1 Year PostOp: Love My Nose!

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I have always hated my nose. After many years of...

I have always hated my nose. After many years of living unhappily with my profile I decided to get my nose done. I am 51 years young and have also decided to do upper and lower eyelid surgery in conjunction with rhinoplasty. I am looking forward to looking refreshed again. And might I add, I am also scheduled for a tummy tuck and have posted in that forum as well.

I met with my chosen PS and his staff on 10/24/12 and discussed my plans for surgery. I was given a folder with all kinds of information regarding the procedures I am getting and what to expect. His office provides a lot of the items I will be needing for both pre and post op. One less thing to worry about!

On 12/13/12 I received the go-ahead from my primary Doctor to proceed with my surgeries. I did all the required blood and urine tests, completed my ekg, and submitted my 20% down payment to hold my surgery date.

During my PreOp visit on 1/7/13, I had tons of paperwork to read and fill out and made the final payment on my surgery. After a brief picture taking session of my face from all sides, I met with my PS and discussed the upcoming surgery and any concerns. Surprisingly, I felt very at ease and almost excited that the big day is almost here.

Now, I am three days out from my scheduled surgeries. I have been taking my iron, multi-vitamin, and vitamin C supplements as prescribed during PreOp. Today I start Bromelain. I think I am ready for this. Saying a prayer and thankful that my Mother and Aunt are here to take care of me during my recovery. Also thankful for this site; the comments and suggestions have been a wealth of knowledge, have answered a lot of my questions, and have helped ease my fears.

Can't believe tomorrow is the big day. I am...

Can't believe tomorrow is the big day. I am scheduled to arrive at my PS office at 7:30am. Fighting off a little cold but the PS seems to think I will be fine. Drinking lots of fluid and feeling a little congested but not too bad. Hoping for the best.

I can't believe I finally went through with this...

I can't believe I finally went through with this surgery. There is very little pain or discomfort. My fiancé says I look like I had a bout with Mike Tyson and lost, but it really looks way worse than it is.

I would have to say that the chemical peel around my eyes was probably the most painful; it felt like a bad sunburn but with constant cold compresses that went away pretty quickly. i tried using bags of frozen peas but found them the bags too big and the peas got mushy. I found a product at CVS called Peas which really worked well. They are cold/hot compresses. I purchased two of the rectangular styles and then two of the kiddie styles in a goldfish form. These seem to fit my face perfectly. They also have starfish shapes and those are awesome too.

I am also taking Arnica Forte for the bruising and Bromelein for swelling and this is workjng wonders. So far so good.

My Mom has been a wonderful caretaker. She has been changing our my drip gauze and making sure I am up on my meds. I could not do this without her.

I go back on Thursday for my PostOp and will have the packing removed from my nose. I realize that this is the start to my recovery, but I am very excited to see the results.

Yesterday was my first PostOp visit. The Dr. got...

Yesterday was my first PostOp visit. The Dr. got held up in surgery so the OR nurse came in and checked the progress of my chemical peel and my nose. Everything is looking great. I had my packing removed and that was a weird feeling. It did not hurt but felt really weird. There was a little bleeding and discharge so she put a drain pad on to catch the drippings; I later remove this at home. The worst part is not being able to blow my nose, but later on at night as I was lying in my recliner, there was a huge gush of bloody discharge from my left nostril and then I could breathe from that side. Today my nose is stuffy but I do not need a drain pad. I go back to the PS on Monday to remove the cast. Will be happy when I can finally breather through my nostrils again!

Today I got the cast off of my nose and I am so...

Today I got the cast off of my nose and I am so pleased with the results. Dr. H did a phenomenal job and gave me the perfect nose to fit my face. I was so overwhelmed with the results that I cried tears of joy. I also had the stitches removed from my upper eyelids and am really pleased with these results as well. Although the facial surgery looked horrific it was really quite painless. I have a bit of bruising still around my eyes and my skin is still pink around my mouth and lower eyelids from the chemical peel, but I am so happy with the results. I cannot believe how quickly I have healed from this and I will post better after pics as soon as I have fully healed. My son saw me and gave me the biggest hug ever. He said that even though the changes appear to be minor it makes a huge difference in my appearance. It is so great to hear this from him and it has been so great to have all this positive energy and support. My only regret is that I did not do this sooner.

My face is healing nicely. I have a small bump...

My face is healing nicely. I have a small bump near the top of my nose between my eyebrows I was worried about but the PS assured me it is just healing bone. It is not visible but I can feel it. But my nose looks really great and fits my face perfectly. There is still some swelling and I see changes on a weekly basis.

My upper/lower eyelids look great and was well worth the surgery; no pain and lots of gain. I am still healing from the chemical peel under the eyes and around my mouth and this is probably the worst of all the procedures I had done since it is so visible and takes the longest to heal. The PS assured me in about one month there will be no signs of the peel at all. Dr. Hochstein has done a great job and I am very happy with his work all around!

It has been a month since my surgeries and I just...

It has been a month since my surgeries and I just posted some before and after pics. You will see the chemical peel under my eyes and around my mouth area in these after pics in the healing stages. Look at the difference in how my the eyes and nose looks the before and after... very surreal to see the new me.

I have posted some new black and white pics of my...

I have posted some new black and white pics of my new face at 6.5 weeks, no makeup. I can really see the changes settling in. My nose is much more refined but still has character. I am amazed with my results; my son says I look like a better version of me. While I like what I see I am still getting used to the new me in photos and in the mirror. The procedure was so painless, worth every penny, and the recovery time was so minimal. So happy with how everything is going!

I have uploaded a pic, full color with makeup. I...

I have uploaded a pic, full color with makeup. I am very happy with how my recovery has gone. My nose still has character and totally fits my face. The redness of the chemical peel has subsided and my eyes are so bright and gorgeous. I am so grateful to all the positive responses I have received on this site and happy that I was not deluged with a lot of negativity which I have seen on other reviews. Cosmetic surgery is such a personal thing and the decision to do it lies solely on you. You must take all the research, consultations, and opinions and decide what it is that you really want. I did several procedures at once and am glad I did; I still had to recover from each procedure but in the end they all complimented the final results. Cosmetic surgery did not make me look younger, but definitely made me a better version of the old me. I am grateful for all the support my family and this site gave me and for the time I spent finding a good PS.

I came to Florida in January to have my procedures...

I came to Florida in January to have my procedures and recover at my parents home. My fiance was working on a project back in NC while I did my surgery and came down to Florida on Wednesday to help me drive back. We had not seen each other in 10 weeks. I was so nervous to see him and he was anxious to see the new me. The first words out of his mouth were, "Wow! You look HOT!" It did not take long for him to get used to the changes and he absolutely says the changes have enhanced my looks. We are both very happy with the results.

I am posting the first real candid pic of me. It...

I am posting the first real candid pic of me. It was taken by my fiance on our first night out together since the surgery. It is so weird to see myself in a candid photo; the only ones I have posted are my posed, self portraits. I am still getting acquainted to the new me and liking it more everyday. As far as healing goes, my tip is still a little numb but there is not much swelling. My features look refined and brings the Latina out in me. I am very happy with the ongoing recovery.

Ok. Today I had to get my passport picture taken....

Ok. Today I had to get my passport picture taken. Ugh. Not so picture perfect. Will not post that pic for sure. LOL!

I have pretty much been a recluse for several...

I have pretty much been a recluse for several weeks as my face heals. My family and fiance have seen the changes and think they are a great improvement. Yesterday I went out and visited several colleagues. No one really noticed but said I looked really great. I just smiled and said thank you. I suppose that is the mark of a good PS; improve the flaws and make personal beauty shine. I am grateful for the excellent work my PS has done for me.

3 MONTHS: So it has taken some time but I am...

3 MONTHS: So it has taken some time but I am feeling pretty good in my new skin. I think anyone having changes made to their face may suffer a small identity crisis. I mean, the face I had was photographed for over 51 years. I knew how to work that face to the camera. My license will have my old face on it for several years. I just renewed my old passport, so this will come with the new face. Now, as pics emerge with the new me, I am thrilled to see the results. I now accept the new face in the mirror as me. I realize that any small changes were made for the better and to envelope them. I look pretty darn good and have to smile when I see that new face in the mirror. Whoa! Hello, it IS me!

4 months and loving my new nose. I have regained...

4 months and loving my new nose. I have regained most of the feeling in my tip and recovery is going well. I did not tell anyone except close family that I was having surgery. Everyone that knows says that the new nose is a better version of the old One. But people I have not told, have not noticed. It is so bizarre! But the truth is that no one really pays that much attention. So be sure if you are considering a nose job that it is for you and for you only. I am so happy with my nose! My only regret is that I did not do this sooner.

8 months PostOp: The Nose Knows

Wow! It has been several months since I updated my rhinoplasty review. I am now at 8 months PostOp and the results are still amazing. I have posted new pics and you can tell the swelling is gone and the nose has settled in on my face. My older pics, even thought they show a drastic change between the old and new nose, really show the swelling in the early stages of recovery. I am beaming from the inside about how great my nose looks. I still have a little numbness at the tip but the healing process was painless. If you are truly unhappy with your nose, I highly recommend this surgery; it has changed my life for the better. I have been told I look like Julia Roberts and Eva Longoria. I will take that, thank you!

1 Year PostOp: Love My Nose!

Yesterday was my year PostOp checkup with Dr. H. I could not be happier than I am about the great results. I look amazing from every angle and love the character my nose still has. This nose is all mine and unique just like me!
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After interviewing several Plastic Surgeons, some recommended to me and others that I researched online, I chose Dr. Leonard Hochstein because of his calm, confident demeanor during my consultation. He and his staff were supportive and answered all my questions. His office was comfortable and his staff were welcoming. He also had many pictures to share of his excellent work and had many pictures of procedures he had done on patients who have similar characteristics to mine. No two procedures were alike and the final results were complimentary and unique to each patient and pertinent only to each individual job to get the best results.

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