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Please be aware, what I am currently documenting...

Please be aware, what I am currently documenting is just some of the occurrences. I should've started this blog a while ago, but I am currently on Day 1 of the cast, so my POV is a bit further ahead. I am just trying to fill you in on the earlier information. Sorry if its difficult to understand): if you want you can skip to "Day 1 (Cast)" if you would like to read information as it happens..(:

Price: I didn't ask my parents, but I will as soon I get a chance.
Photos: I will post photos as SOON as possible.

Pre-OP / Fears / Summary:
Ever sense I was young, my nose has been my biggest insecurity. I would go to the extremes of photoshopping my nose before posting photos online (Facebook, MySpace, ect.) every time I look at a person the first thing I notice is their nose, and how much I wish mine fit my face a bit more. I have a bump on my nose, its slightly there but I DO see it. My nose is big for my face, and the biggest problem is how my tip goes DOWNWARD, for example, if i take a picture, my nostrils appear as if they flare and my tip is very bulbous. Its just very unsightly. Luckily for me, my grandmother is a nurse for plastic surgery. So for my sixteenth birthday, her gift to me was Rhinoplasty. I was never really nervous about the actual surgical procedure of it, I was more nervous about people opinions and how different my boyfriend of four years, who flat out was against the idea, and how different my friends would look at me. I didn't throw it out there, and only those closest to me know. Friday, June 28th was the final date set for the procedure. We choose this because I am on summer, and now I have the rest of summer for my nose to heal up, and I can return to school. My biggest fear overall I guess is how my nose is going to turn out. Im terrified people will call me "plastic" and I'm not one to lie about it. So if somebody asked me straight up, I would be honest. I guess I just don't want to be bullied over something that is going to provide closure and confidence for myself. 

Friends / Family:
As the day approached my boyfriend was the biggest support, along with my parents. I'm so glad my boyfriend came around and supported me when I needed it. My parents were all for the surgery because they knew my feelings. I'm so happy to have parents who support me and understand my feelings. My mom of course was a nervous wreck. My brother basically had no emotion towards the surgery, but he is much older and I'm pretty sure he fully understands. My sister (the oldest) was a huge support, she kept calling and asking how everything is, and texting, and fully supportive, she is probably more excited than I am to see the results! My father paid for a great hotel, and was very supportive and spent time with me. Making jokes, his usual self (: 

The Trip:
My family and I live in Orlando, FL, and the Doctor I was seeing was a very famous Doctor who has operated on a few celebrities. His office is in Miami, FL. So the drive was quite a ways but I was VERY excited. When we arrived at the hotel, my dad took us out to eat, and we returned back to the Hotel. The drive was about four hours. But it didn't seem very long.

Thursday June 28, 2012 - Day 1 (Surgery...

Thursday June 28, 2012
- Day 1 (Surgery day!)
So, I woke up and got prepared, my mom took care of all the necessary things, I had to wear loose clothing, so I wore sweatpants and a button down shirt, so I can easily get it off. There was a cancellation before me so I had to rush to the office, got in the gown immediately, and taken to surgical table. They made me get back up, and pee into a cup for a pregnancy test, and once that was finished I was able to have the IV. They put in fluids and I'm guessing anesthesia because I was OUT. I can't even remember what happened. I don't even recall being taken OUT of the surgical room when the surgery was through (then again I'm assuming nobody does.) My mom said I was giggling and my head was going everywhere. By the time I woke up I was very drowsy and just tired. I woke up in a good mood though, all smiles and joy. Only pain I felt was a HORRENDOUS sore throat. I asked how bad I looked, and laughed. I got up fairly fast, and frankly, could not WAIT to be out of there. I didn't feel any other pain. But I headed to the hotel completely fine. Later I took  an Xanex, and fell asleep for a few hours. I woke up around 3AM and could NOT fall back asleep, so I just laid there and played on my iPad.
** Mood: All smiles!
** Pain: TERRIBLE sore throat. And I'm talking not being able to swallow.
** Add. Info: I did have to pee A LOT, I'm guessing it's due to all the fluids they processed through the IV. 
** Eating: I was okay to eat. Just didn't eat much.
** Meds: Xanex only.

Friday June 29, 2012
- Day 2 (Post-OP)
Today was pretty easy. Not much pain at all, I am able to eat a lot, my nose is still bleeding quite a bit. (Enough for me to have to keep my gauze on.) As of now I have a bad migraine, but I refuse to take any pain killers because I am TERRIFIED to mix any more medication into my system, and risk throwing up. ): so I've dealt with a bad migraine in the center of my head all day. From time to time I can feel pressure around the bridge of my nose, and almost a throbbing type of pain. But not bad enough to make me want to take a pain killer. As far as breathing I can breathe about 75% in just one nostril, my left. The other I cannot feel any air flowing through at all. My stomach began churning a bit. Today has been an easy day and I'm hoping the rest of the days continue by this easy. The swelling is pretty bad though, I'm really hoping that diminishes in time, however. The most irritating aspect today is that it feels like I have a nose full of dried up boogers. (Sorry TMI!) and I really hate the gauze! As I am progressing in the day I'm feeling a bit more discomfort and it's getting difficult to eat/chew or open my mouth. My lips are already chapping up pretty bad towards the very top & very bottom. I feel like ongoing bruising & feel like my nose is just being pressed on. Not fun):

Ended up breaking down crying at-least twice today, and it's only the first day.. I hope this isn't a look of whats to come. Call me a wuss, I'm SO irritated. I haven't taken off the drip gauze yet, and I don't think I will. I am also cleaning my nose with a Q-tip of peroxide (Nostrils only) and after cleaned, I put neosporine on with Q-tips also (Stitches mostly, and nostrils.).. Ended up taking a Tylenol directly before bed..

** Mood: ...Ehh. ):
** Pain: Slowly progressing.
** Add. Info: KEEP your head elevated!
** Eating: I would say was pretty easy, a slight BARELY noticeable bit of nausea here and there. Fluids fluids fluids! (something I'm very bad with...)
** Meds: Only the necessary Anti-Biotic. Took a Tylenol right before bed.

Saturday June 30, 2012 - Day 3 (Post-Op) I woke...

Saturday June 30, 2012
- Day 3 (Post-Op)
I woke up today feeling fine. My mom came in to look at my eyes, which are VERY swollen today. My eyes look very stretched and tiny. Not a good look on me. The bruising is mostly gone though, which is pretty good. My nose bridge has a slight twinge of pain to it today.. And for breakfast my mom is making me macaroni. Hopefully it goes down well and today turns out to be an easy day.. I think the hardest part of the recovery as of now is the keeping your head elevated. You start to get really sore and it actually starts to hurt to sit in one spot. Another thing that REALLY sucks is the lips chapping. They don't hurt (yet, knock on wood.) but they are EXTREMELY frustrating. I took an edge of a towel and just ran warm water on it, then I gently scrubbed my lips, just to get rid of all the nasty gunk, and chapping from having to breathe with my mouth open. (icky, sorry TMI!). On the bright side, I'm eating the macaroni and I can actually TASTE it. (: a veeeeery annoying part of this recovery is if you wear glasses or contacts and can't see without them, this is going to be a very long miserable time for you. I can't wear my glasses or contacts and it's a whole lot of blurry TV watching. As the day is going by I feel myself slipping into a bit of a depression. I'm just really frustrated that I can't get up, and do ANYTHING. I just lay here... All day. /: I took a warm bath, it was nice but again, very frustrating. I couldn't do anything with my hands in fear id touch my face. I did stir up enough guts to get my hair wet, though. Ughhhh, my stomach is starting to churn.. Back to laying down I go..
** Mood: Calm, quiet.
** Pain: Barely. Very minimal.
** Add. Info: No Contacts/Glasses SUUUCKS!
** Eating: Just fine, a bit of nausea typically when I wake up.
** Meds: Tylenol, Antibiotics.

Sunday July 1, 2012
- Day 4 (Post-Op)
I keep having this on-going migraine that just seems to NOT want to disappear. It hurts. Bad. I can't wait to get this stupid cast off, but I have to wait until Thursday. Cause my grandma is taking it off, and she comes home Thursday. I'm so sick of this stupid cast, I want to go out. And I'm stuck inside for July 4th. I woke up really nauseous this morning, but I figure it's from the antibiotic pill, and hopefully it will diminish a bit. My nose has been like .. Clotting blood. Which is very, VERY annoying. Just want it to go away. Just want this all to be over already. ): .. I still have to wear the drip pad, and keep my head back, which also is SOOO FRUSTRATING! Just be Thursday already..): FINALLY got my contacts back in!! I can see!! Yesssss!
** Mood: Happy!
** Pain: barely.
** Add. Info: 
** Eating: Bit of nausea..
** Meds: Antibiotics.

Monday July 2, 2012
- Day 5 (Post-Op)
I had the WORSE time trying to fall asleep lastnight. terrible. May be investing in some pills to induce sleep because it was just terrible. Most of all I can't WAIT to take a REAL shower. And wash my hair. So grossed out, feel dirty. /: so I finally got some melatonin (Pill for sleep) and am going to try it tonight to maybe get some sleep.. I have this ongoing migraine that is in the center of my head, and it just REFUSES to go away, I'm so frustrated just want it to be Thursday. Pictures will be up soon, sorry I haven't gotten around to it../:
** Mood: Very blahh.
** Pain: Migraine is terrible, but that's all.
** Add. Info: is it Thursday yet?
** Eating: still a tiny bit of nausea. 
** Meds: Antibiotics, Melatonin.
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