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I am 19 years old and have a belly, i dont...

I am 19 years old and have a belly, i dont consider myself fat overall although im a couple pounds over but im on the ketogenc diet (lost 20 pounds) im 5'8 and 170 pounds. Even when i have been underweight (130) I have this belly that makes me look pregnant. I finally had the money and will to get slim lipo done. It will be done by Dr. Cesar Velilla in Miami but quite frankly im scared. I will have my full back, side and tummy done under local anesthesia and my family keeps giving me horror stories about how much it hurts and how uncomfortable the board and compression and lymphatic massages will be. Is it really this bad? Is there anything i can do to minimize the discomfort? Tylenol, hot compress etc? Also, can I stay on the Keto diet after and during recovery since it is a high fat low carb diet, would this hinder the results in any way? Thank you in advance.
~Terrified teen

*The pics are from before and after my keto diet, but with lipo i am aiming for the flat stomach ive always wanted. I have very moldable skin since my whole life i go from over to underweight extremely quick. The doctor said it should be easy and the results will be amazing since i am young and have good skin. Opinions? Any tips help.


Hi, i just got a call, I was on the waiting list that I will be having my surgery tomorrow at 3 pm eas. Any tips?

1st Day post op

I feel like I got hit by a train. I was very drowsy and can barely remember yesterday because the procedure hurt too much even with local and I was crying. The doc told me he couldn't proceed like that and if I kept on I'd have to come back later under general. I said to myself "an extra 1000 bucks and going through all this pain for nothing, hell no". So the assistants gave me some sedatives through the vain and I didn't utter another word. This morning getting up was hell I slept in my reclinable couch and that helped ALOT to be in a half sitting half laying down position. I had a good night the pain didn't wake me. My only problem is I've tbeen puking, anything I eat or drink gets spit right back out. The pain Meds weren't working and my BP plummeted when I went to take my first shower. Saw my doctor who prescribed me Vicodin, a stronger pain med. The massage was literally the worst pain I've ever experienced in my life and that 1 hour felt like a day, I'm draining A LOT which they say is a great thing. The drain I have on is the worst part it's connected to my Pubis since I had lipo on there as well, it stings a lot and every time I have to move its not fun, so I taped it to my leg, problem solved. It will be coming out on Saturday. The staff was incredible in dealing with my crybabyness since my pain tolerance is pretty low. My heart rate went through the roof and they did an Echo and found no problems with my heart so I calmed myself down and he continued. I have to give major props to Velilla for managing to make me look like a Barbie under all the stress he was in, the guys truly a magician. Also my butt looks HUGE after they took the fat off my back, the nurses asked me if I had a fat transfer (I didn't). Overall, the pain really sucks but I would do it all over no doubt, I am SO happy with my results, everyone should see Velilla for their surgeries he is without a doubt THE BEST. I'll add before and after pictures and continue to update on my progress later. Have a great day everyone!

Day 1 pics!

Doc and nurses said it looks amazing, that it's really swollen but in about a month it will be completely flat, something I was ecstatic to hear. The doc thought he had done fat transfer to my butt because it looks so much bigger now that they took the fat off my back. I'm really pleased, but also really painful lol however despite the horrible pain in in I have no regrets, especially with Dr. Velilla


I went for my first massage at evolution and I was crying and SCREAMING the entire time. All she did was squeeze the hell out of my entry points like they were zits. Let me clarify, my mom has done a tummy tuck and lipo, these massages are NOT SUPPOSED TO HURT. I was told to switch sides and lay down in a pool of my own blood, it felt unreal, like I was in an CIA torture room. She kept telling me to shh that "it was ok" NOT IT WAS NOT, and ok i get it has to be done but jesus be quiet and leave me be. I came out of there with not only a swollen stomach, bloodied, bruised, but also a swollen face from all the crying. My mom saved my life and called up the lady that had done her massages for her years ago. Today I was terrified for my massage since I had been traumatized from yesterday. This lady has MAGICAL hands, she explained how it wasnt supposed to hurt and was appalled that they squeezed my incisions when you are never supposed to do that fresh out of surgery. She gave me the most amazing and relaxing massage ever. She took her time on me and I was so relaxed and surprised when it actually felt GOOD. When i got up the swelling had decreased by half and my drain was almost full even though the massage had not hurt at all, it looked amazing. I recommend her to everyone and if you are interested I can give you her number. I also am paying less than what Evolution is charging and she goes to your home, can't put a price on that. I am warning everyone to avoid that torture because these massages are not supposed to feel like that. Do it with my lady, or someone else, but avoid the clinic, they could care less about the pain you're in they just want to get it over with. I will also add that my mom was 40 when she had hers done and her skin retracted amazingly thanks to this lady's massages. I could not be more happy that she found her number after this many years and that I dont have to keep being tortured medievally by the people at Evolution. Dont get me wrong, they're nice, but they have no idea what they're doing.

Drain is out!

Oh what an amazing day, I truly hated that thing. It hurt a bit to get it out but they said that's good because it means My skin heals quickly. I'm surprised I have literally no bruising, I'm pretty swollen though. No pain but I'm stiffer than a board and sitting down/getting up is a little hellish. Healing pretty quick overall.
I actually was a bit disappointed cause I was really swollen today and I wasn't a fan of the image in the mirror and started finding flaws like my hips are oddly shaped etc. however I'm just being paranoid and I'm telling myself these aren't the final results. Anyways, I'll update with some pics later.

Starting compression and Pic!

Still pretty swollen but no bruising. I started wearing my compression garment yesterday after the drain removal and it was true hell. I absolutely hate that thing but oh well, must be done.

11 days Pics

Still really swollen but getting there, pain has gotten much better although I still really hate my compression garment but it has gotten way better since the first day. I'm starting ultrasound cavitation today since my mom owns the machine I have unlimited access (yay me). I am going to be switching over to a well fitted corset instead instead of the compression garment and board. I'll update with that later :) see ya dolls

5 weeks

Well I'm 5 weeks post op. Pain is almost fully gone I'm just still kinda stiff. Still wearing my compression garment and board although I'm a lot more liberal about it now, if I have to go out somewhere on the weekends I won't wear it. I don't swell up too bad. Only bad thing is itching when the CG is off. I'm so happy with my results so far none of my clothes fit me and I just keep getting smaller. Most of the feeling has returned to my stomach, some areas are still numb but for the most part it's all there. I've completely returned to my normal life and even went to Universal studios and rode everything without my CG and felt perfectly fine. I guess everyone recovers differently but I've had it pretty good can't complain. Velilla changed my life, I have so much confidence now, I go out with my belly out and wear things I hadn't worn since my freshman year of high school. My boyfriend loves my new body and can't keep his hands off, and I can't stop staring at the mirror, still in awe that this is really MY body. Still doing the Keto diet but I have more cheat days now and am less strict with it.

6 months post. Not worth it.

I had a horrible time during surgery because what I got done was way too much for local but he accepted it anyways. My heart rate went through the roof from the pain to the point where he wanted to discontinue surgery. I begged him not to because there was no way I could go through that again. They drugged me to hell and continued. I felt almost everything and had to endure so much pain. When I think of it I want to puke. 6 months later in hindsight would I do it again? Honestly, no. I should have just worked out because even though I like my body now it still needs work. Lipo isn't a magical solution because there is something called subcutaneous fat that is what gives you a "belly" that lipo can't get rid of so you need to work out anyways. My current body was not worth the torture or the price. I should have worked out like everyone told me to. The main purpose for lipo was to rid myself of the annoying belly ive always had. That didn't happen. It's smaller but it's still very much there. Just work out and eat right people, that's honestly the ONLY way you will ever get your desired body.
Miami Internist

Amazing so far.

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