29 Yo Mom of One 5 Year Old Boy , Making my Dream Come True with Tummy Tuck and Lipo ( Flanks, Upper Bra Strap Area) Miami, FL

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It's been a while since I wanted to do something...

It's been a while since I wanted to do something to have a flat stomach , I do excercise frequently but not even at my skiniest days been flat ., I think is the right time to do it , no more kids on the way and I want to have more motivation on getting a six pack . Currently I'm at 140 lbs, and 5'3.
I'm having my surgery with Dr. Hochstein on december 17 , 49 days to go YAYYYY , I'm not scare and I feel very calm right now, I've seen his work and I really love it so I'm very confident on that :) I think on getting tomorrow my labs so that be one less thing to think about ;)
Any recomendation on what to take right now so my body can recover better ?

Counting the days!!!!!! ;) 38 days for my tt with dr hochstein !!!!!

Looking at this picture makes me 100 % sure about my upcoming procedure :( ., working hard with exercise and never been able to wear a two piece bikini it so sad BUT finally the day is getting closer and this fat tummy will be gone for good :)

Thinking about scar treatment

So I had a dream last night about my scar after my tummy tuck ... It was horrible and big ( which I know this is not going to happen bc I know my ps makes great low and flat scars ) BUT it think the anxiaty is finally here !!!!!!
So this makes me think about my scar treatment..... I use coconut oil for everything and I been reading about coconut oil mixed with vitamin e is a great scar treatment ., my dr's office sells this bio corneum scar cream ., so girls can you give me your expirence with both of this treatments pretty pretty please !!! ;)

22 days to my dream tt !! More before pics

Omg the day is getting so close ., finally It's gonna happen ., this is my 30th early birthday present and I'm so ready for it :)

Ladies ... Two thumbs up for this compresion garment or "faja"

So I just recieve this cg from leonisa and I really like it ., very nice material and it feels like it's gonna keep everything thight but without that suffocating feeling ., so here a few pics if you want to take a look

The big day is here !!!

Right know I'm waiting here at the hotel and I'm already hungry and thristy lol .... i have to get there at 10 am so the surgery will be starting at 11am ...I saw my dr yesterday , first time I saw him since I'm out of town ., he was very nice and polite ,he answered all my questions and explained to me what's gonna happen today ., I have a scar from gallbladder removal and he is gonna do the possible to use it for me new bb ... Yay !!!! I wanted to discuss something about my breast bc I want to have breast revision by him in the future and he said why not ??? Since you are already here let's do it !!! :)
The time he spend with me was quick but enough to get to the point , hoping everything goes well this morning and will update as soon as possible :)

1 day post

Here is a quick update :)
So far I have felt good , standing up for my small walks and to get to the bathroom , I feel my stomach hard as a rock and I can hardly stay awake for long time periods .
Dr H when he was marking me assure me that my scar will be so low that I never will be worry to hide it ., thats great news and I can wait ti see it .
My hubby took some time off to be with me and my 5 year old son is helping sooo much too .
I throw up twice yesterday and I cough once .... And oh boy ... It hurts!!! Also I'm sleeping in my bed with some pillows on my back and one on my side so far I'm feeling confortable in it :)

2 days post op

Ok I vant take my binder off but when I went to pee I pull this by accident and I saw a sneak peak of my incision ., so here it is ., I know it just a couple of day and is it gonna look kind of weird lol

First look at my new tummy ., 4 days post

So today was an excited and anxious day for me ., I got to see my new tummy and brand new belly button :) ... I got at the office like 20 min late (traffic) but the staff was wonderful nice and like in 10 min they got me in ., the nurses take my clothes off and binder all together with my pain pump and they show me how to clean the drain again ., I wait for dr Hochstein like 3 min ., he ask how I was feeling .,told me everything went great at surgery and recovery was looking great to ., he instructed me how to shower also.
I'm not gonna lie I cried when I firts saw me I can't believe this is my new body ., swollen but for me is beautiful ., no more pouch belly , cellullite in my stomach just a flat belly :')
With this said I want to encorage you ladies who are in the waiting for your procedure ., don't let other peoples experiences or stories discorage u ., people said always to me : it hurts a lot , is the worst thing to do , every patient is unique , just do your research and choose a qualified surgeon , from a 1 to 10 .... 10 being the highest pain number .... My experience es a 5 .
Here are some of my first pics of this afternoon

First shower ., it felt soo goooood!!!

Ladies today was my first shower since my surgery ., it feel weird bc I didn't have my binder off but it felt soo good ;)
I also washed my binder and I took like an hour to put it back and I didn't like it been without it I feel secure when I'm in it . Also I took some more pics lol

Just for fun an early side to side before/post pics

Feeling good and it's 7 day pos op already!!!

I can't believe how fast the time past by , it's already a week from my surgery and my body is still recovering , I'm trying to taking it easy ., walking a few times and resting a lot . I can walk amost straight but don't want to do it bc I don't want to my incision get to strechy lol besides I think it's some kind of irritated bc it looks redish and some red looking bruses :/
On a bright note I'm 3 lbs lighter that when I went to surgery ... Yay!!! :)
Anyways I hope you all have a great christmas ., let's try to eat healthy or maybe just eat a little of christmas dinner lol !!! Merry christmas !!!! Xoxo

Feeling great at 10 days post

Today was the first day I went to the outsides lol ., my husband took me to get some breakfast and it felt good :) ., my red looking bruises are fading which is a good signal and I think everthing is healing well ., I still have my drain but is not getting more than 25 since two days ago so tomorrow morning I'm gonna call so I can go and see my PS :)
I still don't do anything big in my house my lovely husband is helping a lot ., ohhhhh and I almost sneeze well I hold it and it hurts ., so I can't imagine a full sneeze can do :/ ., here are a few pics :)

drain gone !!!!

So today was my appt to take this drain out ., it was suppose to be be yesterday but I couldn't make it to it .... Anyways ....
I didn't expect THAT feeling when the nurse took it out , I new from some girls here that doesn't hurt BUT it was the most weird feeling ., like a snake coming out from my stomach , very long too!!! Hahaha and yes I screamed a little :)
I'm healing well like it suppose to be , still a few bruises ,more around the navel and they said I can move to my cg or spanx ., I tried to the one I bought and it fit me ., I feel it a little bit tight (yes I can breathe ) so I was question me ... How tight is a good tight ?? So here a few pics from today ., these are from this afternoon so my swelling is crazy :(

Current belly button situation

So girls ., I discovered a couple of days ago this little white thing on my bb ., I went to my ps and I asked the nurse if this was normal ., she said yes !!! But is freaking me out seeing my bb like this ., the redness is bc I just took of my cg .
On the other hand I'm feeling better by day , still walking hunched .....I feel now how my muscles are so tight and loving so far my results ., fyi I never have had a WAIST !!!!!! So I know I'm still very swollen and so impatient to see my final results :)

Feeling awesome !!!!

Good morning ladies !!! So this is an update about how my regular clothing is fitting ., I just can't believe it is so soon and my jeans are a little bit loose ., I'm only 17 days post surgery !!! This is the first time I try on regular jeans so I'm doing the happy dance ;) ., went to have breakfast , taking my son to the movies and want to go to the mall since I'm walking more straight ., still feeling so numb in my insicion and between my legs (that's new) ., hope you all have a great sunday!!!

3 week post op visit

Today was my visit with my dr ., I've been going weekly so make sure everything is going good ., he check for fluids and gladly he didn't find any , said I'm healing great ., my bb is the one who is taking it's time to heal but taking good care of it should be good for a few more weeks , trying to keep it clean with only antibacterial soap and super dry .
I don't remember if I said it before but I stayed in my bed since day 1 with a few xtra pillows and since a week back I feel comfortable laying on my sides , feeling more like my self now but still feeling tight from under my bb to under my insicion line ., wondering when this go??? Hmmm
Anyway I'm trying to post as many pics so ladies who are considering this procedure can see the progress ., When I was waiting for my procedure I looked a lot reviews and learned so I hope I can help somebody :)

First bikini !!! :)

Almost 4 weeks out from my tt surgery and finally feeling normal ., Wish I can start working out already but dr said till 6 weeks so I've been eating very healthy ., this surgery cost me a lot so I have to take care of this beautiful bodyy ;)
I went shopping yesterday , I got me so pretty tops ... Crop tops !!!!!! Omg I was so happy when I try them on and I got this bathing suit , altought I'm still swollen I like how it looks and it covers my scar too ., husband is so happy ;) wink wink
So I'm just waiting for all the scabs remaining to go so I can start applying bio oil and the bio coreneum treatment ., as you can see next to my belly button there is a few marks still thats from the binder , I started to apply bio oil so hopefully it can dissapear soon ., hoping a happy healing to all of you !!! Xoxo


I had my last weekly appt this past wednesday with dr Hochstein he checked my tummy and suspected I had some fluid but he drained and nothing came out of it ., he said he just want to make sure , better safe than sorry bc my next appt is in 4 months !!! Yes I'm free ., my scar is healing right and my bb although is taking it's time is healing ok , since it open a little a few weeks ago I think it looks smaller but oh well ., my big fear before tummy tuck surgery was ending up with a huge ugly hole as a bb ., glad it didn't happen . I haven't post any scar pics so here it go .... Xoxo

Are these folds normal after 5 weeks post surgery???

So I just start to worry if these folds are gonna stay or it's still to early , what about the sides , are those ear dogs??? I can see the folds only when I'm sitting :/
The mark next to belly button is from the binder from day 1 ,. I hope it goes away soon lol

Standing pics

Here are some pics from when I'm standing , I love what I see !!! My only concern is when I sit .
Other than this , I'm so happy with my results , this past weeken I got my first period after my sx , and oh boy it was painful., plus don't know if was bc of this but a got a pain a little bit high on my inner thigh and it was only when I moved or fold over , it went away bit it last like 4 days
I'm still wearing my cg 24/7 and I plan to do it like 2 more months , so good luck to me !!!
I'm starting my workouts next weeks and I can't wait , I'm so ready for it ;)


wowww the time has past by so quick , I can't believe on thurday I will be 6 weeks post surgery !!!
This morning I took a pic to compare with the old me , I'm so happy with the results and happy I made the choice to have this procedure , so many emotions :')

3 months update

Hi everybody !!! Sorry I've been MIA for a long time , but let me give you an update , well feeling amazing with my new body !!!!
I've been at the beach a few times now and I'm buying like crazy swimming suit lol , Im not swelling anymore but I guess I never had that horrible swelling that some people talk about , I do have some redness in my bb and it's not going away so I changed my scar treatment . I was using the biocorneum and I change it for the scar away sheets , I hope it gets better , I'm amazed how quickly went back to my regular daily routine. Here are some pics of my progress

Same clothes different body :))

So this is what a tummy tuck can make for our body , doing the happy dance everytime I try on my clothes !!!!

Belly button getting better

So I'm trying the scar away silicone sheets which And so far I'm happy with it , bb is getting better , the bio corenum was irritating it so stoped it . I stoped wearing my faja :( ., I wear black leggings at my job and it easy to spot it , I'm not having big swelling so I really hope there's no problem :( Sorry for the dirty mirror lol .

9months post and bb revision

This is my result from my tummy tuck 9 months ago and 3 weeks from a belly button revision :)

, dr hochstein gave abs !!!! ??

I went to dr hochstein to have my tummy tuck , every day more in love with it , i love how my abs show up right away , still working out every day , not a single regret!!!!
Now i know he is call the "bob god" so i'' saving some money to go and get my bubbies with him :)
Miami Plastic Surgeon

Great experience with Dr.Hochstein and staff , my patient coordinator was Amanda and I must say she is nice, sweet and so efficient in her work, everytime I email her from the beginning her reply was 10 min max . Dr H is so professional and charismatic , the time he spent with me I felt comfortable and he answered all the questions I had , it was a little bit quick but always to the point . The nurse who take care of my IV and checking my vitals was very nice and sweet also . I'm a few days post op but very happy with the results and service , I really recommend it .

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