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This was my first time getting a chemical peel...

This was my first time getting a chemical peel service, and with my skin type and all of the research that I did on this service, I must admit that I was afraid at first. But the staff assured me that they will start me off with the lightest level of the peel and it was well worth it. The peel removed alot of acne marks, all of the light marks are gone and the darker marks have been lightend. My makeup looks alot better on me, I always wear light makeup even if it shows my acne marks, and it holds up better. I will be returning for another chemical peel service until all of the marks are gone. Maybe next time I will add photos.

Update on second peel

So 4 days ago I went in for my second peel, which was little stronger than the first peel and things are a little different.

With the first peel, it was a very low strength, it cleared up some of my spots, I didnt burn or turn red and I didnt peel. Now with my second peel being a little stronger than the first one and staying on longer than the first one (1st peel stayed on for 3min, 2nd peel stayed on for 6min), my face is a little red, dry and peeling. Im not peeling like a snake which is what you see in most photos, its more like flaking and the skin slowly coming off. Imagine having dry hands that are so dry that they start to flake. Thats whats going on here.

My face feels a little tight as if its dry and for some reason im extra thirsty. Ive been drinking alot of water and applying extreme moisturizers to help with the dryness. Im not sure if my skin got burned a little. Theres a small area on my cheek thats a little darker than what it was before and throughout the day i get small burning sensations. This feeling goes away a few min after I apply moisturizer. I dont understand why im feeling like im burning durning the day because I work in doors and im wearing spf 60. Its only about 4 to 5 hours after the spf is on that the burning starts. Maybe the spf is wearing off by that time? Splashing cool water on my face also helps.

With all of this said, my darker acne spots are going away. With the first peel, the very light acne spots went away. Now im seeing the darker ones get lighter. When I go in for my 3rd peel I will be sure to tell the DR to stick with the strength that she used with the first peel. Even though its light, and it will take more peels (which means spending more money) to get my skin clear, at least I wont have to go through all of the peeling and small burning sensations. I think ill also wait until next month to go back for the next peel in case I am burning.

3rd Peel done and results are much better

Im still doing very light peels because I dont have time to take days off from work from a peel. With that said, I know that getting light peels means I will have to get more peels done to get to my results (clear skin), and spend more money but if that means I wont peel like a snake and wont burn then so be it.

This peel was the same strength as the last peel (2nd peel) BUT my doctor left it on for less amount of time. I told her that my face felt really warm through out the day and it only felt better when i moisturized from the last peel. She explained to me that these are normal signs but she did see that I was still concerned about burning. So instead of leaving it on for 6min like the last peel, we left it on for 3mins.

The results was much better and I think my face is taking the peel much better too. I didnt get that warming feeling but I did peel. Like I said before the peeling was more like extreme dead skin from not lotioning type of peeling. I didnt peel how you see in most pics which is what I call peeling like a snake. All of my light marks are gone. The dark marks are still there BUT they arent black any more. They are light gray. These are acne marks. The peel also pushed out my black heads. Everyday when I wake up I see a black head that is sticking out of my pores as if it was pushed out. All I have to do is take my nail and move it and it comes right out of the pores with no problem. The entire black head comes out. This didnt happen before but this means that this 3rd peel also helped cleaned my pores and my face taking the peel better than before.
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