Summertime nose job- Miami, FL

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Hey guys reading everything on here has been...

Hey guys reading everything on here has been inspirational as well as comforting.I inherited my father's nose and have always hated it. I have been fun for it since I was younger, not a lot but often enough to realize I did NOT have a small nose. I was always jealous of those girls with cute perky noses. I actually have a small face and my nose is just completely out of proportion. When I get ready to go out m nose really bothers me and when taking pictures it looks so wide I hate smiling. I honestly try not to smile and I think that's a huge issue. I'll be posting pictures soon. So I have two consultations to pick my doctors, I would like to find a third doctor. I went throu all the doctors in Miami and dr.Bustillo as well as dr.Epstein really appealed to me. I hope I can find a third doctor to consult with and then choose. Both those doctors have excellent qualifications and specialize in facial surgery performing many rhinos a year. Well any advise? I'm extremely woozy and uncomfortable around needles and I'm dreading anesthesia. I keep thinking of not waking up again - I know dramatic. I'm also afraid of the feeling of loosing control and drifting to nothingness on anesthesia.

My nose inspirations are lilly Collins and Elizabeth Taylor


My computer imaging

So guys i went to Dr. Jeffrey Epstein in miami fl and I fell in love ith his vibe. He just instantly knew what kind of look I wanted and that made me happy. I definitely want a structured feminine look. I am wondering however if to see what my nose would look like straighter instead of scooped. well honestly i love the morph. He did let me know the front view of the computer imaging is not very accurate and the images don't do our vision justice. so what do you guys think? Im pretty sure I found my doctor..

inspiration pics

More pics

Worried about my pre op and results

It might sound stupid but in extremely worried about my pre op because I'm ridiculously afraid of needles. I'm so scared to get all the blood work but I have to. I guess I'm also afraid that the big day is getting close I only have about 5-6 weeks left. Well I'm also scared of my results . Sometimes I worry that I'm messing with my nose but then I remember how much it bothers me and it fades away. I guess I know I have to get a nose job to fix that insecurity but I'm afraid maybe I'm picking the wrong shape? I would love for it to be delicate and petite as possible, very sculpted. You see I have a small face and I think I could look natural with a nose like that however I still have my doubts . Hmm this is all probably just nerves - I hope so.

Pre OP Done! 6 more days

Hey guys I haven't written in a while. Well I just had all my blood work done. I hate needles but I was incredibly calm and concentrated on my new nose. I had my blood drawn and felt fine until suddenly i couldn't hear, see, or move. I tuned very pale and pretty much almost fainted. So thankfully my mom is a nurse and she kept me calm as the nurse rushed for some alcohol swabs and candy. Anyway my mom started to worry me by scaring me about the surgery. She reminded me that if I got queasy for something as small as a blood test then i'll have a panic attack when I have an IV inserted. I'm pretty worried now as I have not thought about the operation much but focused on my new nose (which is good and bad). I hope that everything goes smoothly for me and my body doesn't betray me like it did today. I was mentally ready but my body did not take well to the blood test. I probably sound like a child right now haha. So yeah I'm making my care credit payment on monday and paying cash the day before which will be wednesday. I'm so excited and I have waited for this day for a very long time. I hope all goes well. Ill be posting even more pictures soon.

Pre photos

Tomorrow morning is the time!

So I'm only hours away from surgery. I have to be there at 7:30, surger should be around 8:30. As ive stated I'm extremely nervous and anxious to get it over with . I am very excited for my new nose however. Wish me luck please , I need encouragement ! Here are the last pictures of my nose. I look disgusting in them sorry. So hopefully I will have smaller nostrils and a cute petite feminine nose! :)

More befores


Will update later but here are pics, beware graphic!

Update on the bruising

I thought I was relatively safe... But the bruising is getting worse.. Avatar stage

Everything I learned flew out the window

I am freaking out over swelling ? I read so much yet now I don't know how to handle it . I look like a chipmunk and I can hardly open my eyes. Tips anyone? Is this normal?

Going through different stages

Ill type about the surgery when I'm more coherent. I'm basically in and out of sleep with all the medication. My face is changing a lot by the hours. The first day I was slightly bruised , yesterday I looked like avatar and today I have swollen eyes and look like a chipmunk around my cheeks too.

More updates

Gradually subsiding...

I'm afraid nose is still to wide

Hopefully just swelling

Want this cast off!

So after my meltdown I'm feeling better . I just feel very restrained to bed and I want to be myself again. I take my cast off tomorrow as well as the stitches. Nervous about the stitches because they look painful. However , at this point I want to look normal again and be able to go out. I still have bruising but gets better everyday with arnica . Thankfully the worst of recovery is over ! Thank you guys for the amazing support

Cast off

I'm very happy with my results! I feel like my surgeon completely listened to me and also did not lie about his skill. He's very kind and gentle and also has a strong artistic sense. Well unfortunately- or fortunately- I had Te cast taken of but I have tape on until Friday to diminish swelling. My nose looks so small in person and it's swollen! I love the shape and the slope and the width and I got the Elizabeth taylor delicate look I wanted! So happy and grateful . My bruises look much better , and I hope it gets better because my eye is freaking me out. Sorry for the update but I want to help anyone who is lost because I receive a lot of insight here.

I hope it's swelling

I still have bruises under my eyes which is odd since I'm ready a week and two days post op. anyway I like the shape of my nose but right now it feels huge kind of like a rubber nose. I can feel it swollen and I hope a lot of this is just swelling. I want to have the petite nose I asked for now! Patience is difficult ...

Slowly improving

So I hadn't updated much because it's a work in progress. The swelling goes down a bit each day so I'm happy! Everyday it looks closer to my dream nose but patience is the key. I still have a popped blood vessel in one eye and still small bruising !

Looking great

I love my nose I hope it continues to get smaller. I basically don't he'd it anymore which is amazing for what I used to be like. I noticed when I drink alcohol it swells

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