25 Year Old W/ 1 daughter - Nassau, Bahamas

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I love this site!! Ive been searching for years...

I love this site!! Ive been searching for years for support and people who understood and may have the same issues. After my c section for daughter who is now 4, ive been scarred. A big hanged pouch, I HATE IT!!! Im from the Bahamas where are medical system is not advanced. So ive been pursuit to find a doctor abroad but close to home. After reading many helpful posts ive turned to Vanity Cosmetics. Im planning my surgery for January 4th but the date is not locked in. Im thankful for this site because it gives me hope that soon enough im going to be happy with myself.

Wish pics

Seeing as everyone has their own, here is mine... Dominique Chinn

Ive chosen to become an ALMONTEDOLL

Yes!!!!!! All is well in the world of tummy tuck! Got my quote for Almonte!! Just left now is to send my deposit n lock in my date. Im extatic! I originally was going with Vanity Cosmetics, but i cant ever get a response from them.. its frustrating. So with timely responses and awesome results im with Almonte! Cant wait for January ! Soon there will be no gut!

Some embarrassing pics of me

Here are some present pics of me...

Self esteem issues

I've been this size for a while now, I'm at my last straw. My self esteem is really not where it used to be not where it should. It bothers me. I don't enjoy life anymore, never leave the house. I don't party, socialize I barely like going to the super market. I just don't want to be seen. It's to a point I don't really go on social networks because I hate to see the doll baby bodies. I don't take full body photos any more, just selfies... OMG and the xl clothes!! :( I just hate what I've become. Lord knows this surgery is exactly what I need to be happy, have energy and just to have confidence over the moon!! Sorry but I'm just venting. I hate being fat!

Need to drop pounds!

I'm presently at 240 and need to be 190 for my surgery in January. Any one have any remedies, diets, detox, exercises that can help me drop the pound? Thanks in advance!!

Back at it!! Dates changed!

I have missed this site so much! So much has been going on, and I have so many things about to take place. Definitely my tt, bbl being ONE of them! My original date was for January 2016 that has passed. Now I'm preparing myself for October 2016. On April 14th, I was 252lbs. Friday the 23rd I was 248lbs. I lost 4 lbs. I have cut all of my meals down to toddler portions, definitely hitting the gym daily ( with the support of my babe), changing all of my bad habits (drinking and occasional smoking) and mentally letting my self know that my fat ass is about to be our best self ever! At this point I'm about to hit up Lesley tomorrow to start this process all over again. I'm so excited and motivated it's no joke. But I definitely get motivation from here watching every one getting Dolled up!! xoxo

Weigh in!

Today (5/11/16) Marks 2 months before vacation. My family vacation is every year in July. Original weigh in April 14th was 252lbs. Today May 11th, my weigh in is 248lbs. Not much but I'm glad I'm seeing a difference. Going to the gym daily now, eating much less and watching what I'm eating. I'm aiming for 200lbs for vacation. I'm praying for a 50lb drop!! I hate buying big a** clothes!! Pray for me guys!

Weigh in! 5/15/16

Just an update on my weight loss journey. I've lost 3lbs since my last weigh in. I'm soooo excited about that! This week Wednesday I'm going to send me my money to Almonte to hopefully lock in a date in November. I have to be 180lbs in order to have Sx. So I still have more to go! You guys please pray for me, and any kind words or advice is great!! Xoxo

Updated my YouTube channel!

I know I may seem lame, but for the millionth time I've wanted to make a change in my life. I kept on telling myself we can do it, but always failed! But now I'm determined to do whatever it takes to get my confidence back!! So yes I'm excited about my 7lb loss, 65lbs more to go!

Booked & Confirmed!!

OMGGGG!! I'm super excited I can't even explain it!!!! I'm scheduled for November 21, 2016 with ALMONTE!!!! I've waited 5 years for this moment, to officially be a future Almonte Doll!! Definitely still want a buddy even though my gf is going... She wouldn't understand the stuggles. I'll be leaving out of the Bahamas on the 19th. I still need to research recovery homes. Need a super clean, attentive, caring, modern and decent recovery home. Please if anyone have anyone have any suggestions, please let me know. I want to research them before I make a choice.

I created this new review so you guys can keep up...

I created this new review so you guys can keep up with my timing. The last review wouldn't allow me to change my Sx date! So here goes a new start I guess. I'm scheduled with Almonte on November 21st. I'm going for a TT, Lipo of backs and flanks, Liposculpture and BBL. I've waited 5 years for this and I'm finally done with the talking! Still hoping for a buddy and researching recovery houses..

Another Tragedy!

This is so sad to see on my tl. Another doll... RIPARADISE!

A little hiccup!

So I found out now that I'll be needing a US Visa for my date in November. I live in the Bahamas, when we travel to the US we go on our Police Records. It's not necessary that we have a visa, unless going on a cruise or whatever. But some people still do have theirs. I heard since there isn't any pre clearance in dr is the reason I'll need the visa after the surgery to be able to return through the us. This sucks !! It's such a hassle here with the whole visa process.. I do have another option. I can go through intercaribbean airlines and take a connecting flight from here, to tci and then to Domingo. I'm just trying to do all my research so nothing hinders me from my dream body!! Anyone have anymore info on any of this feel free to comment! Until next time!

Weigh In 5/25/16

I lost 3 lbs... Weight is dropping so slow. Ughh I'm about to
Start back with my hour a day sauna routine. I'm still trying my endeavor best with my healthy eating, but I've been too busy to make it to the gym. That's not an excuse tho! 42lbs more before vacation!

Wrong photo posted!

I'm sorry guys I posted the wrong photo. As well as I didn't give a detailed update. Starting weight 252, last weigh in 245, current weight 242.
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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