27 Year Old, 5'4 Mother of 4 - Miami, FL

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Hi. Am from Miami, I had for kids. My oldest is 8,...

Hi. Am from Miami, I had for kids. My oldest is 8, my youngest is 1 1/2. I being wanting a tummy tuck for a while but my husband and I wanted to have 4 kids so I had to wait. Now that I closed the factory I started researching and founds a friend on Facebook and realized that her parents own a very well known Center in Miami and they recently opened their second location. First location was seduction cosmetics and the second they decided to give it their last name "jardon's" cosmetics. The place is amazing, very luxurious and super clean and it all looks so bright and neat that makes you feel so good. I looked up the dr.'s licenses and experience as well as his history, everything was good, I looked up the anesthesiologist and his record was super good. So here I am now. Am having surgery in two days. Thursday the 7th. And am very nervous. Am cleaning my house, leaving all cloth washed and the entire house super organized and clean since am going to be in bed for a while. I recommend this place to everyone. I moved out of Miami and am still driving 5 hours to jardons because I feel more secure with them. The cost for a tummy tuck was $3900.00 and am having lipo as a bonus. Including the pain medicine, the compression garment and the little bag to hold the drains is $4050.00.

Day of surgery august 7 2014

Hi there. Here I am I made it!! I thank god for always walking with me. He's my everything! I stayed in surgery for over three hours, dr and nurse told my husband they took a lot of skin off. Am happy about that! I have 3 drains. Am at a hotel tonight, I have a drs. Appt tomorrow and then I'll be going home, 5 and a half hour drive. I am feeling ok, it does hurts!! It's a pain you can take but I need to be honest with all of you outta err wanting to get it done. It is worth it!! Regardless of the pain I'd rather do it 10 more times than living with my saggy horrible pouch. I will be posting more pics hopefully daily so you can see my journey, id love to be an inspiration or at least help you make the decision.. Thank you for reading my journey. Xoxo

2 days after!

Omg I was able to sleep a little but it's 6:18 am and am in pain. Today it's hurting more than yesterday. Ohh god! I wish the days would go faster!! Am still happy and no matter how pain I feel I know it's worth it. I think what bothers me more are the drains.

Day 2 post opp aug 8th 2014

Hi. Today is the day after surgery. I saw my scar for the 1st time. Nurse said I look very good. Scars look good too. Am tired. The worst pain I have felt has being back pain. It is horrible. I am very swollen but that's normal. The drains are uncomfortable too. Thank good pills help me sleep even though they're not that helpful for the pain. It's ok overall. Am on my way back home already, hubby is driving, we moved 5 and a half hours from Miami. Dying to get home.

3rd day post opp aug 9 2014

Hey girlssss!!! Am happy to say that am feeling a little bit better today. I was abled to sleep better last night. Bed was soo uncomfortable I had to sleep I my living room recliner. I will be posting pics in a little bit. I also feel like. If my dwelling went down a little, not sure though.

3rd day post opp

Day 3 post op. Feeling better.

Day 4, post opp

Today am feeling good, better than the past days. I still can't walk straight, am hunch and my back still kills me, better than before but still dealing with that. My incision and belly b. Look amazing, super clean!! I love it, am posting a pic of the water I cure my incisions with. If u have tape on ur belly and it hurts to take it it off, don't out nothing else to try to remove it, use only hydrogen peroxide 3% which is the safest thing, it will soften the tape and u will not feel a thing. I really find it stupid that drs use tape. Once you clean ur incision and u put on the antibiotic, it will hold the gauze in place. I hope it's helpful for the ones of you that have to go through it. I went through that years ago with my breast reduction and it was terrible for me. Such a bad experience. Take care ladies, xo

2 weeks post off. Stitches out today.

Hi girls!!
Thursday was my 2 weeks post opp and I made the 5 1/2 hour drive again to take off my stitches. Dr said that I looked amazing and that everything was looking perfect. I am very happy with my results, I love the way I look and am sooo very happy that I can now wear what I like and not what I was forced to wear because of my pouch, my saggy horrible belly. Am not hunched anymore. Am about 95% straight now. I walk normal, pretty fast, I went to the mall and walked a lot!! Walking helps a lot for a faster recovery.. Here's a picture of me, am still very swollen so I hope I look better after it's gone, I can't wait. Hope to hear from you.... Xoxo

2 weeks 3 days

Happy, obsessed, loving the way I look at two weeks 3 days post op. I already bought 2 bikinis at Victoria's Secret and a nice one piece. Also am impressed that my insicions look so thin and clear and perfect, if it looks like this in two weeks am sure it will barely be that visible in a year. I followed my drs indications for the right way to clean it. Am happy with my dr. I did not have lipo, just tummy tuck of course with my abdomen repaired as well, I weighted 175 before surgery and after surgery I weighted 166, he did take a lot of skin off, much more than I thought he would..

8 month post op.

Dr and anesthesiologist have many years of experience, their licenses are good, they have not had malpractice or sanctions and the clinic is a top clinc in Miami,.

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