My Rhinoplasty/Septoplasty Experience with Dr Epstein... 1 MONTH POST-OP ALREADY!!! - Miami, FL

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I can't believe I actually did it. I've been...

I can't believe I actually did it. I've been reading reviews on RealSelf for more than a year now, so I think it's time for me to write my own. I'll try to make it interesting enough for you to keep following me ;)

ABOUT ME: I'm in my 20's, and I always had trouble breathing due to a deviated septum. On top of that, I have a huge hump that drops when I smile (Middle-Eastern nose). I don't feel confident taking pictures or looking at someone from my profile because of that. I've always been reluctant to do plastic surgery as I was afraid of looking fake. But after seeing some great, natural-looking results on this site, I decided to go for it!

After researching rhinoplasty doctors online I found Dr. Epstein who has 20+ years of experience and seemed very qualified. I looked at every single nose he did on his website and found most of them very natural-looking. I went for a consultation and I felt he really understood what I wanted. I also saw another surgeon but I wasn't really convinced. I have to say I did hesitate a lot before going with Dr. Epstein because of the price. He is definitely the most expensive rhinoplasty surgeon in Miami, and probably in all Florida. I was really shocked when I received the quote as I was expecting to pay a lot less than what he was asking. Then I thought, "it's your face don't be cheap or you'll regret it" and "you get what you pay for"... So I chose him. I put all my savings in this surgery and all my trust in Dr Epstein!

- Fix the septum deviation/breathing issue and even out the nostrils
- Remove the hump and straighten the nose
- Fix the droopiness and refine the tip
I really insisted on getting NATURAL RESULTS, I basically asked for a cute nose that fits my face, looks straight from the profile view, and a bit smaller in the front.

The computer imaging Dr Epstein sent me was perfect and I thought he really understood what I wanted.
I loved how the front view still looks like me, but an improved, refined version of me!
For the profile, he sent me two options: straight or scooped. The scooped version looked too fake in my opinion, and I didn't recognize myself, I kind of looked like a doll! I chose the straight profile but was also afraid it would be "too straight"... but the Dr told me this is what the computer does and it will be better, more natural in real. So we both agreed on the pictures and did all the paperwork.

DAY OF SURGERY: everything went fine, I was very anxious as you can imagine. I didn't like waking up after the anesthesia, I was sick and nauseous for the whole day, I threw up several times at home. I couldn't breathe from my nose, neither could I eat or walk, so I just tried to sleep mouth open.

DAY 2: I woke up feeling better but when I looked in the mirror it seemed I got beat up with a baseball bat. I went for post-op appointment and the Dr told me he did a great job on my nose. I pray he is right!

DAY 3: Feeling almost normal, not nauseous or too tired, but looking like a hamster: SUPER SWOLLEN! I can barely open my eyes. I look funny and scary at the same time. Still can't breathe through my nose.

DAY 4: I have more energy and the blue of my face is starting to turn into a yellow color. Still looks like I have blue/purple eye shadow on. The swelling is now focused on my cheeks, I look like a cute chipmunk!

DAY 5: Finished my pain killers today. I don't think I need them anymore I feel fine. My nose is still packed, I can't wait until I can breathe better. My bruises are now completely yellow, it's a good sign.

DAY 6: Today the nurse removed the tape located under my nostrils. This is a small step in the healing process, I can see a bit more of my new nose. I also can breathe a little better. I noticed that my nostrils are uneven. Hopefully this is just due to the swelling.

DAY 7: Looking better today. The Doctor's assistant called me to check if I was doing all right, he was very nice. Tomorrow is the cast removal and I am very anxious. I'm a bit worried because the tip looks more bulbous than before. But I know there is obviously a lot of swelling at this stage, it is still very early to appreciate the results. I just hope my nose will look cute and refined!


Finally! Cast is off! I was sooo nervous when the nurse removed it I thought I was going to faint! For some reasons I was scared I wouldn't recognized miself in the Thank God I still look like myself! The good thing is that the result is very natural, you could never guess I had a nose job. I'm pretty satisfied so far, the profile is definitely straight and it's already a major change. However, my main concern is the tip that is super swollen, and you can really see it on the side (aka three quarter view) on the third picture. My nose looks big and long. Of course I can't judge the results right now it's too early. The nurse put tape on after the cast was removed and said I have to keep it for 2 days. But as I'm supposed to be back to work tomorrow I asked the Dr. if it was ok to remove it tomorrow morning and he said no problem. My understanding is that the tape is just supposed to prevent the swelling but in fact it doesn't change much. Apparently the days following the cast removal is the worst for swelling so I'm a bit worried. I'm very curious to see if my coworkers will notice it or not... Hopefully they won't. I guess now I need a lot of patience, which is hard! :)

First day in public with new nose and not feeling great

Today I woke up with a whole different nose. When I removed the tape the front view had changed a lot, and it changed through the day too.
I went back to work and nobody told me anything, some coworkers clearly didn't notice but I noticed few of them staring at me at some point. One friend actually looked at me and said "you look beautiful, something changed on your face but I don't know what" lol... I told her about my surgery and she said the result is very pretty and natural.
But to be honest I don't feel good about my nose today. I don't really recognize myself in the mirror and I feel like my nose is too long and almost pointed, which is the kind of noses I personally don't like at all. I also noticed a bumb was forming that I didn't see yesterday. I'm starting to worry about the final results and almost regret doing it.... I'm a little depressed :(

Thanks for the support! :)

It's been a little hard for me for the past two days I was just overthinking too much the whole thing, and I had a hard time seeing myself in the mirror and still have but I try to avoid looking at myself too much as I'm still healing... I went out yesterday and couldn't keep thinking that everybody was looking at my nose, as people knew it was fake... I'm getting so paranoid lol

My nose is still changing throughout the days. For some reasons there is one side I like better than the other. My left profile looks very natural but my right one is much longer and pointy and I don't like it. I wonder what the final result will be... Only time will tell!

My tip is soooo stiff it's like frozen! I'm doing some massaging exercises that Dr. E taught me, hopefull it will help. I also brought Bromelain supplements and I'm still applying Arnica every day. I don't know what else to do to help the swelling subside... Any tips would be greately appreciated!

Anyway I just want to say THANK YOU all for your kind messages, it realy helps when you start to freak out and regret things... This is a life-chanfing surgery and this site is a huge help. I will keep you guys updates on my journey, hopefully this will help people contemplating rhinoplasty.

2 Weeks Post-Op Appointment - Wondering about your personal experience with SWELLING?

Today was my 2-weeks post-op appointment with Dr. Epstein.

He was very impressed and happy with the results, he kept sayin "wow it's amazing" while looking at the before pics lol. He even showed me off to another patient who came for a consult (one of the RealSelf girl actually! What a coincidence!).

He asked me if I was happy and I said yes but I also told him that I'm worried about the bump and the tip. I believe the bump appeared a day after the cast was removed (you can see on the pic). The Dr. clearly noticed it too and he gave me an injection of steroid to help with the swelling. I'm not sure if this is cartilage/swelling or if it will be permanent. He reassured me about about the tip and said it will go down.

So far I can say the surgery was worth it since there was a significant improvement in my profile (hump removal). I saw a good friend of mine yesterday and she told me "you just look more beautiful than before" so it means it's very narural and not overdone.
However, I'm still worried about the tip that looks bulbous and makes my nose looks too long. I'm not very satisfied with the front and 3/4 views. It's almost like I have the same nose as before, just straighter. It doesn't appear smaller, expect of course from the profile view. I also noticed that my nose is still deviated, and the columella is hanging.

Now I know that I can't judge the surgery only two weeks post-op, I now I'm still extremely swollen.
I really pray that those flaws I see are only due to swelling. I know I'm being a perfectionist and I am well aware that my nose will never be perfect. But if I decided to go with the best surgeon in the area and invest so much money, it was to get the best results possible. So I just hope it will improve in the following weeks. I still trust Dr. Epstein and don't want to judge the surgery now, I'm still healing.

Now I'm wondering how much change can you expect after 2 weeks PO...
Is it only a subtle changes or your nose do get a lot smaller? I know all the surgeons say it takes a year for swelling to subside, but I'm very curious to see what your real-life experiences are. When did the swelling really started to go down for you? And how much change did you notice?

I would love to hear about your personal experiences with swelling and tip/bump improvement!

Computer Imaging

Here is the computer simulation Dr. Epstein gave me before the procedure. As you can see the tip is much more refined than what it is now but I'm still very swollen.

1 Month Post-Op Appointment

So it's been a little while since I haven't updated my review because there was not much to say to be honest. I just had my 1 month PO appointment I can't believe how time flies!

I've tried not to look at my nose too much since I know I have to be patient. I do really like my profile and I only got positive comments from friends and coworkers (the ones who noticed at least), they said it looks great and so natural. But if it was ugly would they say it? LOL

My concerns are the following:
- I still have the bump that developed after the cast was removed (see profile pics I just uploaded).
- On the right side of my bridge I feel and see a little dent as if the bone was cut.
- The front and 3/4 views are my biggest concerns: the tip is very bulbous which makes my nose look long and also curved when I smile (see front pic). I recently had a party and took pictures and my nose looked so long specially when I smiled.
I spoke to Dr. E. about that and he understood my concerns but said it is too early to say if it was due to swelling or if it was permanent. He gave me another injection to help with the swelling and I will have to come back every 3 weeks for that. Apparently some patients don't need it but other do require regular injections. I am clearly one of them.
From 1 week PO to now, I haven't seen any improvement with my swelling. I have thick, Mediterranean skin and I know it will take longer for me. My nose is still very stiff, specially my tip and I feel like I have uneven swelling, that's my when I smile my nose looks curved and not straight as I was hoping for.
I keep telling myself to be patient at this point... I cannot judge my results yet. Big improvement for sure, but I'm not there yet... Dr. Epstein and his staff have been really nice with me so far, and I'm sure he wants me to be satisfied with my final results. I just hope it will get better in the upcoming weeks and my nose will be more refined... Right now I still feel like my nose is big and takes too much space on my face (I don't know if it makes sense LOL). I also noticed my scar is more red than before, I hope it will fade too.
I posted a whole bunch of pictures taken this morning so you can see better!

1 Month Post-Op Appointment PICTURES

Here are the pictures, don't know why it didn't work the first time...
Miami Facial Plastic Surgeon

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