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Hi ladies! I am so excited that i booked my...

Hi ladies! I am so excited that i booked my procedure with Dr. Salama in Miami for Tuesday Jan 31. I have reading all reviews daily and decided to chose him for my tummy tuck and liposuction of my flanks and arms after talking with Nancy and the price and pics had me sold. Just need some info on what type of vitamins/supplements i should start taking??? Or other supplies?? Any suggestions?? Just want to be prepared. Also booked my flight and hotel already. My husband will be traveling with me so im so thankful for that. Just need to arrange sitters for my two lil girls for when we are gone. Other than that im patiently waiting for my date to come. I probably would have gotten a sooner appt but i wanted to wait til after the holidays to go thru it.

3 more months before im snatched

So i just recieved my email from Zuny with my orders for my medical clearance which should be done as soon as possible being that im only 90 days out. Today i called my family doctor to schedule an appt for my medical clearance and then i will have my labs done. im pretty healthy so i should be ok. Getting closer and im excited but i want some great results with no complications so ive been praying for the best throughout this process. Also i have been working out just about every day to tone up and possibly drop 10 lbs before surgery to get the best results. i currently weigh 166 lbs and i am 5'4. preop measurements are: 39in, 35in, 44 in. not too bad but def needs work...my tummy is just plain ugly. i also decided to add liposuction of my arms when i get my tummy tuck thou im now contemplating if i should just get my back or the flaps under my arms almost by my armpits. thou i could use all of those areas my budget wont allow all of that. OAN: My husband will joining me on my trip to Miami to help take care of me. Thank God! And i have already booked my hotel, flight, and leave from my job!!! Praying that all goes well for me!

ive been cleared for surgery

im so excited my date is very close now after the holidays i will be all set. My PCP cleared me for surgery and set my labs and EKG with my clearance letter to dr salama office and i will be making my final payment friday! Lord knows im ready but im nervous and excited. im going to upload some preop pics

preop pics

pre op pics

27 more days

i cant wait! im leaving to head to miami from neworleans on sunday Jan 29th. trying to finalize everything i will be bringing on my trip. Everything else is done thank God. i am having trouble filling my prescription for my pain medicine since it is written for a doctor outside of my state.. anybody encountered this problem???
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