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I've been very insecure about my nose for as long...

I've been very insecure about my nose for as long as I can remember. Since high school, I knew I wanted to get my nose done. Lack of funding is what stopped me from getting it sooner. I want the dorsal hump (side/profile view) reduce and I want the tip of my nose to be a little more defined without having a pinched/fake/Kardashian look. Finally, after 24 years, I am getting my rhinoplasty done on April 28. I booked it yesterday (March 12) with Dr. Anthony Bared after consulting with him and the patient advisor, Dean.

I met with two other doctors before deciding on Dr. Anthony Bared. I met with Dr. Michael Salzhauer in Bal Harbour in January 2014. His business seemed to be run more like a factory, which was very off putting. I also didn't like that he did not specialize in facial cosmetic surgery. I was quoted $5,000, which was the cheapest one from the three physicians that I saw, but the price did not convince me. Also in January 2014, I met with Dr. Andres Bustillo. I liked him very much and I was happy with the consultation. I felt very comfortable with him and I would have booked my procedure with him in a heartbeat had the price been more affordable. I believe I was quoted almost $7,000, with a discount for being a hospital employee.

On March 12, I had a consultation with Dr. Anthony Bared. I have friends of a friend who have had procedures with him and were very happy with their results. I have friends who have had procedures with Dr. Jeffrey Epstein, and they are associates. I checked out every review possible on Dr. Anthony Bared before going to my consultation (realself, healthgrades, medical malpractice websites, Google reviews, etc.) My appointment was at 10 AM and by 10:03 AM, I was sitting in the consultation room. Working in the medical field myself, I know that rarely ever are patients taken in in a 15-minute window from their appointment time so that was a great first impression. The first one to come into the room is Dean, my patient advisor. He was very sweet and informative. By the time the doctor came into the room, about half an hour later, I felt like I did not have anything left to ask him because Dean had covered just about every nook and cranny. The doctor examines your nose from every angle and with many different instruments. He also examines your ears and your throat (which none of the previous doctors I'd seen did.) You can see that Dr. Bared is passionate about what he does and that he knows his work well. I know I will be in great hands the day of my surgery, and thereafter. Although I won't lie, I am extremely nervous for the surgery (mostly nervous about my reaction to anesthesia, as I have never had it before) I am mostly excited. April 28th cannot get here soon enough!!!

Digital Images

The digital images of the before and what the doctor is going to aim for in the after. I cropped it out to show just my nose because I went with no make up on so that the doctor can truly see what my nose looks like. On a daily basis, I usually contour my nose with makeup to try and make it appear less bulbous from the front view. I cannot wait until I (hopefully) never have to do that again.

One week left!

At this time next Monday, I will be back home with my new nose.

I was beyond thrilled and excited up until this point. But since this morning, my nerves have been kicking in. All that "what if's" have started going off in my head. What if ______ happens? What if ______ goes wrong? I psyched myself out so badly this morning that I got nauseous/felt sick.

I did my labs last week and they told me today everything is cleared and I'm ready to go.


I don't like the tip/front of my nose NOR the side/profile view. I've learned to contour my nose so that it looks more defined and less bulbous from the front. However, there isn't much that makeup can do about the side/profile view. I came out in the background of a picture from Easter yesterday and I absolutely loathe the side/profile of my nose.

Less than 12 hours to go

My surgery is supposed to start at 7AM tomorrow morning. I am extremely nervous (this is my 1st surgery ever.) Wish me luck!

ALL DONE! Now the healing begins

I have no energy so I will update more later. Just wanted to add a picture. They finished at about 10AM so this is about 8 hours post-op. I have no bruising on my eye area but it looks like I have a bruise under the cast. One of my eyes is almost swollen shut.

The only thing that hurts is my throat from being intubated because of the anesthesia. Really really badly. Any one have any cures, tip, tricks for that? It's the worst :(

Cast off, tape on

The doctor took off my cast and stitches on Monday May 5th, exactly one week after my surgery. I saw that most people on here and friends that I know that have had their noses done that had dissolvable stitches. For whatever reason, my doctor didn't use those. Him removing those stitches was the only pain I have felt post-op. I was in tears.

He then put on the skin colored tape (I didn't even get to see my nose in between the cast removal and the tape :( ) which I have had on since Monday. I get to remove it tonight on my own. He said the easiest way to remove it is in the shower so I will do that tonight. The skin on my nose is so dry and it's sort of peeling. And the tip of my nose is still VERY swollen but I was expecting that. I can already see improvement from the side profile though.
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