol

finally its done!

Hey ladies hope you are all doing well. Let me start by saying I got to doctors office at 730. Very nice staff, they made me feel safe. Dr. Craft got there at 8am sharp,marked me up and was ready to go. Surgery about 2 hours. I was out of recovery by 2. The dr told my husband that he got himself a barbie now. Lol I haven't been able to look at the scar yet. Noy until Monday when I go back for my follow up. Luckily I didnt get nauseas after surgery. Being taking all meds and walking around every hour. So far so good. Pain is manageable. I didnt rent a recliner so ive been laying on my sofa with lots of pillows. Dying for monday to get here to look at my scar and belly button. Today before surgery I reminded dr to please make incision as low as possible and to make me a small bellybutton. Lol. Well heading back to the couch. My best wishes to u ladies!:)

standing somewhat straight

loving my results!

I can start by first saying that I love my doctor. I havent seen the scar yet because its covered but its very very low. Whats been bothering me are these stupid drains. I hope when I go see him tomorrow he will remove them. Also thank god I have not had any problems with BM. Im taking Colace recommend by my dr and its worked great! Today I had to cough omg I thought my stomach was going to break in 2. Very painful!!!

Later on when hubby showers me I will ask him to take some pictures without binder so I can post. Definitely anyone that is thinking about tummy tucks should go see christopher craft, md.

I have the best dr!!!

Well ladies today I went for my follow up. I cant express how happy I am with my results so far and what a great dr I have. Dr. Craft is the sweetest. He actually listens to you and explains everything step by step. Today he removed my drains. I had heard many women say how painful it was but when dr craft did it no pain at all!!!! Hes very pleased how everything is healing. My incision is very low, he gave me a nice small belly button, and I really have minimum swelling. Even though I still have some stretch marks left due to them being orginally on top of my belly button, now they are very low so Im a happy girl!!! I will post pics up soon. Every time I update my hubby is taking a nap. Lol but promise my next update will come with pics. :)

My next follow up is next Thursday. Dr craft told me after next Thursday I can start scar therapy/massages. So thats good. After having those drains removed I feel like a new woman. Lol... wow how I hated those drains. Well to all you future tt , just remember the first three days are the worst then everything becomes easier. If I could choose to do this again I would do it with my eyes shut. Its really life changing

1st week since surgery!

Bored of doing nothing!

Well today is my last week off from work so I better enjoy it. Its been hard just laying and doing nothing. Im a very active person and this is killing me. Also I feel bad for my kids for just having them home bored in their summer just because their mom decided to have surgery

Very swollen!

Well of course today is the usual swollen. Lol.... When will this end??? Im tired of watching tv and being home. Tomorrow I have my follow up so lets c how that goes. I think he said he will b removing the tape. Well ladies hope you are all doing well.

I love my Dr.!!!!! Couldn't ask for a better PS.

So today was my follow up my ps removed my silicone strips from my scar and Im in love!!!! It has healed so nice so far and such a low and perfect incision. He notice I was still very swollen in the bottom part of my belly and removed about 30cc of liquid. Wow what a relief that was. Automatically my stomach went down. I feel so much better. I really cant express how lucky I am that I found him . Hes the best. Definitely if I ever plan any other surgery I will go back with him. So now I will start scar therapy. I bought some silicone cream from his office that I will start tonight. My ps also gave me the ok to walk straight. He said mt scar is closed. Thank you god for this process to go so smooth.

Feeling Happy

So today I wore my old pre op jeans and I was pleased to see that in the stomach area it was loose. Yeay!!! Today I feel better, I feel sexy. Excited to shop for sexy clothes and feel good about my self.

Starting to feel like myself again

Well last night I was finally able to sleep good. I was able to lay completely flat on my high bed. I was sleeping on my bed before but I would raise my legs with a pillow. I also slept on my sides some . So everyday I see some improvements.
Monday I finally go back to work , hoping I can walk straight because no one in the office knows about my surgery.
I went today did my mani and pedi. Starting to feel like myself again!!! Overall im very grateful to god for having a fast recovery. Didnt really have much pain and im extremely happy with my results

Feeling better everyday!

Well I have been back at work since Monday. Luckily I have been able to walk straight and no one notice any change in my walking. Two of my co workers did tell me wow u look like you lost weight. I just told them I was working out my 2 weeks off from work. Lol . Like I have never really been over weight all I had was stomach they believed me. :)

Question ladies! need your help

Well today I went for my complimentary massage that my ps offers. Im not sure if I should continue with the massages because its really pricey. I wanted to know how many of you are doing the massages and if its worth it? Please help

I cant believe its been one month already!!!

So ladies yea its been a month already since my surgery!!! Ive been feeling very good overall. Yesterday I started feeling depressed just because my husband tells me " I don't like that your plastic surgeon left you with so many stretch marks ". Like hello I had been telling him for a couple months I would still remain with some because I did have alot above my belly button and my ps told me this too. I mean hello they were up to my ribcage. What was my ps going to do leave me without a stomach??? Lol... Anyways that was my night.

possible dog ear

Well im not sure but I might have a possible dog ear to my left side. Its very swollen and feels like a hard ball. I have my follow up appt next week so lets see what my ps tells me. Not sure how I can tell if im just swollen or if its a dog ear

8 weeks po

Well ladies its been 8 weeks and I can say im feeling so much better! Almost back to myself again. I will start working out today but my ps told me defitnely on ab exercise. He told me not for another 3 months. He told me I can do anything that doesnt involve situps or crunches. Lol Everyday it gets better and so far im very happy with my results

starting monday hopefully lol

So I know I said I was going to start working out but I havent lol.... I have been eating alot of junk which I know its not good. I have to get back on track.

1st day back at working out! !!

Well today I started my first workout. It felt great. I have the videos of insanity. I would say its one the best workouts. It feels good. I did the whole video so I must say im very proud of myself. I also cutting down on greasy foods. I havent weighed myself but all I know is that my stomach is flat. Lol.... My scale needs a new battery so I havent weighed myself. Soon I will.

Feeling sexy!lol

Went out with hubby, was able to wear my skin tight leggings. It was great. I had all eyes on me. I felt confident again and so happy

Happy this is all done! :-)

Well I have my next follow up appt next month. So far I feel great and so happy I did this. If I could do it all again I would. Its really life changing. Next monday I have to get back in the rhythm of working out. Lol hope all u ladies are doing well!#!! :-)

happy with the new me!

swelling while working out

Well ladies hope u r all doing well. Well I started working out but by the end of my workout my stomach is super swollen. Not sure if thats normal. Theres still some exercise moves that im not sure if I should be doing like crunches n stuff. I have my follow up on the 22 nd so lets see
Miami Plastic Surgeon

Since the day of the consult he was very nice and very patient. Have heard many good reviews from friends that have done their breast with him. NOW AFTER HAVING MY SURGERY DONE I CAN SAY HES THE BEST!!! I LOVE HIM AND HIS STAFF. HES AN ARTIST.

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